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Brandon Palaniuk tested the Rapala Shadow Rap jerkbait and said itís a definite winner. Rapala Shadow Rap
38 Views - Posted: May 21 at 9:00 am

Rapala last introduced a jerkbait around 2000.

The Finland artificial lure manufacturer got back in the swim of things in a resounding way, although it was a well-kept secret, during the 2015 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell near Greenville, S.C.

Live shiner minnows or blueback herring will produce plenty of spotted bass on Lake Russell. Live bait will produce bigger Lake Russell spotted bass
31 Views - Posted: May 15 at 7:00 am

Guide Wendell Wilson often uses live bait to help his clients catch more spotted bass, and he said live bait can be dynamite on really large fish this month.

Travelers Rest wins state high-school bass-fishing championship
44 Views - Posted: May 07 at 7:00 am

The Travelers Rest High School team of Oakley Connor and Daniel Clark brought a five-bass limit to the scale Sunday weighing 23 pounds, 9 ounces, to win the 2015 South Carolina State High School Fishing Championship on Lake Marion.†

Carter McNeil of Abbeville H.S. was named to Bassmaster's first High School All-America fishing team. Abbeville H.S. angler is on Bassmaster's first High School All-American team
982 Views - Posted: May 07 at 7:00 am

A South Carolina teen is among 12 high school students from 10 states who have been named to the first Bassmaster High School All-American Fishing Team. Carter McNeil, a senior at Abbeville High School and a member of the school’s fishing team, joined 11 other top youth fishermen whose names were announced on Monday.

Jandi Todd caught this nice Lake Russell spotted bass on a crankbait, a popular lure late in the spring. Hit that spot! Lake Russell is a great place to target spotted bass this month
64 Views - Posted: May 01 at 7:00 am

Lake Richard B. Russell has changed dramatically in terms of black bass fishing since its impoundment in 1984. When it first filled up, the lake was great for largemouth bass and had the shallow-water cover for largemouth bass fishing to explode, as well as deep cover to perpetuate the fishery.

A Senko is a versatile lure that can be used to target fish in all phases of the spawn. Sink a Senko this month
106 Views - Posted: April 29 at 9:00 am

April might not be the No. 1 month to head out in search of a lunker largemouth bass in South Carolina’s reservoirs; that’s probably how I look at March. But I think April and May are months when it’s just fun to go fishing, even if you’re not a pro.

Paul Wells tailors his jigs and soft-plastic trailers around the prevalent color of crawfish. Customize jigs for best results
65 Views - Posted: April 15 at 7:00 am

Bass fisherman Paul Wells of Union prefers jigs, but not just any jigs. He makes his own at home and brings accessories to the lake to customize the lures when fishing.

Don Wells changes blades and trailers for his spinnerbaits to match water and weather conditions. Tinker with spinner baits to match conditions
74 Views - Posted: April 15 at 7:00 am

Don Wells of Ridgeway is a classic spinner bait fisherman who said an important part of his success is tinkering with lures to match the prevailing conditions at Lake Wateree.

Chris Heinning likes shakey head worms when female bass get around docks and older kinds of shallow cover. Is shakey head go-to bait at Wateree?
104 Views - Posted: April 15 at 7:00 am

Guide Chris Heinning said he’ll use a wide variety of lures this month, but one staple he relies on throughout April is the shakeyhead.

Bass pro Brian Latimer of Anderson is catching plenty of spotted and largemouth bass spawning or feeding on spawning herring in the same areas of Lake Hartwell. Late-spawning and postspawn bass, spawning herring are in same areas on Lake Hartwell
1158 Views - Posted: April 09 at 7:47 am

In what appears to be a reoccurring trend on Lake Hartwell, bass pro Brian Latimer of Anderson said bass anglers can both fish for spawning fish and capitalize on the herring spawn. He said the first wave of largemouth has completed spawning, but there are plenty of fish still on the beds and the postspawn fish aren’t leaving either.

Don Wells of Ridgeway believes the bass fishing on Lake Wateree was at its highest level ever last spring, especially in terms of big fish. Watereeís bass KA-BOOM! - Lake Wateree bass fishermen on cusp of an April explosion
195 Views - Posted: April 01 at 7:00 am

Lake Wateree has long been respected as a great place to catch hefty largemouth bass and good numbers of chunky fish. In 2014, the stars aligned and the spring fishing exploded with bigger fish.†

Bass-fishing capital of the world? Itís SC!
204 Views - Posted: April 01 at 7:00 am

For the next several months, at the very least, South Carolina will be the bass-fishing capital of the world. Anthony Gagliardi poured in the first load of cement last summer, and Casey Ashley set the cornerstone among the all the snow and ice of February.†

A Rat-L-Trap Pro Trap has a detached treble hook that keeps fish from using leverage to throw the bait. Three tips to keep those bass hooked up
609 Views - Posted: March 31 at 4:45 pm

Bass anglers know what a thrill it is to hook a good fish after making an accurate cast and working their lure properly, but they also know the agony of seeing that fish leap from the water, shake its head and throw the lure free. Sometimes it can’t be helped, but on many occasions, the fisherman can lessen a bass’s chance to free itself with a leaping head shake.

A Carolina rig can be very effective with almost any kind of soft-plastic bait. Dial up a C-rig for March
402 Views - Posted: March 31 at 9:00 am

It’s sort of old fashioned, and it doesn’t nearly have the appeal of the latest hot fishing fad, but even if your tackle box is filled with Alabama rigs, you’d better know how to tie and fish a Carolina rig.