Lunker Lines


The blueback herring spawn is a great time to catch bass on a variety of topwater plugs. A great time to feel blue
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In terms of fishing opportunities, South Carolina is a unique state for a number of reasons, and the presence of blueback herring in a lot of our major reservoirs is a big one. When these baitfish are in a lake in good numbers, they make the bass and stripers and hybrids act differently.

A Senko is a versatile lure that can be used to target fish in all phases of the spawn. Sink a Senko this month
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April might not be the No. 1 month to head out in search of a lunker largemouth bass in South Carolina’s reservoirs; that’s probably how I look at March. But I think April and May are months when it’s just fun to go fishing, even if you’re not a pro.

A Carolina rig can be very effective with almost any kind of soft-plastic bait. Dial up a C-rig for March
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It’s sort of old fashioned, and it doesn’t nearly have the appeal of the latest hot fishing fad, but even if your tackle box is filled with Alabama rigs, you’d better know how to tie and fish a Carolina rig.

A big Mop Jig and soft-plastic trailer is considered one of the best big-fish combinations on the market. Mop up a big jig fish now
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I don’t make any bones about what and how I like to fish in February. I am going to tie on a big Mop Jig, because February — and March — are the two best months here in South Carolina to catch a big bass. I think a big Mop Jig is the No. 1 bait, because with a soft-plastic trailer, it’s about the best way to imitate a crawfish that we have.

Go through your tackle box this month and see if there are any lures or colors you need to fill in the gaps. Down time is for tackle
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No matter whether you’re a full-time professional fishermen like I am or a weekend fishermen like I was at one time — I figure most of you fit into this category — it’s a good idea to set aside at least some time every year to take a day and organize all of our fishing tackle and lures.

Split the screen on your depth finder when doing winter preseason scouting to get a better idea of what you’re idling over. Be a December fish scout
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When it comes to deer hunting, none of us mind spending a few days in the woods before the season, doing our scouting, setting up trail cameras, getting a bead on where that big buck might show up.

A jerkbait like an X-Rap can be a real weapon in November and December when bass suspend around schools of baitfish. Time to fish — or cut bait?
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November is a month of choice for bass fishermen around South Carolina. Things can go one of two ways. You can either plan to fish through the rest of the fall and into the winter, or you can put your tackle away and concentrate on deer hunting until New Year’s, and maybe duck hunting for a month after that.

A big Mop Jig is a great bait to target bass in October when they’re feeding on crawfish. October: Great jig month
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I know that lots of sportsmen turn their attention this time of year to deer hunting, and I’m probably one of them. But I keep in mind that bass fishing in October on a beautiful South Carolina like is about as good as it gets. First, the recreational boating traffic is, for the most part, gone. Second, I don’t have any Bassmaster tournaments to fish this late in the year. Third, a lot of guys are in their tree stands. Fourth, the weather has cooled off and the fish are biting. It’s just one of the best times of year to go out and try to catch a big fish.

A crankbait that dives to the depth bass are holding can be an effective tool to take suspended fish. September: moving month
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Golfers on the pro tour call Saturday “moving day” because it’s the day you’d better make a move if you want to contend for the tournament title. Down here in South Carolina, September is the “moving month” when baitfish and bass start to move from summer to fall.

Small topwater baits, prop- or popper-style, can be deadly on big fish in the shallows this month. A surprise topwater time
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August is not a month that most bass fishermen associate with a topwater bite, but a lot of our lakes in South Carolina have a pretty good one this month.

Bluegill will gather in areas where mayflies are hatching, providing excellent fishing opportunities. Do the mayfly dance
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I love to fish for bass at night this month, but when I do fish during the daytime, there’s one thing I really look for and pay attention to, and that’s mayflies. They’re aquatic insects that live most of their lives underwater, but it’s the few hours or maybe a day that they mature and live on or just above the surface of the water that makes them important to fishermen.

June bass are likely to be ganged up on offshore structure, the perfect situation for fishing a crankbait. Crank ‘em up in June
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Like most bass fishermen, I like to fish shallow in the spring, and there’s no question that in March, April and May, the fishing is good, but you have to sort of grind it out and catch one here and one there for a good limit.

Davy Hite uses a Mop jig when he locates bass feeding on spawning blueback herring. Time for a herring high
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We have had a cold winter and a very up-and-down spring, but there’s one thing that South Carolina bass fishermen can count on this month: May is the month of the herring bite.

Shallow, April bass are usually suckers for a topwater plug fished above their heads. Topping out in April
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Alot of people love to fish in April, and it’s easy to understand why. The weather has warmed up and settled, it’s a joy to spend a day on the water when it’s that pretty — and the fish will be biting.