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TurkeyHunter23Profile Photo
Hunting in Lowcountry Area
i am not sure if anyone even uses this forum but here it goes.

I reside in dorchester county and I am willing to drive 1-2 hours for a lease if needed but not ideal. I am currently a deployed military member and when I get back I will be looking for some land for turkey, yotes, hogs, and some bird. Due to my family situation shelling out 1k for a lease isn't feasible this year. I am....  Read More
October 27 at 1:30pm
branchvillefd35Profile Photo
Deer Hunting in Lowcountry Area
Due to heavy dog hunting pressure, (every weekend) and logging in the immediate area that i hunt, the deer on my property seem to have gone nocturnal. If anyone has any ideas on how to get these deer walking during daylight hours, please help me out. I don't want the entire rut wasted hunting deer that don't even walk during the day time. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
October 22 at 10:06pm
SampitProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Lowcountry Area
Photo Album
Holman (7yr.)shot his first deer in sampit swamp.
October 19 at 7:00pm
Tchubb87Profile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Lowcountry Area
Photo Album
  • Tall boy 160lb 4 holes swamp buck
I watched this deer grow for three years on camera. I can not explain how happy I am to have had the opportunity to take him this year.
October 15 at 8:36pm
Kahuna2114Profile Photo
Events & Announcements in Lowcountry Area
Photo Album
  • Registration Form
My name is Warren Adair..I'm a Captain with the City of Goose Creek Fire Department (SC). Friends and Family of Steve Skipton Sr. one of our Firefighters and my best friend of 22 years are hosting a benefit golf outing on Oct. 27 2014 at Crowfiled Country club (Goose Creek, SC). Steve passed away on August 23 from lung cancer as a result of being a responder at ground zero on 9/11. He leaves....  Read More
October 14 at 3:43pm
DrmajorProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Lowcountry Area
Photo Album
  • My son Aaron and I.
Hunting with my son and got my first deer.
12 Point, 157#. Unusual, I am told, is the two brow tines in front of the main antler group. Spread is over 16'.

Shot w/ 30-06 Winchester Power Point 150gr from a Remington 700.

He dropped where he stood.
October 09 at 12:22pm
pointerownerProfile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Lowcountry Area
Sons first 8pt to break him in
August 25 at 9:04pm
bluefieldcowgirlProfile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Lowcountry Area
Photo Album
  • Ashley Dangerfield and her 180lb 8pnt. Bluefield Hunting Club. Jacksonboro, SC
First female member of Bluefield Hunting Club in Jacksonboro, SC kills the first deer of the season! 180lb 8pnt with a 15' spread. Shot Saturday, August 23rd, 2014.
August 25 at 4:48pm
thms85Profile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Lowcountry Area
Photo Album
  • Opening day 9 point.
Opening day afternoon hunt. Had 6 does feeding in front of me when all of a sudden they spooked for no apparent reason. A couple minutes later it sounds like a stampede as 8 bucks come trotting right down the middle of the road. After playing cat and mouse behind a small button buck for 20 minutes he finally gives me a shot. 9 point with a 17.5 inch spread weighing 180 lbs. Great opening day hunt.
August 18 at 8:14am
Leslie LawsonProfile Photo
Bag-a-Buck Contest in Lowcountry Area
Photo Album
  • my first full velvet buck. 8 points. 180 pounds. 19 inch spread. taken with a savage axis .308
i am 24 from walterboro sc. this is my 8 point buck taken from bamberg county on opening day of deer season 8/15/2014. I used a savage axis .308.
buck weight 180 with a 19 inch spread. this is my first velvet buck.. best way to start a season .
August 16 at 12:23am
stardot123Profile Photo
Tournaments Fishing in Lowcountry Area
IFA Redfish Tours Heads to Georgetown, South Carolina
IFA Atlantic Division events set for Aug. 16-17

MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. (August 6, 2014) – Inshore anglers from across South Carolina and surrounding regions will meet at Georgetown, South Carolina, on Aug. 16-17 for the final 2014 Atlantic Division events of the IFA Redfish Tour Presented by Cabela’s and IFA Kayak Fishing Tour....  Read More
August 07 at 12:18pm
jimadorProfile Photo
Freshwater Fishing in Lowcountry Area
Hi all. I'm new to the forum, and I thought I introduce myself. I've just moved to the Charleston area from Mississippi for a new job. I'm used to catching big cats, perch, bream, and the occasional bass, and I'm excited about find out what I can get into in the waterways and woods around here :-D. Being that the area is inundated with rivers and waterways, could anyone give me some....  Read More
July 02 at 8:57pm
gohiking22Profile Photo
Fishing in Lowcountry Area
Photo Album
Caught a nice fish at the Jetties this morning. It almost straightened my owner hook.

June 29 at 8:35pm
gohiking22Profile Photo
Fishing in Lowcountry Area
Caught a nice fish at the Jetties this morning. It almost straightened my owner hook but got it in the boat.

June 29 at 8:32pm
Brian CarrollProfile Photo
Offshore Fishing in Lowcountry Area
Photo Album
  • Luke Ballam and Leanne Lloyd SCAMP GROUPER
Luke Ballam and Trusty FIRST MATE Leanne Lloyd hold a nice Scamp Grouper that was tricked into trying to eat a fluttering diamond jig.


South Carolina Sportsman Field Representative
Brian M. Carroll
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
June 27 at 11:55am
noravetzProfile Photo
Offshore Fishing in Lowcountry Area
Visiting Kiawah island next week. Heard fishing the Kiawah River near the inlet is OK. Any advice? Tackle and bait recommendations? Best time of day to fish? Best to fish when tide is coming in? Sort of new to this sort of fishing. Hoping to take my son so would be great to catch a fish or two!

Appreciate any advice or tips.
June 16 at 1:42pm
Screamin' DragProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Lowcountry Area
I'm moving to the Charleston area from Belle Chasse, LA. I've been yak fishing here for the last couple years from Plaquemines Parish to Grand Isle. I'm trying to find out if there are any kayak fishing clubs around there. I'm ready to see if South Carolina is even close to Louisiana fishing!! I appreciate all the help.
May 17 at 10:38am
bowbenderProfile Photo
Turkey Hunting in Lowcountry Area
Photo Album
  • Turkey Season limit
  • Silent Tom
On opening day the only gobbling going on came from someone else's property. As the sun broke the horizon, a hen that was roosted a few trees to my right broke out with a series of cackles, she flew down nearly to my lap, and proceeded to check out the two decoys I had set. Busting out above me, was a long bearded tom. He locked his wings, landed past the decoys, and left the scene. Talk....  Read More
April 20 at 2:58pm
anthony19Profile Photo
Freshwater Fishing in Lowcountry Area
Photo Album
  • a crappie to close beating the state record
by the hactery
April 02 at 11:34am

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