• Volume 11 Number 2 - February 2016


    The high end of the tide cycle can provide some great fishing for reds in the waters around Georetown.

    When February rolls around in South Carolina’s tidal marshes, the pressure is on for redfish. With groceries scarce and hundreds of anglers ready to rip some lips, they become easy targets for those using the correct tactics. But the typical low-tide approach may not always be the best opportunity during the dead of winter.

    The best fishing for winter crappie in South Carolina may be in the most-obvious locations. Learn to find them.

    It may seem like the dead of winter to most anglers as January slowly rolls over into February, but in the deep depths of most lakes and reservoirs across the Palmetto State, the first urges of spring spawning are beginning to bloom, which means crappie, which never go completely inactive in the winter, begin to stir.

    Expanding population of wild hogs gives South Carolina hunters a leg up on year-round sport.

    Hog hunting is a very popular sport in South Carolina and one that hunters can enjoy throughout the year, around the clock within certain parameters. 

    But there are hunters who hunt hogs — and then there are hog hunters.

    Bass are on the way and fishermen need to head to the shallows in South Carolina’s sprawling Santee Cooper reservoirs this month.

    The vast amount of shallow water in the Santee Cooper lakes has distinct advantages for early season largemouth bass fishing. Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie have experienced a strong revival in recent years, thanks to abundant natural vegetation and productive bass recruitment, including multiple vigorous year-classes.

    South Carolina hunters battled poor conditions but still killed some great deer during the 201 season.

    It’s a wonder that South Carolina deer hunters killed any deer to speak of during the 2015 season that ended Jan. 1. Reports of big bucks were down through the season’s first month, then the rains came, with flooding forcing the closure of a good amount of Lowcountry and Midlands acreage with the peak of October hunting and the rut right on the horizon.