• Volume 5 Number 2 - February 2010


    With hunting for wild quail largely gone but not forgotten, preserves offer fantastic action that is quite underrated.

    As sportsmen, we rightly herald the grand comeback stories associated with South Carolina’s two most popular game species: the whitetail deer and the wild turkey.

    Lake Murray crappie provide plenty of action for fishermen who’ll brave the weather.

    From the depths of December through the cabin fever days of March, many Palmetto State sportsmen decide their plan of choice is to trade time on the water for armchair adventure. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with being a couch potato curled up in front of a fine fire, perhaps with a good fishing book in hand, but when the walls seem to be closing in and some fresh air seems mighty appealing, a session of winter crappie fishing might be just the tonic.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This is part two of a 12-part series in which renowned wildlife photographer Tommy Kirkland gives readers an inside look into the private world of whitetail deer.

    Spotting and stalking can be an exciting and effective way to hunt South Carolina’s abundant wild porkers.

    It was late February in the Sandhills, and Mother Nature could have shown more compassion by pelting the hunters with sleet and snow.

    Transition bass at Lake Wateree offer rewarding days on the water in February.

    When Sam Johnson of Sumter launches his boat at Lake Wateree before dawn on a cold February morning, he knows he has a number of options when it comes to catching bass. The good news is that very likely, more than one of them will be successful. The downside is that he may have to sort through a few potential patterns to find the right one on any given day.

    Clear water and schooling, winter redfish in the Little River area are the perfect match for anglers who love to fly-fish.

    The chilly breezes and frigid waters of winter often fail to deter fishermen targeting redfish that prowl the pristine, remote mud flats around the North Carolina-South Carolina border.