• Volume 4 Number 8 - August 2009


    Several state WMAs will be smoking-hot this year. Here’s how to get some meat for the freezer and, hopefully, a trophy for the wall.

    If you hunt deer in South Carolina, you may have considered hunting one of the state-owned Wildlife Management Areas.

    Murrells Inlet is the center of the Palmetto State’s summer flounder fishery.

    Murrells Inlet, nestled within the heart of the Waccamaw Neck, first became well-known for the successful cultivation of rice within its marshes through the 19th and into the early 20th centuries.

    The only thing hotter than the weather during ‘Dog Days’ is the inshore bite for tarpon, sharks and bull redfish.

    Anchored up off a long sandbar outside the mouth of the Stono River, guide Chris Chavis shared his philosophy on mid-summer fishing.

    Float tubes allow fishermen to reach places that bank - and boat-bound anglers can only dream about.

    Alan and Jeanne Robinson have owned several watercraft — everything from johnboats to bass boats to Boston Whalers — but none have provided as much pleasure as their $100 float tubes.

    Paddle the Broad River and escape the summer heat — but don’t ignore the great fishing.

    As the sun rose to treetop level, the summer heat was ominous. For bass fishermen, August is a first-light, last-light affair or a night-time foray. There are precious few places where anglers dare hope to endure the daylight hours, much less catch bass in the heat.