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Morgan Watt credits some of his best fishing days to a journal he keeps of previous days on the water. Keep a fishing journal and consult it for repeat success
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Anglers keep a lot of details in their heads about their best days of fishing, but they would have even more such days if they kept those details in a journal and studied that journal over time. It's not just the good days they should keep records of though. Writing down all the details of the bad luck days can be just as valuable. 

Guide William Sasser may be “doing it wrong” by crappie- fishing standards, but Clarks Hill slabs aren’t paying attention.  Clarks Hill guide "doing it all wrong" but still slaying the crappie
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To an expert crappie fisherman, guide William Sasser is doing it all wrong on Clarks Hill Lake. He’s not spider-rigging with a dozen long poles strategically placed around the boat; he’s using measley 5-foot rods, just hanging the tips over the gunwales. And he’s fishing from a 26-foot, center-console catamaran that looks out of place. Last, instead of slipping up quietly on a likely fishing spot, he motors up and dumps an anchor overboard, hanging the brush pile he intends to fish. But it’s working.

Are you ready for an on-the-water emergency? A floating ditch bag can hold everything you need to call and wait for help. EPIRB plus PLB equals SOS
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Standing in ankle-deep water on deck while too far from the shore to see it? Congratulations: You are behind a marine-grade 8 ball.

A handful of artificial baits will catch plenty of tarpon every year in the Georgetown area. Check out Georgetown captains' top tarpon lures
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For the next 90 days, South Carolina anglers can expect a good shot at hooking up with a tarpon, one of the biggest targets that frequent inshore waters during the summer. For most fishermen, large live baits free-lined or anchored to the bottom are the No. 1 technique, but for adventurous anglers, artificials can also produce. Fishermen who target silver kings in the Georgetown area have some favorites.

Catfish action can be as hot as the weather on the Santee Cooper lakes, especially in the Diversion Canal. Fish are here, anglers aren’t
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Fishing is as hot as the summer sun in July, but the fishing action in terms of angler participation seems to slack off a bit.

Black drum are biting like crazy around Murrells Inlet thanks to a huge influx of shrimp. Murrells Inlet black drum have shrimp on the brain
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Even though the sun continues to cook the South Carolina coast, the action below water’s surface is brewing its own raging firestorm. Massive schools of shrimp have invaded Murrells Inlet, firing up a long list of takers, and locals are catching plenty of fish, with black drum making up a solid portion of the haul.

The Santee River has been producing plenty of nice bass this size for guide Joe Dennis this month. For bass, head for Santee -- the river, that is
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As bass fishing gets tough on big lakes, some anglers are finding outstanding action on smaller waters, such as the Santee River. Guide Joe Dennis has been catching bass by the scores in the river and said the action over the past few weeks has been nothing short of spectacular.

Gulf flounder can often be distinguished from their inshore cousins by three prominent spots in a triangle pattern. Stock up!
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Bottom-fishing around reefs can be some of the most-exciting action of the summer, with big flounder and a wide variety of other species to target. Flounder are typically associated with the sharp, jagged structure of the reef components. Anglers need to use strong terminal tackle and will need to bring plenty of it over a day’s trip.

Good electronics are essential for picking out spots around reefs where actual structure is located. High-definition electronics are critical
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Despite the mundane appearance of the ocean’s surface, the sea floor can be lively, especially around places with yellow buoys marked with “A.R.”

Fishermen shouldn’t stay in one spot on a reef for too long if they’re not getting regular bites from flounder. Stay on the move
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Flounder are different from any other fish found in freshwater or saltwater. Their pancake-like shape and unique dorsal coloration are built for ambush feeding. They lie on the bottom in hopes that their next meal will pass by unaware of their presence.

A big circle hook and a length of heavy, monofilament leader are standard on shark rigs used by kayak fishermen. Rigging for sharks
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Brad Knight has a pretty standard setup for rigging for sharks when fishing from his kayak. It works, and it’s strong — strong enough that he boated a 140-pound class tarpon three years ago while fishing for sharks.

Barnacles that can be scraped off rocks and pilings make for great sheepshead chum. Chumming is a sheepshead key
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Once located it’s not difficult to get sheepshead to bite, but finding them first is the key, and chumming can be one way to concentrate the hungry convict fish.

A sheepshead’s powerful jaws and dental work can make quick work of terminal tackle that’s not up to the task. Safety first
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Sheepshead fishing at the Winyah Bay rock jetties can be some of the most-exciting of all summer fishing, but the jetties can also be treacherous for both inexperienced and experienced boaters. Safety should always be first when fishing around these oceanic obstacles.

Small spinning lures such as Beetle Spins are deadly on Edisto River sunfish, especially redbreasts. Ultralight spinning tackle makes casting easier and makes the fights memorable. Dance a jig for Edisto bass
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One of Billy Garner’s favorite ways to catch largemouth bass on the Edisto River is a dying art that many of today’s anglers have never heard of, much less tried. Jiggerpoling, said Garner, is so effective at times that it should probably be illegal. “It isn’t a method that always works,” he said, “but when it’s working, it’s on like gangbusters.”