Top 3 bass lures for flounder fishing success

    Flounder will bite many different baits and lures, and that’s a good thing for anglers like Jordan Kennerly of Swansea who spends a lot of time bass fishing in the midlands, but still likes to wet a hook when he’s on the coast. Luckily for him, he can catch his share of flounder with the gear he already has.

    Mixing fuels is a no-no

    Chris White of Awendaw looked at his brother-in-law, excited about fishing after seeing trip photos for days, and said, “Just kick back and relax. We’ve got about a 15-minute ride to the fishing hole, and the weather, the tide — everything is just right. We’re going to wear the fish out.” 

    Upstate company makes small fishing boats with big features

    South Carolina is home to plenty of lakes, rivers, ponds, and numerous saltwater creeks, inlets, lagoons, and open ocean for sportsmen to enjoy. With so many fishing opportunities throughout the state, it's only natural that South Carolina is also home to a number of boat manufacturers.

    Russell’s hot cats

    For some folks, there are few things better to eat than a mess of fried catfish, and August is the perfect time on Lake Russell to fill a cooler with enough frying-sized cats for several fish fries.

    When summer arrives, guide Jerry Kotal of Elberton, Ga., switches gears to catfish because so many people want to stock up for family and community fish fries. And August, he said, is the month that seems to provide some of the best fishing of the year for Russell’s abundant population of channel catfish.

    Top 3 tips for catching bass in heavy vegetation

    Noah Tackett lives near the border town of Play Card, South Carolina, and his job as an advertising salesman takes him all over North and South Carolina. He pulls his bass boat right behind him everywhere he goes. This time of year, his favorite type of fishing is bass fishing with hollow body frogs in thick surface weeds, and he’s got some tips to help you catch your share of bass on these lures.

    638 acres of protected space added to ACE Basin

    Driving along US Highway 17, the transition from the rapidly developing areas of West Ashley, Johns Island and Ravenel to the open forest and marsh lands of the ACE Basin is dramatic. Thanks to a conservation-minded partnership effort, commuters on the Savannah Highway will have a new park to enjoy, and the Lowcountry will have 638 additional acres of protected open space.

    Rock those sheepshead!

    Sitting in a johnboat along a rock wall in Fripp Inlet, Billy Downer of Manning looked at John Long of Lady’s Island and explained, “I think it’s my rod. Maybe I can’t catch them because of my rod.” 

    South Carolina to host 2016 National Archery in Schools World Tournament in Myrtle Beach

    The S.C. Department of Natural Resources will assist in hosting the 2016 World National Archery in the Schools Tournament July 23-26 at the Myrtle Beach Sports Center in Myrtle Beach.

    Stink up a cat!

    It’s June. It’s hot. So is the catfishing on Lake Murray. And while you don’t want to miss out on the action, who doesn’t want a break from the sweltering heat? Fortunately, you can have both.

    USA Trail Cams pack professional DSLR quality into trail cameras

    The virtues of trail cameras are too numerous to name, and it’s safe to say that these pieces of equipment have changed the way many outdoorsmen approach their hunting lands. Having photographic evidence of what passes through our hunting grounds is a piece of the hunting puzzle that sportsmen of decades ago never had access to, and the knowledge it gives us is unbeatable. 

    SCDNR hosting several youth deer hunts this fall

    The S.C. Department of Natural Resources, in cooperation with a number of private individuals and hunting clubs, is sponsoring a number of youth deer hunts in the Piedmont region this fall. The hunts are for youth between the ages of 10 to 16 who would like to go deer hunting but don't have anyone to take them.

    Boat trailer lights not working? Try these tips

    Anyone who tows a boat trailer often enough either has, or will, experience problems with the trailer’s lights. Either one turn signal doesn’t work, the brake lights don’t work, they work intermittently, or they show no signs of life at all. A number of factors could be the culprit, and more often than not, one specific culprit is to blame.

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