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Lowcountry anglers are catching plenty of wahoo offshore Three main steps to catching lowcountry wahoo
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High-speed trolling is the ticket for lowcountry anglers looking for some offshore thrills, and the wahoo are playing along willingly. Maintaining the proper speed, finding schools of baitfish, and using the right combination of planers and lures are all factors in getting and staying on the fish.†

Jeremy Burnham of Mt. Pleasant has caught some big wahoo lately, and he said the abundance of wahoo is as good as it gets. “The wahoo are biting just like they bite in the early spring. This time of year is a lot like the spring as far as how the wahoo are biting, and in how we are catching them. We’ve caught two wahoo over 95 pounds in the past week, and we’ve caught plenty more in the 30 to 65 pound range,” Burnham said.

Anglers Randy Robbins and Kevin Kaylor show off Robbins' king mackerel with Folly Pier manager Joey Crawford Live bait key to drought-ending catch off Folly Pier
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A curse was broken on the Folly Beach Pier south of Charleston when local fisherman, Randy Robbins caught a 35-pound king mackerel 10 days ago, the first such fish caught off the pier in two years.

“I have been chasing king mackerel on piers for over 45 years,” said Robbins, who decided to give Folly Beach Pier a try on Aug. 23 after noticing that the weather and water conditions to be just about right for catching fish.†

Guide Mike McSwain fights a Broad River Smallmouth Top 2 lures for Broad River smallmouth
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The smallmouth bass bite is hot on the Broad River, and the fish are hitting especially well in the afternoons on inline spinners and surface lures. Anglers who don’t mind getting a late start and fishing until just before dark are having plenty of success, especially in the moving water around shoals.†

Mike McSwain of Broad River Smallmouth said the Broad’s water level has been especially low for a few weeks, which he said has made plenty of changes in the river. “You see all this submerged grass,” he said, pointing at large swaths of thick, long grass under the surface. “Just a couple of weeks ago, that was nothing but slick rock, but the water is so low that it has allowed the sunlight to penetrate the water and aid that grass in growing so thick.”

The Spanish mackerel bite is a hot one in the Murrells Inlet area How to catch Murrells Inlet Spanish mackerel right now
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Spanish mackerel are biting in the Murrells Inlet area, and anglers are catching them using two main tactics. Capt. Justin Witten of Ambush Sport Fishing Charters has been putting his clients on plenty of Spanish in a variety of sizes in the past couple of weeks, and he’s been doing it with a combination of high-speed trolling and free-lining live baits.

Witten (843-685-9910) said the Spanish are thick everywhere from the surf to the jetties, and on out to about 5 miles off the coast, and they are feeding heavily. “I’m catching them around sandbars just beyond the surf, around the jetties, and in open water,” said Witten.

Speckled trout are suckers for shrimp, especially in the fall, and putting a live or artificial version in front of oneís nose will likely bring a strike. Give HHI specks a good pop - Hilton Head speckled trout are suckers for shrimp, real or fake, fished under a popping cork
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Rick Percy of Reel Chance Charters eased his boat in close to one of the small islands around Hilton Head and lowered his Power Pole.†

High tide is prime time for fall redfish in the waters around Little River, S.C. Take the high road - Sight-fishing for Little River redfish is a high-water mark for September anglers.
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Surrounded by high-rise hotels, gambling vessels and sand castles lay the spartina-covered marshes of Little River, and while they may appear limited in size, the grassy jungles are just what the doctor ordered for South Carolina’s coveted redfish, aka spot-tail bass. Anglers willing to adopt a different tactic can have full access to these waters on the high end of the tidal cycle.†

A white Fluke-style bait is a killer on the Santee and Cooper rivers for schooling largemouth  bass in fall. River-run bass - Santee Cooper means more than just two big lakes; the rivers of the same name offer great bass fishing.
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September is a sensational month for an assortment of outdoor activities, but one that’s often overlooked is river fishing for largemouth bass in the coastal plain. The Santee and Cooper rivers are intertwined by their close proximity as well as sharing the bond of being sourced by Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie, but great fishing could be a strong bond.

The author shows off a find Lake Murray bass that hit a swimbait, a popular fall lure. Murray on the move - Lake Murray bass will be moving targets as fall approaches
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It’s the time of year when anglers and fish alike long for the crisp fall nights that are approaching, when many of the boaters who pack Lake Murray begin trading their fishing gear for their hunting gear, and when college football occupies the minds of many sportsmen.

Star Tron Ring Clean + Star Tron Ring Clean +
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Star Tron Ring Clean + works in all gas and diesel engines and improves fuel combustibility to keep engines clean and operating at peak performance levels. It removes existing carbon deposits while helping to prevent future deposits. This product is ideal for engines that idle for extended periods or are powered by ethanol-blended fuels.

M-16 Belt Pack Manual Inflatable Life Jacket M-16 Belt Pack Manual Inflatable Life Jacket
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The easy-to-use M-16 from Onyx packs U.S. Coast Guard-approved performance into a comfortable belt pack that’s ideal for stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing and sailing. The M-16 belt pack inflates manually and instantly when needed and when not in use stows conveniently and compactly. The form-fitting belt pack has a 1-inch buckle and body belt as well as an attached D-ring for affixing accessories.

Anglerís Tote Anglerís Tote
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Fishermen can easily transport and store up to eight light-tackled rod and reel combos with the Angler’s Tote from MD Outdoor Specialties. It is a practical, affordable and convenient device that uses upper and lower clips to separate the rods and hold them in place. The system is sturdy and compact and fully rigged-out rods and reels are kept tangle-free when transported. When fully assembled, Angler’s Tote is 9 inches wide, 11 inches deep and 48 inches long. The flat base allows for upright storage when not in use.

Simpsonville's J.D. Desrosiers shows off one of about 80 bass he and two friends caught on a kayak trip down the South Pacolet River last week. South Pacolet gives up more than 80 bass to three anglers on 15-mile float
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Bass anglers who are mourning the loss of fish in their livewells need to trade their bass rockets for a kayak and hit one of the Upstate’s big rivers. Last week, J.D. Desrosiers of Simpsonville, his buddy, Kris Moran, and Moran’s son, C.J.., landed more than 80 smallmouth, largemouth and rock bass on a 15-mile float trip down the South Pacolet River.

Late afternoons on weekdays have been great times to tackle Lake Hartwell stripers. It's back-to-school time for Lake Hartwell stripers, hybrids
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Upstate anglers looking for the best back-to-school action can head to the lower end of Lake Hartwell to cash in on schooling striped bass action that has been heating up in the past week.

Fish a frog bait around shallow grass first thing in the morning to target bass that have moved up and are roaming the shallows, hunting for food. Donít be caught sleeping
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There’s a lot about dawn to like. It’s a quiet time of day, there are not too many things moving around, the world is just waking up.