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Paddler Stewart Venable of Lake Wylie caught this 3-pound crappie last Thursday on a trip down the Catawba River below Rock Hill. Lake Wylie paddler boats huge crappie on float down Catawba River
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A kayak fishing trip for on the Catawba River produced a pleasant surprise for Stewart Venable of Lake Wylie, S.C., on June 25, when the black plastic worm he was pitching into a laydown was inhaled by a huge black crappie that measured 17 ¼ inches long and weighed exactly 3 pounds.

Andy Wicker caught these two big largemouth bass on an overcast summer day on Lake Monticello. Go deep for Lake Monticello's summer largemouths
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The bass bite is on at Lake Monticello and the largemouths are being caught throughout the lake in deep water. Tournament fisherman Andy Wicker said the fishing has been very good and should remain so for the next few weeks.

Cobia aren't the only tasty fish hanging around nearshore reefs out of Little River. A school of spadefish can make the day for a boat full of fishermen. Five tips for catching spadefish on nearshore reefs
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Capt. Chris Ossmann of Fine Catch Fishing Charters regularly targets schools of hungry spadefish, especially those that have been around the nearshore reefs out of Little River. Spadefish are hard-fighting, schooling fish, a great species to fill a cooler, and using these five tips will help.

Braided lines are almost a must for bottom-fishing because its stretch-free sensitivity enables fishermen to feel bites coming from well below the surface. When a fish is on the line, you'd better be using the right line
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New technology constantly arrives on the shelves and makes its way to the TV screen and magazines. While some come and go with the wind, others are welcomed and anchor themselves in every fisherman’s collection of everyday equipment.  From type and size to color, knowing the right kind of line to use is vital to fishing success. For two guides, the differences are distinctive. 

Surfing the waves of cool water in the Hartwell tailrace is a great way to beat the heat as well as tangle with trophy striped bass. Time to surf the wave for Lake Russell's trophy stripers
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Striped bass fishing on the Savannah chain of impoundments typically takes a nose dive in the summer when the surface water temperatures hit the 90s, but anglers who fish the cold-water release below Lake Hartwell Dam can catch trophy fish while escaping the heat if they pay attention to the waves of cold water.

Bream can be a great target for any fisherman, but knowing their habits can help catch more summer bass. Take a bream bass fishing
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Almost every fisherman got his start on the banks of a pond somewhere, dangling a worm or a cricket under a cork, catching bream or shellcrackers. I love to catch bluegills; I’ve fished for them my whole life, and I’ve caught a lot of them to eat. I took my boys bream fishing a lot when they were young, and even though they’re grown, I still love to go out to my pond and catch them. 

The Wando River and the Charleston Harbor and its jetties are holding a lot of redfish. Harbor, jetties and Wando River are Charleston redfish hot spots
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Redfish of all sizes are biting in the Charleston area, and Capt. Addison Rupert of Lowcountry Outdoor Adventures said the top three places are the harbor, the jetties and the Wando River. A variety of live and cut baits are working, but Rupert said menhaden have been his bait of choice.

Trolling diamond jigs and Clark Spoons along the Charleston Jetties has been the ticket lately Spanish mackerel. Charleston Harbor jetties have been holding plenty of Spanish mackerel
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One of the surest signs of summer along the South Carolina coast is when droves of Spanish mackerel arrive off the beaches. Guide John Koonce of Shoal Bandit Charters said the little mackerel have flocked to Charleston Harbor and can be caught casting or trolling diamond jigs and Clark Spoons.

Guide Mike McSwain shows off the kind of smallmouth bass that has anglers flocking to the Broad River. Broad River smallmouth bass locked in on productive summer pattern
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The smallmouth bass in the Broad River are in their summertime pattern, and that means anglers can have a field day as long as they concentrate on the coolest water they can find and use three main lures. Rat-L-Traps, in-line spinners like Mepps Black Fury and Aglias, and small, soft-plastics like Zoom's Ultravibe Speed Craw are all productive lures, especially so when fished in deeper pockets and eddies behind boulders.

Zell Rowland holds up a bass caught on the YUM Sharp Shooter. YUM’s Kill Shot, Warning Shot and Sharp Shooter
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Take it from a Bassmaster Elite pro bass fisherman who is serious about his drop-shot and finesse worm fishing: three soft plastics introduced by YUM Baits at the 2014 ICast are going to be deadly tantalizing to bass from California to his home state of Florida.

Tiger sharks are not uncommon around nearshore reefs off the coasts of the Carolinas, and they can grow to impressive sizes. Watch this close encounter with a big tiger shark off Little River  Video Included
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Capt. Chris Ossmann of Fine Catch Fishing Charters captured this amazing footage of an 11-foot Tiger Shark while out with a party targeting spadefish.

If you have enough time for a 3- to 5-amp charger to top off your batteries between trips, a pulse charger like this Xtreme Charge model can clean and condition their plates while maintaining a full charge. Smart battery charging 101
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Fishermen learn the easy way or the hard way that how long a trolling motor battery lasts depends on how competently they charge it. I’d go so far as to say that proper charging can be more important than how well the battery is built and how much you paid for it.

A great inshore flounder bite has arrived along the North Carolina-South Carolina border near Little River. Flounder are filling plenty of anglers' coolers along NC/SC state line
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Flounder fishermen are putting on a show in the marshes and waterways on both sides of the North Carolina-South Carolina border, with peanut-sized menhaden the bait that’s been putting fish in the cooler.

Guide Bill Plumley said the summer pattern for striped bass is in full bloom on Lake Hartwell. Go deep for Lake Hartwell's summer stripers
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Guide Bill Plumley said anglers looking to catch striped bass from Lake Hartwell need to fish between 30 and 35 feet deep at the mouth of small tributary creeks and coves close to the main-lake area.