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Donít be afraid to fish the thickest patches of water willow when the summer sun is high in the sky. Grass means bass
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Brett Collins lives in Ridgeway, S.C., a small town of about 300 just west of Lake Wateree where he’s fished since the 1960s. He’s watched the lake change through the years and said it has become a different fishery since the early 1990s, about the time the water willow arrived.

A crankbait is a great tool to use when fishing for summer bass that have moved out to deep water. Time to crank one up
55 Views - Posted: July 29 at 9:00 am

I have written a lot in the past about fishing crankbaits, but mostly at other times of year, in early prespawn or during the fall when bass are in particularly good patterns to catch them with diving plugs.

Replacing the rear treble on a popping bait with a hook-and-feather can add to its attraction for bass. Accessorize for appeal
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Topwater baits inherently rely on impersonating a wounded, disoriented or otherwise vulnerable baitfish for their bass appeal. However, a little accessorizing can further advance the interest, and bass pros are quick to change the baits from their out-of-the-box look.

A Fluke-type bait can be rigged as a single lure or a double-rig when targeting bass that are feeding on blueback herring. Blueback blues
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Blueback herring, those high-strung gypsies known for their notoriously unpredictable ways, can be the boon or the bane of Lake Murray fishing. No doubt, their schooling activity can produce periods of incredible opportunity; but chasing these super-charged baitfish can also become a lesson in frustration.

Where's the best place in the country to catch a bass? According to Bassmaster, it's Toledo Bend Reservoir, but six bodies of water in South Carolina are among the magazine's top 100 for 2015. Six SC bodies of water are in Bassmaster's Top 100 for 2015
2071 Views - Posted: July 02 at 5:13 pm

Six bodies of water in South Carolina have been included in Bassmaster magazine’s list of the top 100 bass-fishing destinations in the United States in its July/August edition.

Fishing Fluke-style lures proved to be a great summer tactic on Lake Murray when anglers could find bass crashing schools of bait. Hit Murrayís summer bass lottery - Variety is the spice of life and the way to catch Lake Murrayís summer bass
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It’s known as “The Jewel of South Carolina” and Lake Murray indeed shines with many facets. Located west of Columbia, the lake created in the late 1920s offers tremendous diversity, and as bass pros demonstrated during last year’s Forrest Wood Cup in July, Murray indulges a variety of fishing styles.

Andy Wicker caught these two big largemouth bass on an overcast summer day on Lake Monticello. Go deep for Lake Monticello's summer largemouths
1093 Views - Posted: June 30 at 7:00 am

The bass bite is on at Lake Monticello and the largemouths are being caught throughout the lake in deep water. Tournament fisherman Andy Wicker said the fishing has been very good and should remain so for the next few weeks.

Bream can be a great target for any fisherman, but knowing their habits can help catch more summer bass. Take a bream bass fishing
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Almost every fisherman got his start on the banks of a pond somewhere, dangling a worm or a cricket under a cork, catching bream or shellcrackers. I love to catch bluegills; I’ve fished for them my whole life, and I’ve caught a lot of them to eat. I took my boys bream fishing a lot when they were young, and even though they’re grown, I still love to go out to my pond and catch them.†

Guide Mike McSwain shows off the kind of smallmouth bass that has anglers flocking to the Broad River. Broad River smallmouth bass locked in on productive summer pattern
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The smallmouth bass in the Broad River are in their summertime pattern, and that means anglers can have a field day as long as they concentrate on the coolest water they can find and use three main lures. Rat-L-Traps, in-line spinners like Mepps Black Fury and Aglias, and small, soft-plastics like Zoom's Ultravibe Speed Craw are all productive lures, especially so when fished in deeper pockets and eddies behind boulders.

Zell Rowland holds up a bass caught on the YUM Sharp Shooter. YUMís Kill Shot, Warning Shot and Sharp Shooter
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Take it from a Bassmaster Elite pro bass fisherman who is serious about his drop-shot and finesse worm fishing: three soft plastics introduced by YUM Baits at the 2014 ICast are going to be deadly tantalizing to bass from California to his home state of Florida.

Most of the time, bass will hit a frog in the last 10 feet of a bed of lily pads or weeds, or in the first 10 feet outside it. Remember the 10-10 rule for fishing pads, weeds
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Bass love to hide under lily pads and other surface weeds, and fisheries biologist Scott Lamprecht of the S.C. Department of Natural Resources said anglers should be aware of what he calls the “10-10 rule” in these areas.†

Hollow-body frogs normally have either a pointed or a cupped face, which produce different sounds upon retrieve. Faces, legs give frogs different personalities
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Like most lures, artificial frogs come in a variety of sizes and colors, but they also come in a variety of styles.†

The uppermost section of the Catawba River in South Carolina isnít known for producing big numbers of largemouth bass, but the quality of the fish can be very good. June is big-bass month on Catawba River
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Adam Fillmore, who owns Lake Wylie’s Hunt-Fish-Paddle, fishes the Catawba River several times a week in June, and he said it’s one of his favorite times to fish there.†

The section of the Catawba River below Lake Wylie is largely undeveloped, with a few bridges the only reminders that civilization is close by. Catawba has Scenic River designation
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The 30-mile stretch of the Catawba River from the base of the Lake Wylie Dam to the SC 9 bridge is designated as a State Scenic River, a classification given to only nine sections of rivers throughout the Palmetto State.