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  • Just What is Homeland Security Up To?

    Many of you by now have surely heard of the 1.6+ Billion rounds of ammunition that the Department of Homeland Security is purchasing. But, there is MUCH, MUCH more than this that is going on that you may not be aware of. I have accumulated over two dozen articles from many different sources involving Homeland Security’s actions, and I have to tell you “ITS VERY SCARY”. I think you will be SHOCKED after reading these articles.

    I took a poll on my website over a month ago and kept the poll up for 6 weeks. I asked “Would you be interested in reading a series of articles on our website regarding “Is our Government planning for a war against it’s own citizens?” I gave the following voting options: YES, NO and YES, but on a separate page. There were over 75 readers who voted. Each voter could vote ONLY once so as not to “skew” the poll.

    The results was a whopping 92% YES! But, since there were 6 NOs and 7 Yes, but on a separate page, we created a new website page titled “What's DHS Up To?” so readers don’t have to read these on the “Home Page” if you don’t care to read them.

    I will begin posting these articles on MONDAY, JUNE 3rd. They will all be posted on the new “What's DHS Up To?” page. Read the articles on our website: if you are interested in what is going on with Homeland Security.

    Feedback would be appreciated.

    Articles about DHS Activities Started Posting
    I started posting articles today (6/3/13) on the website's new page titled 'What's DHS Up To?' about 'suspicious' Department of Homeland Security activities. I'll be posting articles daily, except Sundays. To read these, click on:


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