• Volume 1 Number 5 - May 2006


    May is a transition time for striped bass, but Lake Murray anglers still can hook into big linesiders.

    Spring is a time of transition, and all good anglers realize the value of transitions in fishing success — those between day and night, shallow and deep water, cover and open water, etc.

    Anglers who want to load up on sheepshead had better learn how to “set the hook before he bites.”

    The morning sun was only a hint in the Eastern sky as Kevin Meetze eased his boat up to the rock jetties at Murrells Inlet and began looking for areas where sheepshead had grazed on the barnacles and mussels on the rocks.

    If you think there’s no harder time to catch largemouths than after the bedding season, try these tips from two of S.C.’s premier bass anglers.

    If there’s a time of year bass fishermen absolutely despise — besides the dead of winter — it’s those two or three weeks after the peak of the spring spawn.

    Tuna remain in S.C. offshore waters, but the Gulf Stream is beginning to bulge with northbound dolphin. Here’s how one Charleston captain targets these dynamic migrators.

    Droning like a Lowcountry air-conditioner in July, the twin diesel engines had an intoxicating effect.

    Their vibration and sound combined with the fixation on the trailing spread of baits lulled those in the cockpit to a stupor. When the action is slow, trolling can be as exciting as watching the grass grow. But there’s the other end of the spectrum, something this bunch of lethargic anglers was about to experience.

    North Inlet redfish are easy to catch in breezy May.

    "Tombo” Milliken knew the second he saw the tail swirl in the shallow water of Bulls Bay he was about to encounter a big school of large redfish.

    What’s the best big crappie lake in South Carolina? Two Lake Murray residents head north to Wateree when they want to land 2-pounders.

    How good is the crappie fishery at Lake Wateree?

    Well, Nick Babin and Brian Davis live in Gilbert at the south side of Lake Murray, and when they want to catch big slab crappie and lots of them, they drive completely around their home lake and head up the road to Lake Wateree, downstream from the town of Great Falls on the Catawba River, forming the border between Fairfield, Lancaster and Kershaw counties.

    May is when the angling world comes alive, especially at ponds and lakes where anglers can enjoy non-stop action with bedding bream.

    “See that disturbance in the water over there next to the bank?” Jeff Efird asked. “Try to get a cast in there.”

    Winds will blow in May, and smart redfish anglers will use them to their advantage.