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Deer Hunting in South Carolina
Joined again for 2014! Looking for a hunt club---check'em out!
Yesterday at 3:28pm
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Hog Hunting in South Carolina
I recently moved to Columbia, SC and I'm looking for hunting club within a hour or so of Columbia. I'm most interested in hogs.

If you have an opening in your club please contact me. Thanks
July 20 at 7:36am
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Archery in South Carolina
The will be an IBEF International Bow Hunter Education Course July 19 in West Columbia at the Styx Edcation Room. Free of charge. 8 hr course. THis course is not required in SC generally, but may be needed to bow hunt out of state or out of the country. There are not too many generally taught in SC due to low need. Best to get it under your belt if there is a chance you may need it in the.... Read More
July 03 at 12:42pm
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Deer Hunting in Piedmont Area
Only one spot left to fill for the 2014 Hunting Season! Five Notch Sportsman’s Club is an exclusive Quality Deer Management club located near Greenwood, South Carolina. Your membership includes access to 2,200+ continuous acres with 30 club stands and over 20 food plots. We also have a club house on the property that is capable of sleeping all 12 members. Dues are $2,000. Please check out our.... Read More
June 09 at 10:04am
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Turkey Hunting in Piedmont Area
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  • 4/1
  • 4/2
  • 4/9
Finished up tags in the rain here Saturday. 4 Sumter National Forest birds and the wet one here at the farm.

Also killed a 70-80lb wild hog with 12ga 3' magblends at 20 yards.
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April 23 at 12:58pm
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Archery in Outside South Carolina
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We now have our 50 piece 5 spot target faces available for purchase on our website. We are offering 20% off as an introductory discount. Use code FB050114 to receive the discount at checkout. Each month we will release another target face with the same 20% introductory offer. Share this with your friends and stay tuned for other news from Walk-On Archery.
May 19 at 10:04am
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Turkey Hunting in Lowcountry Area
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  • Turkey Season limit
  • Silent Tom
On opening day the only gobbling going on came from someone else's property. As the sun broke the horizon, a hen that was roosted a few trees to my right broke out with a series of cackles, she flew down nearly to my lap, and proceeded to check out the two decoys I had set. Busting out above me, was a long bearded tom. He locked his wings, landed past the decoys, and left the scene. Talk.... Read More
April 20 at 2:58pm
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Turkey Hunting in Piedmont Area
This is my fouth year hunting turkey's and for the fourth year I am having the same problem. I spend a lot of time in the woods on public land near Winnsboro. After deer season is over I squirrel hunt this area. I've got the winter pattern for turkeys pretty much pinned down. Opening day I was in the middle of five gobblers within 1/4 mile. Missed the closest one as he took to a hen right.... Read More
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April 14 at 11:28am
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Turkey Hunting in Sand Hills Area
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  • Turkey
  • Turkey
  • Turkey
After a bit of a slow start to the 2014 turkey season (both in terms of gobbling activity and encounters), the tables turned for me on Sunday morning. I was trying a new spot at a hunt club I recently joined on Saturday and had located a big bird strutting with a hen in the middle of a soon to be planted corn field the day before. Unfortunately, I didn't locate him until 8:30 am that day and he.... Read More
April 15 at 12:44pm
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Turkey Hunting in South Carolina
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BO Freeman of Rock hill S.C. took the Nice 3 Birds 3 days in a row. All 3 Birds weighed between 19 lbs to 22 lbs and the beards were 9 1/2inches, 10 inches with the Largest at 11inches.
April 15 at 9:45am
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Turkey Hunting in Pee Dee Area
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  • First Turkey...turns into two <br /><br />Marvin Henderson of Runnin' Tail Outdoors knocks down his ver
Marvin Henderson of Runnin' Tail Outdoors knocks down his very first gobbler and wouldn't you know seconds later he takes down number two..
April 08 at 2:13pm
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Turkey Hunting in South Carolina
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  • Paul Seals, III age seven, of Camden, SC shot his first turkey!
Paul Seals, III of Camden shot his first turkey in Westville, South Carolina. He is seven years old and attends school at Jackson School.
April 01 at 2:55pm
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Turkey Hunting in Lowcountry Area
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  • First Turkey!
After 3 years of turkey hunting I FINALLY got one. I gave up on turkey hunting on March the 2nd only to resume on March the 3rd. Good thing I did. He was a young one....about 1.5 years old. Shot in Early Branch, SC.
March 18 at 10:35pm
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Archery in South Carolina
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Janesville, WI - Rinehart Targets and the Rinehart R100 Archery Competition has landed in Greenwood, South Carolina for this weekend’s event. The Rinehart R100 will take place at the Lakelands Archery Group on Saturday, March. 22 and Sunday. March 23. As final preparations are made, the excitement level around the club is increasing by the minute.

Archers of all levels and ages are.... Read More
March 18 at 11:04am
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Turkey Hunting in Lowcountry Area
Photo Album
Here are a couple of successful hunters with some Opening Day Birds taken with Lowcountry Mudbuddy.

Saturday started off with a BANG BANG :)

Great Shooting BOYS & GIRLS :)

Go out there and get your gobbler!

South Carolina Sportsman Field Representative

Brian M. Carroll

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
March 15 at 10:04pm
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Archery in South Carolina
Photo Album
The Rinehart R100 Rolls on to South Carolina

The Rinehart R100 Rolls on to South Carolina

Janesville, WI - Rinehart Targets is pleased to announce the upcoming Rinehart R100 with Lakelands Archery Group in Greenwood, South Carolina. In the R100’s twelve years of existence, this will be the first Rinehart event hosted by the people of Lakelands Archery Group.

“Expanding the R100.... Read More
March 12 at 8:51am
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Turkey Hunting in South Carolina
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  • WMA lottery hunts are good ways to bag a turkey
The SCDNR holds lotteries each year for turkey hunts on land that is intensively managed for quality wildlife. The demand for these hunts outweighs the opportunities, so hunters enter a lottery, or drawing, and hope to get picked for these great hunting trips.

Hunters can now apply for these hunts online, as well as through the mail or in person at one of the four regional SCDNR.... Read More
February 28 at 9:33pm
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Deer Hunting in South Carolina
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  • Find out if your buck makes the record books
Hunters who would like their deer antlers measured have plenty of options this year. The largest amount of antlers will be scored during the Palmetto Sportsman Classic at the SC State Fairgrounds March 28-30, but the first scoring session will take place March 4 at Hunter's Headquarters in Greenwood. Other scoring sessions are listed below


Date, time,.... Read More
February 28 at 8:55pm
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Turkey Hunting in Lowcountry Area
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  • Brantley Williams with a GROWN GOBBLER
HOOT HOOT HOOT ~ Gobbler season is just around the corner. Get out your turkey calls and knock the dust off of your turkey vest. SHAKE IT GOOD FIRST and get the spiders out of it. Wipe off your slate calls and get a fresh batch of diaphragm calls wet. It's just around the corner and if you don't start now you will be RUSTY when opening day swings around the corner.

February 27 at 10:41am
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Guns & Ammo in Lowcountry Area
Photo Album
It's never too late to practice. That slow period between the end of deer season and the beginning of Turkey Season is a good time to practice. SHOTGUNNING :) You never know when you are going to need those skills sharpened.

When that first blast from a seated position misses the glowing red head of a spring gobbler, you may be required to back yourself up with that second shot. It.... Read More
February 27 at 10:35am

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