• Volume 10 Number 11 - November 2015


    Fall largemouth bass on Lake Marion is an overlooked, underutilized and amazing fishery.

    November may be the best month to catch big bass at Lake Marion that almost no one knows about. The overall fishing for quality and quantity is outstanding, and the Santee Cooper lake is surprisingly underfished during the month of Thanksgiving.

    When shooting at a deer across a beanfield or down a power line, make sure your equipment is up to the task and you’ve had plenty of practice, practice, practice.

    Jerry Land of Greer grew up hunting in rural Pennsylvania where he had few opportunities to take shots at whitetail deer at distances greater than 100 yards. After a career in the U.S. Air Force, while working with the U.S. Department of Interior in South Dakota, he discovered prairie dogs. That led to a passion for long-range, precision shooting, and he eventually collected five national titles for bench-rest varmint shooting.

    Marsh hens, preserve bobwhites provide bird hunters with plenty of opportunities around South Carolina this month.

    The wait is over. After months of prepping gear, training dogs, shotgun practice and just plain suffering from bird-shooting anticipation anxiety, wing-shooting season is upon us. 

    The jetties that line the entrance to Murrells Inlet are a real hot spot for big speckled trout in November.

    If you had to choose a month to be on the water along South Carolina’s coast, November would be the winner. Even though the deer hunting is great and the Thanksgiving turkey is tasty, there isn’t a better time to float a live shrimp across the jetty rocks at Murrells Inlet in search of a whopper speckled trout. 

    Outdoorsmen will appreciate the quiet operation, instant starting ability and lightweight construction of STIHL battery-powered equipment. Each tool in this innovative battery system is powered by Lithium-Ion technology, delivering long run times with no gradual drop in power. Because their Lithium-Ion batteries are designed to be swapped between STIHL Battery KombiSystem tools, you can use a single battery to tackle a wide range of outdoor projects – no gasoline required.

    Many hunters in the Carolinas are missing out on a great strategy for attracting deer by failing to grunt, bleat or snort-wheeze.

    Deer hunters go to great lengths to get a big buck within shooting range. Preseason planning, analyzing the wind and getting your stand in the right place are all crucial components, but another factor is used to great advantage by some hunters but totally overlooked or misused by many: vocalization.