• Volume 4 Number 5 - May 2009


    The deep blue is calling, and Georgetown is a great destination for billfish action.

    Centrally located between Miami and New York is the seaport town of Georgetown, an oasis for Atlantic Coast cruisers and offshore anglers alike.

    St. Helena Sound is a prime May destination for these hard-charging fish — and the anglers who like to target them.

    The pursuit of cobia can challenge saltwater tackle as well a fisherman’s knowledge.

    This sleek and hardy saltwater fish is quite a fighter and is often overlooked for offering fine table fare.

    There’s more than one way to ‘skin’ a Charleston redfish.

    If you need proof that there’s more than one way to skin a cat, take a look at Jeff Yates and Jamie Hough.

    Shallow grass is the ticket to postspawn largemouths on this May hotspot.

    To get the most out of a day fishing for bass on Lake Wateree this month, you need to get your buzz on — in more ways than one.

    Backpacking puts anglers in touch with largely unspoiled wilderness streams.

    A century ago, Horace Kephart, the “Dean of American Campers,” came to the North Carolina mountains seeking a place “back of beyond.” He found the solitude he sought, but from the perspective of today’s world, he would be just as happy in the mountainous upstate corner of South Carolinas as in the vastness of the Great Smokies.