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Bluegill will gather in areas where mayflies are hatching, providing excellent fishing opportunities. Do the mayfly dance
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I love to fish for bass at night this month, but when I do fish during the daytime, there’s one thing I really look for and pay attention to, and that’s mayflies. They’re aquatic insects that live most of their lives underwater, but it’s the few hours or maybe a day that they mature and live on or just above the surface of the water that makes them important to fishermen.

June bass are likely to be ganged up on offshore structure, the perfect situation for fishing a crankbait. Crank Ďem up in June
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Like most bass fishermen, I like to fish shallow in the spring, and there’s no question that in March, April and May, the fishing is good, but you have to sort of grind it out and catch one here and one there for a good limit.

Davy Hite uses a Mop jig when he locates bass feeding on spawning blueback herring. Time for a herring high
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We have had a cold winter and a very up-and-down spring, but there’s one thing that South Carolina bass fishermen can count on this month: May is the month of the herring bite.

Shallow, April bass are usually suckers for a topwater plug fished above their heads. Topping out in April
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Alot of people love to fish in April, and it’s easy to understand why. The weather has warmed up and settled, it’s a joy to spend a day on the water when it’s that pretty — and the fish will be biting.

A Mop Jig and trailer, in crawfish colors, is a great combination for a big March largemouth bass. Itís March bass madness
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I†look forward to March like no other month on the calendar, and it has very little to do with college basketball tournaments. As a bass fisherman, it’s the month I wait for all year, because here in South Carolina, it’s the best time of the year to catch a big fish. You can catch the fish of your lifetime almost any time during March.

First off, the fish are prespawn. A few fish will spawn in March on many of our lakes, but the biggest part of the spawn is the first two weeks of April. So for most of March, bass are in a prespawn mode; they’re the biggest they’re going to get all year, the water is warming up, and they’re feeding aggressively. It’s a great opportunity to catch a big fish, and I’ll have my big-fish baits tied on: a crankbait and a Mop Jig.

Lots of big, prespawn bass can be fooled by a crankbait with a tight wobble on lakes around South Carolina this month. Time to tie on crankbaits
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Because of all the rain we’ve had across South Carolina early in the winter, February is lining up for the kind of late-winter fishing I really love. Most all of our lakes are higher, and the water has plenty of color.

That’s the perfect equation for some great cold-weather crankbait fishing.†

I love to fish a crankbait this time of year. If the water is clear, I’ll fish a jerkbait, but stained water is most suited to a crankbait, because they can’t see it coming as far away. It’s right on them. You can catch a really big bass on a crankbait in February.

Lose that last chartreuse lipless crankbait? Make a note of it when you head to a boat or tackle show this month and replace it. Month-long Black Friday?
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For fishermen and hunters, the best way to describe January is that it’s kind of like Black Friday — but spread out over a month or two.†

When heís fishing for food and not for cash, Davy Hite loves to catch stripers, like this one from Lake Greenwood, on light tackle. Take aim at stripers
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Even though I make my living fishing bass tournaments, I’m like a lot of other fishermen; I love to fish for all different species of fish. And it seems like, in South Carolina, the month of December and striped bass go hand-in-hand.

Davy Hite loves to fish a Trigger-X Drop Dead Minnow in the fall, especially for bass suspended around baitfish. Donít forget soft plastics
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Soft plastics are some of the most-overlooked baits that bass fishermen have in their tackle boxes once the leaves begin to turn in the fall. Everyone thinks about fishing plastic lizards and floating worms in the spring, during the prespawn, but after that, when summer shows up, a lot of people forget about them — except maybe for fishing a big worm in deep water.†

Because of the baitfish migration, bass are keyed in on crankbaits in October. Crank one up this month
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October is one of my favorite months. Like a lot of people, I love to deer hunt, and it really gets good this month. But to me, October is also one of the best months to catch bass on a crankbait.†

When Davy Hite needs to search for bass schooling on blueback herring, he opts for a soft jerkbait like a Trigger-X Drop Dead Minnow. Itís blueback-bass again
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I look forward to September every year, and not just for the dove hunts and the opening of deer season. In South Carolina, it’s the month when bass on lakes like Hartwell, Murray, Russell and Clarks Hill start to gang up and chase schools of blueback herring.

A big plastic worm provides a better silouette for night-fishing for summer bass. It gets better in the dark
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August is the hottest month in the Carolinas, and if youíve been on the water on a windless day, you know how miserable it can be for bass fishermen. Not only do you have to put up with the heat, but the recreational boat traffic is as strong as ever. Even though gas is $4 a gallon, it seems like everybody has got enough to run around all day.

A deep-diving crankbait produced this big largemouth bass for the author. Crank up a storm in July
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A lot of bass fishermen are anything but happy when summer arrives in South Carolina, because theyíre forced to leave shallow water to really catch good fish consistently.

The author almost likes catching big bream more than big bass; sometimes, itís a toss up. Itís bream time across SC
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I make my living catching bass, but I love to catch all kinds of fish, and nothing brings back good memories like bluegills. I know that was the first fish I caught when I was young and my dad and granddad were taking me fishing. I remember the first bass I caught like it was yesterday, but Iíd caught a lot of bluegills before I ever caught that bass, and 40 years later, I still like to catch bluegill.