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To discover how much deeper your engine’s skeg runs than your transducer, park your boat on a level surface and measure the distances. How to keep your electronics from hurting you
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“Garbage in, garbage out” was a watchword with computers long before they were integrated into marine electronics. We rarely enter full-blown garbage into our stuff out on the water but expensive problems can stem from not giving some “minor” details the attention they deserve.

Patrick Miller of Liberty and daughter Payton show off the kind of striped bass that are schooling at the surface on Lake Hartwell. Schooling action starting to kick off for Lake Hartwell striper fishermen
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With overnight temperatures moderating, Lake Hartwell fishermen, looking to capitalize on schooling striped bass, are getting what they wish for. Large schools of striped bass and hybrids can be seen from long distances in the mid-lake and lower lake chasing schools of baitfish on the surface.

Guide Joe Dennis looks forward to the opening of striped bass season on the Santee Cooper lakes, finding fish suspended around baitfish. Welcome back, stripers
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The striper fishing on both Santee Cooper lakes, closed for four months, opens on Oct. 1, and many Santee Cooper fishermen celebrate it as many would any dove or deer opener.

Fishermen in boats can often run into schools of bull reds feeding off the beach, out of casting range of surf-bound anglers. Bulls just off the beach
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Not all mullet run against the beach, and not all reds come to the beach to feed. During the fall, mullet will form large schools in nearshore waters, and bull reds take advantage of the smörgåsbord. Anglers who venture off a little often find themselves in the middle of a bull red feeding frenzy!

Find black drum near the bottom in the fall, and you’ll likely catch speckled trout a few feet above them in the same general area. Find indicator species
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As large schools of shrimp invade Murrells Inlet, many species of fish will show up to fatten up before winter arrives. From lesser desired bluefish and ladyfish to the favored speckled trout, redfish, and black drum, shrimp are the primary food source over the fall. When anglers find one of these other species huddled up in a confined place, the speckled trout are usually very close by.

Stay on the move Stay on the move
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Fishing for speckled trout in the fall can in South Carolina waters can be extremely productive, but trout often move from spot to spot over the course of a day, and anglers need to be just as mobile.

Rod Wall thinks his son, Braxton, is a definite asset when the two fish crappie tournaments as a team. Life on the trail
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Fishing any fishing tournament series can be taxing on an adult’s time. For a teenager, it gets even worse. Juggling school schedules, social calendars and everyday life has its challenges. Add committing to fishing a set number of tournaments and it gets down right tough.

Rod Wall said current flow is also a factor in how and where crappie will situate themselves on Greenwood, but of more concern is the timing of the drawdown that Santee-Cooper is using. Greenwood’s water levels are cause of concern
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Water characteristics at Lake Greenwood can be a sore subject to crappie anglers. For Rod Wall, who operates a boat-dock construction company, noticing water levels is second nature. In the fall, it’s not of as much concern as the spring.

Lake Greenwood has so many boat docks along its shoreline, shooting jigs back under them is a tremendous fall tactic for crappie. Take a shot at fall crappie
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raxton Wall and his father, Rod, may prefer tight-line or long-line trolling for crappie during tournaments, but Braxton readily admits trolling isn’t as much fun as shooting docks.

A planned two-week paddle from one end of South Carolina to the other required quite a bit of gear. Paddling the whole state
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At some point after joining the plastic armada, every Palmetto Paddler casts an eye toward the map and dreams of an excursion that dates back to the time when the Cherokee Indians ruled this part of the country. The state of South Carolina is traversed by numerous rivers and creeks, and it doesn’t take much imagination to string two or three systems together so, in theory, a paddler could put in somewhere in the Upstate and eventually make his way to the coast.

Guide Inky Davis said the topwater bass fishing on Lake Marion has been off the charts lately. Lake Marion bass fishing is off the charts, especially topwater action
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The fall largemouth bass fishing is on fire at Lake Marion, and bass are literally exploding in the upper half of the lake. Guide Inky Davis said the bite has been superb, and the topwater schooling activity is the best that he’s seen in a while.

Anglers fishing Port Royal Sound are catching plenty of bull redfish. Port Royal Sound full of hungry bull redfish
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As the weather continues to cool and water temperatures drop, bull redfish are on fire in Port Royal Sound, and they aren't all that particular about what they'll bite. Capt. Joshua Boyles of Southern Drawl Outfitters in Bluffton has been putting his clients on these big redfish using a simple technique.

Speckled trout are hitting live or artificial shrimp fished under popping corks in Winyah Bay. Winyah Bay action great on trout and redfish
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Winyah Bay usually has good fishing for speckled trout and redfish, but with the recent cooler weather, fishing is as good as it gets.

Speckled trout have been feeding voraciously in Winyah Bay since the weather has cooled. Cooler weather has trout, redfish active in Winyah Bay
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Winyah Bay usually has good fishing for speckled trout and redfish, but with the recent cooler weather, fishing is as good as it gets.