• Volume 11 Number 3 - March 2016


    Make the right sounds with your turkey calls, and make them at the right times, and you’re on the way to tagging a gobbler this spring.

    Obsession is a good word to describe the allure of turkey hunting. Wild turkeys have innate characteristics that challenge hunters, pushing the boundary of their turkey hunting skillset to be consistently successful.

    As bass approach the spawn in South Carolina lakes and rivers this month, swimbaits become go-to baits for many anglers. Here’s why....

    Largemouth bass will be in various stages of the spawn across South Carolina this month, and no matter which stage they’re in, swimbaits are excellent lures for anglers to use. One of the keys to their effectiveness is their versatility and ability to imitate natural forage.

    Use easily available information to get a head start on catching Lake Wylie’s burgeoning population of blue catfish. It’s right at your fingertips.

    James Moore of Westminster, S.C., will readily admit that he doesn’t consider Lake Wylie as one of his home lakes, but every time he goes there, he does well catching blue catfish. One of the reasons he said he’s had better success than most is because the lake scouts well. 

    Target prespawn crappie on Lake Hartwell as they move back in creeks from brush pile to brush pile.

    Working his way under a bridge and back into one of Lake Hartwell’s feeder creeks, Steve Pietrykowski had his attention divided between the depth finder on his pontoon boat and the water in front of him.

    Neashore structure will hold plenty of black sea bass during winter; learn how to bring home a big limit.

    Between January and the late spring, offshore anglers lose the chance to catch several of their favorite bottomfish due to federal closures. For anglers who don’t like to take a rest, plenty of rod-bending action is available within a short boat ride of the Myrtle Beach skyline.