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More and bigger speckled trout is one of the rewards for learning how to better use popping corks. Learn tricks to getting more from your popping corks
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Popping corks are great tools for attracting trout and redfish, and they are not one-trick ponies, but it takes some know-how to get their full benefit. Capt. Addison Rupert of Lowcountry Outdoor Adventures likes to mix things up when he uses them. Some days, any technique will work, and on other days, Rupert said anglers have to find which method is producing.†

Go through your tackle box this month and see if there are any lures or colors you need to fill in the gaps. Down time is for tackle
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No matter whether you’re a full-time professional fishermen like I am or a weekend fishermen like I was at one time — I figure most of you fit into this category — it’s a good idea to set aside at least some time every year to take a day and organize all of our fishing tackle and lures.

Author Terry Madewell of Ridgeway landed this 62-pound Lake Wateree blue catfish despite making at least nine basic  mistakes, which he outlines in this story. Nine rules to follow when battling a big, trophy blue catfish
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It was another rainy, winter day on Lake Wateree, and I was catfishing alone. At dawn I was anchored, fishing rising water from 4 to 20 feet deep, rigs loaded with big bream and perch heads. Almost immediately I landed a “teener” that was hooked deeply. The catfish wallowed slime all over the pontoon deck before I could remove the hook and release the fish.†

Jeff Manning's 82-pound Lake Wylie blue catfish, caught last Saturday, is the unofficial lake record for the species. North Carolina angler lands unofficial lake record blue catfish from Lake Wylie  Video Included
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What started out as a trip to the lake to test his outboard motor after some routine maintenance ended up being the fishing trip of a lifetime for Gastonia, N.C., angler Jeff Manning when he hauled an 82-pound blue catfish into his boat on Saturday, Jan. 24, that is believed to be the biggest ever taken at Lake Wylie on the North Carolina-South Carolina border.

Nice catches of black drum are being reported from Pawley's Island, with most fish in the center of main creek channels. Black drum bite heating up Pawley's Island's relatively small estuary
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South Carolina fishermen who are ready for some hot saltwater action can get their rods bent over double in a hurry with keeper-sized black drum in the tiny estuaries of Pawley’s Island.

Bassmaster Elite Series pro and reigning Bassmaster Classic champ Randy Howell canít wait to put the Kut Tail Worm to the test this year. The 7ĺ-inch Kut Tail Worm
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Alabama pro bass angler Randy Howell got what he wanted and more in 2014.

Guide Joe Dennis has been catching plenty of big Lake Moultrie crappie in relatively shallow water. Shallow Lake Moultrie crappie bite surprises some, but not Bonneau guide
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Joe Dennis with Santee Cooper Charters in Bonneau has been mauling slab crappie in shallow water at Lake Moultrie for the past couple of weeks. That wouldn’t be big news in March, but in January, that’s something special for fishermen.

Anglers neednít fear winterís cold water, relying instead on white perch and crappie to fill their coolers. Panfish, which feed more frequently in cold water, will be keying on dying schools of bait on deep water flats through the winter. Forget the cold! Catch white perch, crappie around schools of threadfin shad
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Freshwater anglers who think the recent cold snaps have signaled the end of fishing until spring need to set their sights on white perch and crappie. As surface temperatures on many lakes in South Carolina’s Upstate dip below 48 degrees, baitfish such as threadfin shad will gang up in huge schools in deeper areas and will begin dying as temperatures decline.

Adding additional fuse blocks can ensure you have adequate power for your boatís electronics, as well as making it easier to track down problems. Power where you need it
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Most boats come equipped with fuse blocks bearing just enough fuses to power their factory-installed 12-volt equipment, and you are on your own if you want to add accessories.

Andy Jonjevic (left) and Australian tourist Chris Hackett teamed up to land this spiny dogfish shark from the Folly Beach Pier. January pier fishing is going to the dogs, the dogfish sharks, that is
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Don’t let those surf rods collect dust until spring.† Break them out and hit the beach or pier for some awesome fishing for spiny dogfish sharks.††

Deep holes and channels in Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie will hold stripers this month. January is big-fish time
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Fishing can still be very good in January on Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie despite the typical cold weather, especially for catfish and stripers. One of the best species for consistent action is catfish; more than one way of finding and catching these fish will work in January.

Rob Beglin tries to set up a cast away from redfish, and long, lighter rods allow him to make longer casts. Lighten up, shape up and gain distance
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Often, new anglers casting to wintering schools of reds in shallow water will disturb the fish on the first cast by throwing heavily rigs into the middle of the school. Even though redfish are relaxed in shallow places away from dolphin, they will not fare well when a boat comes barreling in and heavy lures start splashing all over the place. A soft presentation is needed, and anglers need to prepare their gear so that they can cast light lures a very long way. It is a lot like targeting bonefish in a foot or two of super-clear water. †

Johnson Silver Minnows are lures that have caught redfish in all seasons for years. Find íem with the gold standard
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Finding the schools of winter redfish can be easy much of the time, since fish typically frequent the same flats each season. However, they will move from tributary to tributary or from one end of a flat to another during the course of a few tide sequences.†

With most Lake Monticello bass in deep water during the winter, knowing how to locate them on your boatís electronics is of paramount importance. Plug in to the latest in marine electronics
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Being a civil engineer for the S.C. Department of Transportation has more than a work impact on Andy Wicker. He loves technology, so the use of modern fish-finding electronics is not only a big part of his success, it puts even more fun in his fishing.