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Cody Gilliland's 32-pound, 4-ounce muskie, weighed on a set of hand scales before being released back into the Broad River, was almost 10 pounds larger than the existing state record. Huge muskie surprises Broad River bass fisherman on kayak float
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When Cody Gilliland tossed his half-ounce football jig with a grub trailer toward a pile of submerged timber along the bank of the Broad River on Feb. 8, he was hoping to catch a hefty largemouth. He got a “largemouth” all right — it just happened to be a member of the pike family, a huge muskellunge.

Guide Chris Heining said that bass fishing on Lake Wateree can be great this month and not to wait too long to get started. Don't wait to get out and chase Lake Wateree bass this month
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March brings the promise of spring fishing, and although there are cold spells to be weathered, bass fishermen can miss some great fishing if they wait too long on Lake Wateree largemouth.

You can narrow down the areas you have to hunt to find winter fish like this speckled trout by knowing where the things they're eating hang out when it's cold. For late-winter success, find the food and you'll find the inshore fish
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Over the past couple of months, the weather has been a little less than suitable for most anglers, but with good weather right around the corner, fishermen read to beat cabin fever can expect some action. And the best way to find fish will be to find where the bait is – and that’s often much easier.

Jetties along Little River Inlet are great spots for late-winter, early spring redfish action. Jerk on a jetty red - As winter gets ready to leave and spring to arrive, redfish action cranks up around Little River jetties
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After a long winter, fishermen can find a strong fishery cranking into high gear as the spring thaw approaches. For light-tackle anglers familiar with the rock jetties that straddle the North Carolina-South Carolina state line can expect a fantastic redfish bite along the rocky fringes of Little River Inlet. 

The spring spawning run puts countless American shad within reach of anglers in Cooper River tailrace. Sack spring shad - South Carolina’s best spring run of American Shad is in the Cooper River tailrace
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On the eve of spring, an awesome fishery erupts this month in the Cooper River tailrace downstream from 60,000-acre Lake Moultrie. By the thousands, American shad will move from the ocean through Charleston Harbor and into the river, then upstream 35 miles to spawn at the base of the coal-fired power station known as Santee Cooper’s Jefferies Generating Station. 

Tight-lining minnows vertically enabled Brad Taylor to catch a bragging-sized stringer of Lake Murray crappie. Slabs up for grabs - March is prime time for great spring crappie fishing on South Carolina’s Lake Murray
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March crappie fishing on Lake Murray can be likened to a piscatorial form of March Madness. Limits are typically caught, and it’s the time of year to catch more slabs consistently as the big females migrate up the creeks toward shallow water to spawn. 

Long-line trolling involves using multiple rods to pull baits at various distances behind the boat and at various depths while searching for concentrations of crappie. Put the bite on Russell slabs - South Carolina anglers long-lining mini-jigs can catch limits of Lake Russell crappie in March
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A guy whose nickname is “Stump Hunter” could only be destined for one thing: catching crappie. Stump’s alter ego is Ronnie McKee of Piedmont, a fisherman who loves all things crappie, runs a garage business making and tying crappie jigs and prefers nothing more than to spend a day on Lake Russell teaching his lures how to swim.

Chase Simmemon of Fair Play is one South Carolina angler who makes Lake Thurmond a regular stop in the spring. Get a buzz on with Thurmond bass - Buzzbaits are great baits for prespawn Lake Thurmond largemouth bass
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Mist floated above the water as a long cast sent a big-bladed lure through the morning light. Landing with little subtlety, the lure woke up the morning as it churned and bubbled across the glassy surface of Lake Thurmond. An explosion sent it flying through the air with a strike from a largemouth bass. Two casts later, the bass exploded again, this time hooking itself on the 5/0 hook trailing the Black Angel buzzbait. 

Sportsman Boating Showcase - 2015’s Best Aluminum Boats Sportsman Boating Showcase - 2015’s Best Aluminum Boats
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Traditionally, many have thought of aluminum boats as being somehow utilitarian and, well, basic. But that’s changed over that past decade or so, and now aluminum boats are built for every purpose imaginable — from carrying duck hunters into the swamp to screaming-fast bass boats to tricked out bay boats.

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The WX TIDE is equipped with Wiley X’s patented removable and breathable Facial Cavity™ seal which blocks out wind and light for enhanced polarization. Reducing peripheral light and glare enables the wearer to see more effectively overall, resulting in improved eye comfort and undistracted vision, whether blasting off to the next spot or casting to rising fish. The prescription ready WX TIDE features Wiley X’s polycarbonate Filter 8™ polarized lenses with anti-scratch, anti-reflective and hydrophobic coatings for all-day performance.

P-Line’s XTCB-8 P-Line’s XTCB-8
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By using 8 strands of fiber during the braiding process, P-Line has made a braid which is extremely tight and compact. The benefit of P-Line’s new XTCB-8 is an ultra-smooth finish and the ability to retain its round shape while having a smaller diameter. Add DuPont’s Teflon® Surface Protector, awesome abrasion resistance, great knot strength and reduced friction, and you have the best braided “Superline” available.

G. Loomis E6X rod series G. Loomis E6X rod series
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The E6X rod series from G. Loomis includes 30 casting and spinning rods, offered in both technique specific models with exacting actions, and ‘Classic’ models with easy to cast, more forgiving actions for use with a variety of lures. The new series also introduces anglers to what G. Loomis rod designers refer to as ‘swing-weight’, the proper rod balance needed when fishing ‘tip up’ techniques like pitching/flipping and casting tubes, jigs, soft plastic jerkbaits and drop shot rigs, and ‘tip down’ lures like crankbaits, spinnerbaits or swimbaits.

C-Eye Pro Catch 2000 C-Eye Pro Catch 2000
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One of MirrOlure’s best-selling lures, the Catch 2000, is now available in the C-Eye Pro Series. This new series features natural clear 3-D eyes, seven contemporary fish catching finishes and premium black nickel hooks. C20MR measures 3 ˝ inches and weighs ˝-ounce.

Casey Ashley relied on a homemade spin-head jig and a Zoom Super Fluke Junior to win the Bassmaster Classic. Casey Ashley's Classic-winning bait was built in his father's shop
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If you followed the 2015 Bassmaster Classic held last week on Lake Hartwell, the second-hardest thing to do – behind keeping your fingers from freezing solid – was getting one of the pro fishermen to give up the identity of his lure. But when the Classic was over and South Carolina pro Casey Ashley emerged as the winner, his big secret lure being something his father build in his basement shop.