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    Setting the hook at the right time will help you land more topwater bass like these from Marc Deschenes and Ray Walsh.

    1 secret to hooking more bass on topwater lures

    The fog is lifting off the surface of the calm lake, and the sun still hasn’t peaked above the tree line. These are perfect conditions for working a topwater plug near the shore for bass. Nothing is more exciting than calling a bass up to smash a lure on the surface.

    1 hour ago
    Stripers are struggling along with other fish in the Lower Santee River due to high water temperatures and overcrowding.

    High water, overcrowding causing fish to struggle in Lower Santee River

    Striped bass and other fish living in the Lower Santee River are struggling to survive high water temperatures and overcrowding. The extended Santee Dam flood gate opening associated with last fall’s flooding spilled an excessive number of lake fish into the river, and anglers have reported seeing unusual numbers of striped bass carcasses in the river for several weeks.

    2 hours ago
    Two men are missing and presumed dead after a boating accident on Lake Moultrie over the weekend.

    Santee boating wreck leaves two presumed dead

    A retirement party involving numerous people on more than one boat took a tragic turn Saturday when one of the boats hit a wave or an unknown object.

    July 24 at 11:26pm
    1 tip that will help anglers land more flounder comes from Oak Island professional angler Capt. Jimmy Price.

    1 tip to help you hook more flounder

    “I can’t tell if I’ve got a fish or if I’m hung up in some debris,” said Monty Gardner while slowly reeling in his line in a creek near Holden Beach.

    July 22 at 3:43pm
    Sea turtles have laid more nests on South Carolina's coast this year than any other year on record.

    Sea turtle nests at all-time high for South Carolina

    Nesting sea turtles have outdone themselves again in South Carolina.

    With several weeks still left in the nesting season, the state's sea turtle nest numbers have surpassed the record high (5,198 nests) set in 2013. The number of nests laid in 2015, 5,111, was exceeded last week.

    July 21 at 10:00pm
    MirrOlures might not be every trout angler's favorite lure, but you'll be hard pressed to find an experienced speck angler that doesn't have a handful in their tackle box.

    1 lure every speckled trout angler needs in his tackle box

    Survey a handful of trout fishermen about their favorite lures for specks, and you’re liable to see several answers repeated a number of times: topwaters, soft-plastic shrimp under a popping cork, soft-plastic grubs on jigheads.

    July 21 at 10:25am
    Dylan Fulk said hollow body frogs are his go-to lure all summer long.

    Top tips for bass fishing with hollow body frogs

    Bass fishermen have a lot of different lures to choose as their go-to baits at different times of year and under different fishing situations.

    It’s a good bet that there aren’t many like bass pro Dylan Fulk of Concord, N.C., who reach for a soft-plastic frog.

    July 21 at 10:01am
    Crappie make up one part of Capt. David Hilton's one-two punch on Santee in the summer.

    Anglers catching catfish and crappie at Santee with these tips

    While some folks think the summer heat has given the fish lockjaw at Santee, the opposite is actually the case. It’s tough to find a species that isn’t biting on either the upper or lower lake right now, but it certainly helps to go at the right time, to fish in the right places, and to use the proper baits.

    July 20 at 9:39am
    Carolina French poses with the kind of bass anglers are catching at Santee this summer.

    How to catch more bass at Santee in the heat

    The heat has put a damper on the fishing for many folks in a lot of areas across the state, but that’s not the case for bass anglers at Santee, at least not the ones who follow a few tips that the locals are having luck with.

    July 19 at 2:32pm
    South Carolina's record-book deer harvest increased in 2015, according to the 2016 scoring sessions.

    Number of record-book bucks increased in 2015

    South Carolina’s 2016 antler-scoring sessions have added 217 new record-book bucks, according to Charles Ruth, the deer project leader for the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, a big increase over the previous year, with the big stars being a huge typical buck from Anderson County and a huge non-typical from Greenville County.

    July 18 at 3:44pm
    The Broad River is chock full of quality smallmouth like this one that bit Mike McSwain's Senko.

    Top tips for catching smallmouth bass on the Broad River

    The water level on the Broad River is just right, and so is the water temperature. It’s an all-around great time to fish for smallmouth on almost any stretch of the river, and anglers who don’t mind hitting the river early are catching plenty of fish before the heat even sets in.

    July 15 at 3:56pm
    Youth archers line up at the range at Belfast Wildlife Management Area in Laurens County at the recent Fun Shoot. The event was part of the National Archery in Schools Program, a joint venture between the S.C. Department of Education and DNR.

    Youth archers participate in SCDNR Fun Shoot at Belfast WMA

    The S.C. Department of Natural Resources recently hosted a National Archery in Schools Program 3-D Fun Shoot at the new Belfast Wildlife Management Area archery range in Laurens County for more than 30 youth participants, most of whom were involved through their school archery programs.

    July 15 at 3:24pm

    VIDEO: Dolphin feasting on school of redfish

    Inshore anglers have all seen redfish school up in tight groups and hide out in the shallowest water they can find. It's more common in the winter time when most other fish have left the inshore waters, leaving dolphin without other alternatives for food. 

    July 15 at 9:40am
    The SCDNR is hosting a free wing shooting cling for youth on Aug. 5 from 8 a.m. to noon in Marion County.

    SCDNR hosting free youth wing shooting clinic

    The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) strives to promote safe and responsible hunting as an integral part of the agency’s overall mission. To aid in that mission, SCDNR is hosting a free wing shooting clinic in Marion County on Friday, Aug. 5, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

    July 12 at 11:24am
    This is the view from Cook's Mountain, one of the highest peaks in the midlands. It's overlooking the Wateree River and is part of one of South Carolina's newest WMAs.

    SCDNR hosting meeting on Wateree River Heritage Preserve WMA

    The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) is hosting a public meeting to solicit input on the proposed management plan for Wateree River Heritage Preserve Wildlife Management Area in Richland County. The meeting will take place from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on July 14 at the Crossroads Community Center located at 2750 McCord’s Ferry Rd., Eastover, S.C., 29044.

    July 12 at 8:21am