• Volume 3 Number 10 - October 2008


    Fish the autumn spawn for South Carolina’s favorite fall trout.

    The late Frank Young, a man with whom I talked and fished from boyhood days right up until his death, knew streams in the high country with an intimacy few will ever match.

    The Charleston area offers all kinds of hiding places for doormat-sized flatfish.

    With fall fishing for redfish and speckled trout going full-bore, it’s not hard to imagine that some fishermen might ignore or entirely forget the lowly flounder this month.

    The early October blackpowder season gives Upstate hunters a headstart on whitetails.

    If you swore off blackpowder rifles years ago due to the mess, maybe it’s time to give them another shot.

    The Grand Strand is more than high rises and sand — great fishing figures into the equation, inshore and nearshore.

    Looking down from a seagull’s perspective, it’s hard to imagine that the northern coast of South Carolina can even be considered a fishing destination.

    Little rifles are plenty big enough to take trophy bucks.

    Hunters who shoot accurately can take deer — yes, even big bucks — with small-caliber rifles.

    A Bamberg County taxidermist ended a trophy buck’s dinner early.

    At least Jeremy Bessinger’s big buck didn’t die hungry.