I guess August isnít all that bad after all
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August is a month that takes, well, a lot of heat, especially from sportsmen. Lord knows it’s hot, and that drives fish deep and fishermen into their air-conditioned dens and man caves.†

Catfish legislation? A pile of stinkbait
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There is an old quote that’s been attributed to a number of people. To paraphrase it somewhat, it goes like this: “There are two things you don’t want to see being made: sausage and laws.”

Pay-pond owners: Donít sing the blues
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I am probably as familiar with the workings of politicians at the state level as most people. I don’t want to see how sausage is made, and I don’t want to see how our laws are enacted — but I have a pretty idea about both subjects.

Proposed changes in turkey regs? Yea!
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Pat Robertson reports elsewhere in the magazine about a piece of legislation making its way through the general assembly that would make two big changes in turkey hunting regulations: setting a unified statewide season and reducing the bag limit from five to three birds.

Do we have it better than settlers did?
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I sometimes wonder what the fish and wildlife was like when the early settlers reached South Carolina.

March is an end and a beginning
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The calendar changes in January, but you can argue that March marks an end and a beginning for most hunters and fishermen across South Carolina.

First, March is the month when freshwater fishing really takes off across most of the Palmetto State. It’s big-bass month, big-crappie month, and it’s the month when striped bass start to make their annual spawning runs upriver and to the headwaters of reservoirs.

Second, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources holds antler-scoring sessions across the state throughout the month, culminating at the Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic in Columbia at the end of March. SCDNR uses this as an opportunity to gather information about big bucks, including where and when they’re killed, to add to a database that’s 40 years in the making.

One bullet dodged, more on the way
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It looks like we dodged a bullet. Hopefully, we’ll be in position to dodge a fusillade headed our way in the future.

In early January, almost every fishermen who throws a live or soft-plastic shrimp in South Carolina’s coastal waters crossed his or her fingers when the “polar vortex” dipped down across North America and dropped temperatures into single digits across much of the Southeast. Our immediate thought was, “What about the specks?”

Speckled trout are something of a fragile species when it comes to temperature. When the water temperature drops into the high 40s, their metabolism slows way down. If the water reaches the mid- to low-40s, they become stressed and often die. The †result is something biologists call a “cold-stun kill.”†

Is turkey downturn here for long run?
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Lots of people have called me a lot of things in the past — not all of them necessarily good — but one thing I do call myself is a turkey hunter.

Give a helping hand to wildlife habitat
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So many of the changes in wildlife and fish populations around the Palmetto State are largely beyond our control, but it’s good to know that, occasionally, sportsman can do something that can directly help the patchwork quilt that is their home woods and waters.

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If there’s anything the shutdown of the federal government a month ago taught us is that people have very different views of what “essential services” are.

SCDNR: An agency that really works
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I’m often amazed when I read through some of the stories we run in South Carolina Sportsman or on our Website,, at the opportunities that are available to sportsmen in the Palmetto State.

An old shotgun and a memorable hunt
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With Labor Day and the opening of dove season approaching quickly, I sat down the other day, trying to figure out how to come up with enough money to fix my two favorite shotguns, both of which have fallen on hard times recently.

Legislature makes some good strides
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The 2013 session of South Carolinaís legislature was a kind one to most hunters and fishermen in the Palmetto State. A handful of bills passed that should certainly improve things for sportsmen.

Black sea bass show the system works
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Sometimes, the system works, even if itís often too slow for our tastes.