South Carolina Sportsman Magazine began publication in November 1981. Created to fill an obvious need of the state's avid sportsmen, the magazine continues to provide readers with the most current and accurate fishing and hunting information. Each issue is filled with “how-to” and “where-to” articles written by South Carolina's most respected fishing and hunting authorities, map features that tell readers how to get to South Carolina's best spots and up-to-the-minute forecasts that readers can use to plan a successful trip.

    With a monthly paid circulation of 38,000 copies and over 115,000 readers, South Carolina Sportsman is the largest statewide circulation magazine of any kind in South Carolina. Most of our readers are male, affluent, educated and located throughout South Carolina. Issues of South Carolina Sportsman consistently run 260 pages or more.

    South Carolina Sportsman has become an icon. Found just about everywhere in South Carolina that fishermen and hunters congregate, the magazine covers whatever outdoorsmen will be pursuing that month: e.g., bass and crappie in the spring, offshore gamefish in the summer, deer and ducks in the fall, and trout and redfish throughout the year. A special hunting section in the September through December issues pairs hunting advertisers with hunting editorial. Our ad deadlines fall only 13 days before the magazine hits the streets, so our readers know that they are getting only the most up-to-date and accurate information. And, it's all information they can use…only locations, techniques and quarry in South Carolina!

    Our readers are loyal. South Carolina Sportsman consistently boasts a 70+% renewal rate, and we do it with no gimmicks, no incentives and no mass mailings! Two reminder notices and consistent excellence keep them subscribing.

    Our advertisers are just as loyal. Many have been with us since our first year. The retailers and the reps that supply them all agree: If you want to sell products to fishermen and hunters in South Carolina, you have to be in the Sportsman!

    South Carolina Sportsman is the key to successful outdoor products sales!

    South Carolina Sportsman is the largest outdoor publication in South Carolina and the largest statewide circulation magazine of any kind in South Carolina. Our paid circulation is 45,000 copies per month.

    The reasons for our success are simple:
    · Quality editorial with up-to-the minute news and forecasts
    · Features that actually help the reader catch fish and bag game in South Carolina
    · Retail availability at over 2,500 locations throughout South Carolina
    · A circulation strategy that includes a full-time staff whose sole responsibility is to manage and develop circulation
    · Our own dedicated display racks in newsstands and stores
    · An accomplished team of writers and graphic artists who bring quality to both editorial and advertising
    · Zoned covers that ensure regional newsstand appeal
    · Competitive pricing on subscriptions, newsstand copies and advertising space

    South Carolina Sportsman: the South Carolina icon that most efficiently and effectively reaches South Carolina's important hunting and fishing market!

    Ready to place an ad or find out more? Contact our sales Department. Don't forget our other titles: Mississippi Sportsman, North Carolina Sportsman & South Carolina Sportsman. Combining your placement in South Carolina Sportsman and our other publications can bring your unit costs down!


    Size Width Depth Orientation
    1/16 Page 1.6875" 2.3229" Vertical
    1/16 Page 3.5416" 1.0809" Horizontal
    1/8 Page 1.6875" 4.7944" Vertical
    1/8 Page 3.5416" 2.3229" Horizontal
    1/6 Page* 3.5416" 3.0972" Horizontal
    1/4 Page 3.5416" 4.7944" Vertical
    1/4 Page 1.684" 9.75" 1 Col. Vertical
    1/4 Page 5.3958" 3.0972" Horizontal
    1/3 Page 5.3958" 4.7944" Horizontal
    1/2 Page 3.5416" 9.75" 2 Col. Vertical
    1/2 Page 7.25" 4.7944" Horizontal
    1/2 Page 5.3958" 6.4979" 3 Col. Horizontal
    3/4 Page 5.3958" 9.75" Vertical
    Full Page (Live Area) 7.25" 9.75"  
    Full Page (Trim Area) 8.25" 10.75"  
    Full Page (Bleed Area) 9" 11.5"  
    Double Spread (Live Area) 15.5" 9.75"  
    Double Spread (Trim Area) 16.5" 10.75"  
    Double Spread (Bleed Area) 17.25" 11.5"  
    Page Layout


    Inside is printed in a junior tabloid format on a web offset press, 32# newsprint.

    Cover is printed on 80# enamel stock. Full page trim size: 8.25" x 10.75"; bleed size: 9" x 11.5". Double spread trim size: 16.5" x 10.75"; bleed size: 17.25" x 11.5".

    For insert contact sales staff for rates, mechanical specifications, and printing requirements. For additional bleed requirements contact
    Live area: 7.25" x 9.75" Trim size: 8.25" x 10.75". Bleed size: 9" x 11.5 ".

    DISCOUNTS & COMMISSIONS: Recognized advertising agencies are allowed 15% on space purchased. All offered discounts apply ONLY ON PAYMENT MADE WITHIN 30 DAYS.

    DEADLINES: Published monthly, twelve times a year. Space reservation deadline is the 5th of the month preceding month of publication. Example, June 5th for the July issue. Materials deadline for camera-ready copy is the 10th of the month preceding month of publication.

    COVER INFORMATION: All materials are due by 1st of every month preceding month of publication.

    GENERAL POLICY: All advertising insertions, orders, contracts and materials are subject to approval by publisher. No cancellation of space orders will be accepted after space closing deadline. Contracts with ad cancellations prior to completion will be short rated to the lowest earned rate. Rebate of credit earned by reaching a higher frequency discount level will be applied to the advertiser's account. This credit may be carried forward into the next year's advertising cycle. All contracts and insertion commitments must be made in writing: No verbal agreements will be honored.


    The Sportsman utilizes an entirely digital workflow using Adobe InDesign (pagination & layout) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) for file submission. PDF/X-1a format is the required format for ad submission.

    PDF/X-1a format is the required format for ad submission. All ads must be created to the exact size specifications listed on the rate card. Ads that bleed require .375" of bleed space on all sides. Cover ads must bleed .50".

    Total ink limit for newsprint (interior pages) is 220%; for cover positions 300%.

    We are 100% Digital. Negatives are not accepted.

    Images/scans should be 300dpi in CMYK. Logos should be supplied in .eps or .ai format. Type should be converted to outlines or fonts provided. We also accept packaged InDesign documents (CS3).

    Camera ready (press ready) ads may be submitted via e-mail. Please send ads to ads@lasmag.com.

    Contact your sales representative for FTP login information.

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