• Volume 9 Number 12 - December 2014


    Public waters and WMAs will hold enough ducks to make Thanksgiving, Christmas hunts memorable

    The confluence of South Carolina’s weather pattern with our duck season makes Thanksgiving week and the entire Christmas season idea for bird-shooting in coastal marshes, inland lakes, puddles and streams. By Thanksgiving, cold weather almost invariably freezes ponds and lakes in the northern portion of the Atlantic Flyway, forcing migrations of smaller ducks like teal and woodies toward us. By Christmas, with many duck seasons in New England already closing and everything inland solidly encased in ice, the remaining big ducks like mallards and blacks have only the option of coastal wetlands or flying south. Like human snowbirds, lots of them head for the Carolinas. It’s show time.

    Artificial lures are December staples for Lake Hartwell striper fishermen

    If you’re looking for the best way to hook monster striped bass from Lake Hartwell this winter, one of the best ways is to forget live bait and use artificial lures. 

    Troll, cast to catch limit of Charleston speckled trout in December

    Speckled trout fishing can be fantastic throughout the fall, but when the weather turns cool, a lot of anglers look for other species. But, according to guides and expert trout fishermen,  there’s no reason to abandon trout fishing this month, especially in the waters around Charleston.

    Watch the rut, watch the food, watch the weather and watch your chances for a late-season buck increase.

    For more than three months and counting, South Carolina deer hunters have turned out in the deer woods, keeping game processing facilities and taxidermists working late nights and long weekends. 

    Redfish take to docks for protection when bottlenose dolphin come calling in the winter.

    Atlantic bottlenose dolphin stalk and relentlessly hunt Lowcountry redfish year-round. The two species play an age-old game of cat-and-mouse, and redfish. The redfish, at the top of their menu, quench an insatiable appetite. These two species play an eons-old game of cat-and-mouse, and redfish instinctively seek shallow, oyster-lined sandbar flats for sanctuary. A flat though, isn’t always conveniently located for a pod of 500-pound starving dolphin encircling and charging the unsuspecting gamefish.

    Modern air guns offer hunters a chance to take a limit of bushytails without stirring up the woods.

    After waiting silently for 20 minutes in  the small woodlot, attention was drawn to the movement of limbs in an oak tree, shaking from the weight of a gray squirrel that scampered from a nearby hollow in search of acorns.