• Volume 2 Number 4 - April 2007


    Lake Wateree can be as good as it gets for springtime largemouth bass fishing in South Carolina.

    April is prime shallow-water bass fishing time in South Carolina.

    Roblyn’s Neck offers trophy longbeards and all the amenities, even other worldly pecan pie.

    The hunt was a last-minute effort on my part.

    A cancellation by another hunter sent me scrambling to Society Hill to do some pattern testing of new shotguns and loads on a trophy longbeard. Fortunately I could extend my hunt over both weekend days, Saturday and Sunday, giving me the opportunity to hunt on Sunday, which is illegal in my home state of North Carolina.

    Big Spanish mackerels swim in the Atlantic outside Little River Inlet each spring during April.

    Spanish mackerels aren’t really anything special as far as saltwater gamefish are concerned.

    You can catch yellowfins with conventional spreads, but some captains look to the skies for extra hookups.

    James Taylor sang about seeing fire and rain. I don’t know exactly what Taylor saw, but if he was an offshore fisherman, it could have been the scene off the bow of the sportfishing boat I was aboard.

    S.C. anglers might not know it, but four lakes have plenty of yellow perch, along with several rivers.

    Yellow perch may not rank high among the hardest fighting fish in the world, nor will they ever be highly regarded for achieving trophy-size status.

    But for pure fishing pleasure and delicious table fare, the under-appreciated yellow perch swims second to none.

    Early April is still cool enough to find good numbers of schooling red drum at shallow inland waters.

    Don’t think cool spring weather hurts the fishing barometer at South Carolina’s coastline.

    Redfishing continues to product bumper catches throughout the year, including April, as long as anglers overcome a few variables.

    Will the party be at some type of inshore underwater structure or the mud flats? Read on to discover your invitation.

    South Carolina sportsmen could make an argument that April is the busiest time of the year.