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The heat doesnít seem to bother flathead catfish, which will bite as long as thereís a little current. Dog days can be for cats
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August may be known as the dog days, but it’s actually a great time for cats, too, especially the big blues and flatheads of the Santee Cooper. Excellent largemouth and bream action on both lakes also provide opportunities if you know where and how to find them.

Shellcrackers are a great target fish in July, but you have to search a little to find them concentrated in relatively small areas. Deep thinking required
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Summer patterns have settled in on the Santee Cooper lakes, and that’s not a bad situation. When the water heats up and the sun bears down, some species will get into very reliable patterns in deeper water.†

Slab crappie will start to show up this month around deep brush on both Santee Cooper lakes. Donít put tackle away
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Striper season officially shuts down on the Santee Cooper lakes from June through September, so anglers will focus on other fish for the next four months. Striper fishermen had a strong spring, and prospects for a good return fall and winter are excellent.

Fishermen can catch plenty of bream and shellcrackers this month in the upper end of Lake Marion. May is hard to beat
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If there’s one month when just about every angler with a piscatorial preference can find something he or she likes, it would be May.†

Blue catfish in the Santee Cooper system will be managed with new creel and size limits beginning April 1. Not singing the blues yet
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he big news for April is that the South Carolina General Assembly passed a bill last fall changing how blue catfish will be managed in the Santee Cooper reservoirs, and the changes will take effect April 1.

Chris Oswald of Summerton caught this keeper striper fishing with Andy Pack of Packís Landing. March is big-fish month
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If there is such a thing as a normal winter, March is the time when big fish of several species bite the best. Largemouth bass, crappie, catfish and often shellcrackers all get into the mix.

Whitey Outlaw uses tiny Roadrunners on light spinning tackle to catch big February bass. Adjust and catch fish
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February is an overlooked month in terms of quality fishing at Santee Cooper. Frequently changing weather causes fishing patterns to change quickly, but for anglers who adjust to cold fronts and can fish deep and shallow or adapt from a slow presentation to a fast presentation, February is a great time for quality fish.

Deep holes and channels in Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie will hold stripers this month. January is big-fish time
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Fishing can still be very good in January on Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie despite the typical cold weather, especially for catfish and stripers. One of the best species for consistent action is catfish; more than one way of finding and catching these fish will work in January.

Fishing for big blue catfish can be excellent on both Santee Cooper lakes in December. Hooray for the holidays!
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The rapid cooling of the water temperature in December is not a problem for several species of fish on the Santee Cooper lakes. In fact, some guides say it actually does wonders to improve the fishing.

Guide Kevin Davis caught this nice striper from Lake Marion last November. Say thanks for strong bite
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Despite the cooling weather in November, the fishing action seems to just simply get better for a variety of species on the Santee Cooper lakes. In addition to good action, the potential for heavyweight fish also increases.

Guide Joe Dennis looks forward to the opening of striped bass season on the Santee Cooper lakes, finding fish suspended around baitfish. Welcome back, stripers
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The striper fishing on both Santee Cooper lakes, closed for four months, opens on Oct. 1, and many Santee Cooper fishermen celebrate it as many would any dove or deer opener.

Crappie will be deep but biting through September on Lake Marion, according to guide Buster Rush. Fall fishing is on the way
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Fishing takes a step forward in September, with improved action on a variety of species. With even just slightly cooler temperatures, the fishing for largemouth bass improves, especially in terms of topwater schooling action, and these fish begin chasing forage much more aggressively. That means anglers can get more aggressive with their fishing styles.

Capt. Joe Dennis shows off a mixed stinger of big bluegill and shellcrackeres, typical of what he catches in the Santee and Cooper rivers this month. You can beat the heat
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With hot weather beating down, one of the keys to success will be the ability to diversify your fishing and take advantage of what’s biting. August is hot and humid, but plenty of excellent fishing action occurs in Lake Marion, Lake Moultrie and the Santee and Cooper rivers downstream. Getting into that moving water below the dams is often the ticket to success.

Catfish action can be as hot as the weather on the Santee Cooper lakes, especially in the Diversion Canal. Fish are here, anglers arenít
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Fishing is as hot as the summer sun in July, but the fishing action in terms of angler participation seems to slack off a bit.