• Volume 6 Number 10 - October 2011


    Don’t let big bucks know you’re there: key to taking a trophy

    Crisping leaves, frosty mornings and brisk morning air are not the only signs of autumn’s arrival toward the end of October.

    Take your bow to the beach: South Carolina ofers great public hunting opportunities along the coast.

    South Carolina’s coastal Heritage Preserves and Wildlife Management Areas may not make the list of trophy locales for most of the state’s deer hunters, but there are benefits to hunting at the beach that are like no other in the state.

    Two weeks this month is all Upstate bear hunters have to put a tag on their quarry; here’s how they do it.

    Tony Cantrell has killed two bears in 42 years of hunting.

    Dennis Chastain has killed a bear just about every year for the past 30.

    Neither could be any happier.

    Learn how to get the most from a month of great action as big reds invade Bulls Bay sandbars.

    Adam Paul remembers the day several years ago when he stumbled onto the fall fishery for big bull redfish at Bulls Bay.

    Lake Hartwell stripers respond to controlled-depth trolling

    Since primitive man first speared fish with a sharpened stick, he has devised different ways to accomplish his objective. Some are more successful than others, but today there are advocates for a vast array of techniques.

    Despite heavy pressure, this sprawling area of backwater, creeks and points offers great fishing.

    The area northeast of Charleston Harbor and southwest of Bulls Bay is about 20 miles of some of the best fishing waters that South Carolina has to offer.