• Volume 5 Number 7 - July 2010


    Go old school to catch all the flounder you want this month.

    Flounder is certainly one of the most popular species of inshore saltwater fish during the summer months. Some anglers go to extremes to make a good flounder catch, while others work the basics and keep the process simple. By keeping it simple, they believe the overall the process is more enjoyable and the end result just as good or better.

    Shortly after antler shedding is complete, whitetail bucks of all ages begin the process of developing new antlers. By the sultry days of July, velvet racks grow rapidly, creating distinct formations.

    As the days become longer, the process of “photoperiod” takes hold — stimulating more hormonal growth for bucks. More available sunlight allows changes to unfold with a buck’s pituitary gland, producing hormones that significantly contribute to bone and tissue growth. Other natural works play into antler development as well.

    Winyah Bay’s nutrient-rich outflow triggers some great summer fishing for king mackerel.

    Notorious for exploding on a bait at lightning speed and taking several hundred yards of line off a reel in a flash, king mackerel are within reach of the weekend angler from the coast off Georgetown.

    Lumber River offers great summertime bass fishing to anglers from both Carolinas.

    Meandering through century-old cypress and tupelo swamps, the tea-colored waters of the picturesque Lumber River swiftly glide from its headwaters in the sandhills of North Carolina to its confluence with the Little Pee Dee River across the South Carolina line.

    The Betsy Ross Reef off Port Royal Sound offers anglers a summertime buffet of bottomfish.

    About 20 miles out of the Port Royal Sound is an artificial reef that holds more species of gamefish than you can shake a liberty ship at — the Betsy Ross Reef.

    Deep water isn’t the only place to look for Moultrie’s largemouths during the hottest months. They’ll bite in the shallows, too, for fishermen who know where to look.

    Strategies for bass fishing are as varied as the anglers who target them. That’s particularly true on Lake Moultrie during hot weather.

    Summer action is hot at night on Lake Murray. Guide Ben Lee explains just how hot.

    It was an odd place for a reunion — the former bass pro, the dedicated sponsor, and the newspaper man who often wrote about both of them.