• Volume 8 Number 8 - August 2013


    Loss of habitat, influx of coyotes has changed dynamics of herd

    Reviews of South Carolina’s 2012 deer season were mixed in terms of the quantity and quality harvested. The total harvest dropped about four percent from 2011 levels, but the number of trophy deer taken was excellent in terms of entries into the state record book.

    Grass, pads, trees all hold shallow bass for Lake Moultrie anglers.

    When Cecil Wolfe cranked the outboard, the fisherman with him burrowed into the seat of the big bass rig, ready for a fast ride through the cypress trees around the perimeter of Lake Moultrie. But Wolfe idled slowly only a few hundred yards, shut the big motor down in shallow water next to some heavy cover, dropped the trolling motor and said it was time to fish.

    Spawning or feeding? Bull reds are big news in Charleston Harbor in August and September.

    Rick Hiott of Charleston has been guiding trips for redfish for years, and he looks forward to the late summer and early fall season when adult redfish, bull reds, converge on the large marine estuary commonly known as Charleston Harbor.

    Reds, trout and flounder are the headliners around Hilton Head this month, but there are plenty of supporting species.

    An angler looking to find a little bit of everything on a late-summer fishing trip could do a lot worse than setting his sights on Hilton Head Island, where great inshore fishing for traditional species exists and where the warm waters of the Atlantic bring in a wealth of scaly summer visitors. To top it off, the waters around the island are considerably off the beaten tourist path compared to the Charleston and Myrtle Beach areas.

    Look at your hunting situation and pick the deer stand that gives you the best chance of tagging that buck.

    The tree-stand industry is a multimillion-dollar business, in part because there’s something for everyone and ever style of hunting.

    Change blade sizes, shapes, colors to match situations, changes in tides.

    If you want to make a real splash with your redfishing, this summer, opt for a spinnerbait, which is a prime-time lure for August fish.

    When it comes to tickling your taste buds, do-it-yourself processing of sausage and other specialities can be rewarding — and it’s easy, too.

    Harvesting a deer may be the most-important aspect of the hunt for deer hunters, but enjoying the venison is also a priority for most. After the harvest, most hunters have a routine for processing a deer; many take it to a processor and check off what cuts or items they want made from the meat.