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Mark Deschenes shows off one of the big reasons he sinks brush piles in the fall. Brush strokes for bass
4 Views - Posted: November 1 at 7:00 am

It’s no secret that largemouth bass love to hang around submerged brush piles, especially early in the year before they are ready to head for the shallow spawning grounds. While many anglers sit home during these months, others probe the shallows, hoping for some early spawners. But savvy anglers key on brush piles, understanding that locating them is a huge step in boating their limit of bass. 

A big Mop Jig is a great bait to target bass in October when they’re feeding on crawfish. October: Great jig month
21 Views - Posted: Yesterday at 9:00 am

I know that lots of sportsmen turn their attention this time of year to deer hunting, and I’m probably one of them. But I keep in mind that bass fishing in October on a beautiful South Carolina like is about as good as it gets. First, the recreational boating traffic is, for the most part, gone. Second, I don’t have any Bassmaster tournaments to fish this late in the year. Third, a lot of guys are in their tree stands. Fourth, the weather has cooled off and the fish are biting. It’s just one of the best times of year to go out and try to catch a big fish.

Guide Wendell Wilson has been catching plenty of Lake Russell spotted bass lately, and some pretty nice fish. Spotted bass bite has been great on Lake Russell
492 Views - Posted: October 22 at 7:35 am

A hot spotted bass bite has brought the fall fishing season home to Lake Russell in a big way, with lots of spots busting multiple lures at various depths.

Guide Joe Dennis looks forward to the opening of striped bass season on the Santee Cooper lakes, finding fish suspended around baitfish. Welcome back, stripers
78 Views - Posted: October 16 at 9:00 am

The striper fishing on both Santee Cooper lakes, closed for four months, opens on Oct. 1, and many Santee Cooper fishermen celebrate it as many would any dove or deer opener.

Guide Inky Davis said the topwater bass fishing on Lake Marion has been off the charts lately. Lake Marion bass fishing is off the charts, especially topwater action
1172 Views - Posted: October 13 at 8:23 am

The fall largemouth bass fishing is on fire at Lake Marion, and bass are literally exploding in the upper half of the lake. Guide Inky Davis said the bite has been superb, and the topwater schooling activity is the best that he’s seen in a while.

A crankbait that dives to the depth bass are holding can be an effective tool to take suspended fish. September: moving month
125 Views - Posted: September 29 at 9:00 am

Golfers on the pro tour call Saturday “moving day” because it’s the day you’d better make a move if you want to contend for the tournament title. Down here in South Carolina, September is the “moving month” when baitfish and bass start to move from summer to fall.

Ott DeFoe used a Terminator Weedless Football Jig to win a Bassmaster Open earlier this year. The Terminator Weedless Football Jig
127 Views - Posted: September 25 at 9:00 am

On a hot July day in Knoxville, Tenn., Ott DeFoe was sorting and arranging his fishing tackle while preparing to go fish Bassmaster tournaments at Lake Champlain and the Deleware River.

Marc Deschenes said that some bass will relate to brush piles almost year-round, so they're a big part of his fishing strategy. Build brush, bag bass. That's strategy for Summerville fisherman
818 Views - Posted: September 11 at 7:30 am

"I just built this brush pile two days ago," said Marc Deschenes of Summerville, tossing a jig toward a clump of wax myrtle branches he had formed into fishing structure. "Let's see if there is anything..." and then he reared back and set the hook, which began a battle he quickly won against a chunky largemouth bass. Wonder why Deschenes has long been a proponent of creating your own fishing structure? 

Small topwater baits, prop- or popper-style, can be deadly on big fish in the shallows this month. A surprise topwater time
302 Views - Posted: August 29 at 9:00 am

August is not a month that most bass fishermen associate with a topwater bite, but a lot of our lakes in South Carolina have a pretty good one this month.

Andy Wicker uses his electronic Summer is great time to use new fish-finding technology
871 Views - Posted: August 20 at 6:42 am

New technology and developments in fish-finding systems can lead to quick and definitive location of fish-laden hot spots. And summer is an ideal time to take advantage of this technology.

Topwater baits like Pop-Rs are real bass-catchers around dusk on summer fishing trips at Goose Creek Lake. Poppin’ the top is a good move
170 Views - Posted: August 15 at 7:00 am

Guide Chris Orvin said his favorite way to catch big bass from Goose Creek Reservoir is to fish topwater lures late in the day.

Goose Creek Reservoir just north of Charleston is a great summer bass fishery, especially a consistent topwater bite. Cook your goose - Beat the heat with great August bassing at South Carolina’s Goose Creek Reservoir
324 Views - Posted: August 01 at 7:00 am

Finding a reservoir where the bass fishing is good all summer isn’t always that easy — unless you live near Charleston. Just up the road, I-26, is an excellent and often overlooked lake: Goose Creek Reservoir.

Bluegill will gather in areas where mayflies are hatching, providing excellent fishing opportunities. Do the mayfly dance
314 Views - Posted: July 31 at 9:00 am

I love to fish for bass at night this month, but when I do fish during the daytime, there’s one thing I really look for and pay attention to, and that’s mayflies. They’re aquatic insects that live most of their lives underwater, but it’s the few hours or maybe a day that they mature and live on or just above the surface of the water that makes them important to fishermen.

When Bassmaster Elite Series phenom Brandon Palaniuk needs a lure that crashes into cover and provokes reaction strikes, he turns to the Arashi Rattling Square line of lures. Storm Arashi Rattling Square 3 and Square 5
239 Views - Posted: July 28 at 9:00 am

After a day of prefishing in late May for a Bassmaster Open on Tennessee’s Douglas Lake, one of the tour’s up-and-coming bass pros was eager to talk about a crankbait he used on his way to finishing 14th this year in this year’s Bassmaster Classic.