• Volume 5 Number 9 - September 2010


    Public hunting opportunities abound throughout the Palmetto State for everything from ducks to deer, bobwhites to bunnies. But some areas will be better than others.

    Not every hunter has access to private land. With development encroaching on wilderness at an alarming rate, there’s less acreage out there available for the hunter who doesn’t have the right connections.

    The big move inshore takes place this month; here’s how to boat a border mackerel.

    As Labor Day approaches, a lot of sportsmen turn their attention, at least momentarily, to thoughts of dove shoots and Thermacell and bucks in velvet.

    September brings unique challenges and opportunities for striped bass fishermen on Clarks Hill Lake.

    The bad news about September on Clarks Hill is that the water is warm — borderline hot — which makes tough customers out of cool-loving striped bass.

    Take these tips, and you’ll have a leg up on wrapping up a reptile in South Carolina’s third-annual season.

    “There’s another one,” guide Jay Iadonisi announced, illuminating the alligator’s red eye 50 yards starboard.

    Do your homework, pay attention and harvest the coast’s tastiest bounty.

    South Carolina sportsmen have a penchant for loving “Opening Day,” and during the fall, there are many such opportunities in the Palmetto State. With varied deer seasons and dove seasons opening, there’s plenty of anticipation in the air. But for many sportsmen, the anticipation of Opening Day of shrimp-baiting season is approached with the same intensity.