• Volume 6 Number 12 - December 2011


    Good dogs and good habitat are key components to good rabbit hunting and the accompanying good times.

    Some things go together so effectively that one without the other leaves one feeling less than satisfied.

    Lake Murray has all four species, and they’re all biting this month. Here’s how to ‘hit for the cycle.’

    One of the better-kept secrets among Palmetto State fishermen is the unique catfishing opportunity to catch four major species of catfish, sometimes in a single day, at Lake Murray.

    For big water, this Midlands reservoir is a waterfowler’s heaven. Here’s how to fill your limit.

    The predawn cold rattled my bones as I pulled my neoprene waders up over many layers of insulation. Sunrise was still a couple of hours away, and the anticipation of big ducks swooping into our decoys helped me stave off the cold as I pulled the waders up as far as they would reach. The dirt ramp was longer than normal; we had to drag the boat out a hundred yards to deeper water before climbing in and heading upstream.

    Change your tactics as the end of deer season approaches, and your chances of tagging a trophy will increase.

    By the first of December and the last month of the Palmetto State’s deer season, crisping leaves and frost-covered fields become common visions just after daybreak. But sightings of trophy bucks trampling across wide-open places chasing mates should not be expected with any confidence. Even though some rutting activity will continue, careless behavior is over, but the remaining days of the season can prove successful for the hunter willing to alter his strategy.

    Cast-and-blast in the marsh? The Broad River tides will point you to marsh hens and redfish.

    Being a sportsman in South Carolina is not an either/or situation. You can be a hunter or fisherman — or both. So it’s no surprise that Lowcountry sportsmen have discovered a way to combine their two loves on the Broad River, casting and blasting the day away.