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John Fuss of Holy City Fishing Charters said it's big sheepshead time in the waters around Charleston. Charleston waters filling up with big sheepshead
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It’s big sheepshead time for fishermen in the Charleston area, according to John Fuss of Holy City Fishing Charters, who said he and his parties have had plenty of days catching 30 or more fish.

Plenty of big speckled trout have been biting around Murrells Inlet since the cold weather arrived. Cold weather kicks off great speckled trout bite at Murrells Inlet
310 Views - Posted: November 21 at 6:56 am

Bone-chilling temperatures and fall-like conditions have transformed Murrells Inlet into the speckled trout paradise it is historically-known for being. And big, gator trout are leading the pack, with many fish showing up stretching the scales to more than 5 pounds.†

Plenty of newer lures on the market will catch speckled trout, but maybe not as well as Don't forget the "old reliable" lures when it comes to targeting speckled trout
441 Views - Posted: November 20 at 5:17 pm

Ever since James Heddon first debuted his fishing lures to the public, the way people catch their finned fare will never be the same. For the avid inshore saltwater angler, †fall means speckled trout, and despite massive collections of artificial lures that have hit the market over the past 50 years, are the newest baits the best way to fool specks, or are do those “old reliables” need to take over the driver’s seat?

Charging your trolling motor batteries as you run can extend your fishing time and the lives of your batteries. Battery charging on the run
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From the Complaints You Will Never Hear department: “I fished in the wind all day and still have too darned much power left in my trolling motor batteries!”

Lake Wylie's Night stalkers are scaring Lake Wylie crappie right into the boat
1746 Views - Posted: November 18 at 6:29 pm

When the sun sinks into the western sky, night stalkers begin to prowl. They prepare for the evening onslaught and make careful preparations for their sneak attack on unwary victims. But we’re not talking Jack the Ripper; we’re talking about nocturnal crappie fishermen using lights to catch limits of slab crappie on Lake Wylie, and the fishing is wide open.

Greenville's Wes Howard caught this 40-pound striped bass on Nov. 11 out of Lake Hartwell. Lake Hartwell spits out 40-pound striper for Greenville angler
3489 Views - Posted: November 17 at 7:02 am

Wes Howard of Greenville proved once again that cut bait is king on Lake Hartwell when he landed a 40-pound, 43-inch striped bass from the Seneca River on Nov. 11. Howard was cut bait fishing on the upper reaches of the Seneca River when the big fish hit.

Guide Kevin Davis caught this nice striper from Lake Marion last November. Say thanks for strong bite
52 Views - Posted: November 16 at 9:00 am

Despite the cooling weather in November, the fishing action seems to just simply get better for a variety of species on the Santee Cooper lakes. In addition to good action, the potential for heavyweight fish also increases.

Smoking can be a great way to preserve trout when you catch too many for a single meal and donít want them to go to waste. Smoke trout on the water and afterwards, too
27 Views - Posted: November 15 at 6:00 am

Most guides and fishermen discourage killing more fish than you can reasonably eat, but in November, there is a real possibility of landing a 10-fish limit of trout and they are delicious.

Kahle-style hooks (above left) are better for fishing live baits than standard J-hooks (above right). Whatís a Kahle hook?
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Some very good guides and other fishermen use Kahle-style hooks when targeting speckled trout with live bait.

Guide Danny Rourk likes to fish big topwater plugs for speckled trout on overcast or rainy days. Trout on topwater
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Ask a freshwater bass fisherman about the most-exciting way to catch black bass, and most will revel over the exciting explosions of bass on topwater plugs.

A baitwell filled with lively shrimp is as close to a guarantee of speckled trout action as a fisherman can have. Catch shrimp easily
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During the fall, the speckled trout bite shifts into high gear, and every fish is happy to find a feisty shrimp back-peddling as fast as possible. Basically, everything eats shrimp. During the fall, redfish, black drum and speckled trout eat shrimp every chance they can get, and shrimp are undeniably the best live bait, especially during the fall trout frenzy.

Size up for ICW gators Size up for ICW gators
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During the fall run, inshore waters fill up with big schools of speckled trout. Most of the fish that come into the Little River section of the ICW are of the smaller variety, often slightly on either side of the legal size minimum. However, plenty of sizable trout occupy the same waters, including some gator-sized specks. Anglers who can adjust their tactics can increase their chances of hooking into one of these beasts on a consistent basis.

William Attaway likes to put his outboard in reverse to slowly drift catfish baits during the winter. Drift with your outboard in reverse
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William Attaway does do some things differently from most fishermen on Lake Monticello, which is one reason he catches a lot of fish. One tactic he often employs when drift-fishing is to use his big outboard motor, in reverse, to keep the boat exactly where he wants as he works around humps, crops and points.

This big Lake Monticello blue catfish hit 89 minutes into a 90-minute wait, proving that patience is a key to catching trophy fish. Anchor for big winter cats
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Guide Chris Simpson catches big blue catfish at Monticello by drift-fishing and by anchoring, but if he is targeting big fish for a client, he will usually spend some of his time anchored.