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Dark-colored flies worked at the surface have been producing a lot of North Inlet redfish just after dawn for fly-fishing anglers. Daylight topwater bite has North Inlet fly-fishing anglers rising early for reds
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As the summer heat continues to pound South Carolina, the fall cool-down can’t arrive soon enough. But early risers who don’t mind getting out of bed in the wee hours of the morning can have their cake and eat it, too, because the redfish are pouncing on topwater flies at first light.

Hilton Head's lagoon is producing plenty of big redfish for anglers using live, very active baits. Lively bait has been key to catching Hilton Head lagoon's bull reds
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Bull redfish are easy to come by in Hilton Head Island's lagoon these days, and Capt. Stacy Garbett said the key to battling one is to keep the freshest live bait possible on your hook

A crankbait is a great tool to use when fishing for summer bass that have moved out to deep water. Time to crank one up
52 Views - Posted: July 29 at 9:00 am

I have written a lot in the past about fishing crankbaits, but mostly at other times of year, in early prespawn or during the fall when bass are in particularly good patterns to catch them with diving plugs.

Topwater baits are producing a lot of nice speckled trout in the Little River area in the first hour of so of daylight. Little River-area trout bite has been unexpected but appreciated
362 Views - Posted: July 28 at 7:01 am

Even though the heat has been tough, the inshore bite over the past few weeks has been rewarding anglers in waters close to the South Carolina-North Carolina state line, and it’s not the normal redfish and flounder, either. Speckled trout are surprising anglers, with a few fat sow trout making an appearance, too.††

Big mullet minnows and soft-plastic shrimp imitations have been a key to taking nice summer redfish in Charleston's Wando River. Big baits lead to plenty of Wando River reds, Charleston guide says
790 Views - Posted: July 27 at 7:37 am

Redfish are biting in the Wando River, and guide Jim Dodge said the key to catching them is to go big on baits and lures. With plenty of mullet in the creeks, Dodge said they are tough to beat as baits, especially when anchoring down and fishing deep water.

Trout Trailers should be in 100 stores this summer. Trout trailers
79 Views - Posted: July 23 at 9:00 am

Success, as usual in the artificial lure manufacturing business — or anything else, for that matter — †begats success.

Baylen Moore and guide Townie Wessinger show off the best fish from two limits recently caught in deep water at Lake Murray. Deep-water pattern has taken over, but Lake Murray is still spitting out nice stripers
524 Views - Posted: July 22 at 7:27 am

Hot-weather patterns have set in for Lake Murray striped bass, but that hasn’t slowed down the action for fishermen able to adapt to deep-water patterns. Guide Townsend “Townie” Wessinger has been mauling stripers with live bait in deep water.

Sharks have been taking a toll on bull reds and sow trout hooked by anglers in the Georgetown area. Beef up and crank down to keep bull reds, sow specks away from sharks
1718 Views - Posted: July 22 at 6:55 am

Anyone who hasn’t heard about the rise in shark activity this summer must be stuck at the bottom of a well or completely disconnected from the world. No doubt, the super-hot waters are making a nice home for a gallery of sharks along the Carolinas coast.†

The appearance of sharks close to South Carolina beaches has plenty of beachgoers riled up, but kayak fishermen are having plenty of fun with big, toothy critters. Paddle up a big shark this summer; check out this video  Video Included
752 Views - Posted: July 20 at 6:50 pm

All summer, the internet has lit up with tales of shark attacks along the Carolina coast, as well as hapless kayak anglers being overturned by big sharks. In reality, sharks are a common gamefish along the coasts of both Carolinas and make for exciting sport, especially when landed from a kayak.

Capt. Robert McCarley has been pulling great sheepshead like this one from the nearshore reefs out of Georgetown. Jellyball jellyfish have been key to Georgetown nearshore spadefish
914 Views - Posted: July 20 at 11:20 am

The spadefish are biting around the nearshore reefs out of Georgetown; the secret to catching them is in finding jellyball jellyfish first. Capt. Robert McCarley of Reel Tight Charters said as long as you can find bait, you can lure in the spades and catch them on pieces of cut jellyball and small shrimp.

Derek Freeman and Trevor Callaham of T.L. Hanna High School in Anderson won the TBF/FLW High School Fishing World Finals on Alabama's Lake Pickwick with this final day's catch of better than 20 pounds. T.L. Hanna duo wins TBF/FLW high school world bass-fishing championship
561 Views - Posted: July 20 at 9:18 am

The T.L. Hanna High School team of Derek Freeman and Trevor Callaham from Anderson won the final round of the TBF/FLW High School Fishing World Finals last weekend on Pickwick Lake out of Florence, Ala.

Simradís new HALO pulse compression radar scanners feature curved pedestals and a range of about 20 feet to 72 nautical miles. Simradís new Halo radar solves problems
42 Views - Posted: July 20 at 9:00 am

Some things about radar that used to be considered common knowledge are no longer valid — and some, of course, never were.

Striped bass regulations will remain the same on the Santee Cooper lakes for another year. No changes coming in Santee Cooper striped bass regs
657 Views - Posted: July 17 at 8:16 am

Proposed changes to striped bass regulations on the Santee Cooper lakes has stalled in the stakeholders committee, and no recommendations were passed on to the legislature for consideration for the 2015-2016 license year.

Shellcrackers are a great target fish in July, but you have to search a little to find them concentrated in relatively small areas. Deep thinking required
118 Views - Posted: July 16 at 9:00 am

Summer patterns have settled in on the Santee Cooper lakes, and that’s not a bad situation. When the water heats up and the sun bears down, some species will get into very reliable patterns in deeper water.†


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