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Guide Chris Heining said that bass fishing on Lake Wateree can be great this month and not to wait too long to get started. Don't wait to get out and chase Lake Wateree bass this month
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March brings the promise of spring fishing, and although there are cold spells to be weathered, bass fishermen can miss some great fishing if they wait too long on Lake Wateree largemouth.

Chase Simmemon of Fair Play is one South Carolina angler who makes Lake Thurmond a regular stop in the spring. Get a buzz on with Thurmond bass - Buzzbaits are great baits for prespawn Lake Thurmond largemouth bass
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Mist floated above the water as a long cast sent a big-bladed lure through the morning light. Landing with little subtlety, the lure woke up the morning as it churned and bubbled across the glassy surface of Lake Thurmond. An explosion sent it flying through the air with a strike from a largemouth bass. Two casts later, the bass exploded again, this time hooking itself on the 5/0 hook trailing the Black Angel buzzbait. 

Casey Ashley relied on a homemade spin-head jig and a Zoom Super Fluke Junior to win the Bassmaster Classic. Casey Ashley's Classic-winning bait was built in his father's shop
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If you followed the 2015 Bassmaster Classic held last week on Lake Hartwell, the second-hardest thing to do – behind keeping your fingers from freezing solid – was getting one of the pro fishermen to give up the identity of his lure. But when the Classic was over and South Carolina pro Casey Ashley emerged as the winner, his big secret lure being something his father build in his basement shop.

A big Mop Jig and soft-plastic trailer is considered one of the best big-fish combinations on the market. Mop up a big jig fish now
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I don’t make any bones about what and how I like to fish in February. I am going to tie on a big Mop Jig, because February — and March — are the two best months here in South Carolina to catch a big bass. I think a big Mop Jig is the No. 1 bait, because with a soft-plastic trailer, it’s about the best way to imitate a crawfish that we have.

Whitey Outlaw uses tiny Roadrunners on light spinning tackle to catch big February bass. Adjust and catch fish
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February is an overlooked month in terms of quality fishing at Santee Cooper. Frequently changing weather causes fishing patterns to change quickly, but for anglers who adjust to cold fronts and can fish deep and shallow or adapt from a slow presentation to a fast presentation, February is a great time for quality fish.

Bass will hold back under boat docks, away from the reach of anglers who can’t skip a lure under the structure to them. Don’t skip skipping docks
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Brett Collins of Ridgeway, who runs the Carolina Anglers Team Trail, said that skipping lures back under docks is a good technique throughout the year, but it can be especially beneficial in February.

Bass love to hold, especially in cold water, against any rocky or concrete structure that will draw and hold heat, like this rocky shoreline. Shoreline development provides homes for bass
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Lake Wateree is one of the most-heavily developed lakes in South Carolina in terms of the number of houses per mile of shoreline. Many of those homes either have or once had a private boat ramp, usually made of concrete. Whether those ramps are still serviceable or are damaged beyond the point of use, they have one thing in common important to bass anglers — they attract fish as well as anything in this lake.

LIVETARGET's BaitBall lures present fish with images of a number of tiny baitfish swimming in a tight school, the same concept that's made Alabama rigs productive and popular. Are BaitBalls the next step in "multiple baitfish" presentations?
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Shad, minnows and other baitfish are present in lakes, ponds, and rivers all over the Carolinas, and each spawning baitfish can lay 10s of thousands of eggs annually. According to Scott Lamprecht, a fisheries biologist with the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, only about 15 percent of the hatchlings from those eggs survive long enough to reproduce themselves. The majority fall prey to gamefish early in their life cycle, which is great news for anglers who catch bass with lures that simulate baitfish. 

Andy Wicker said that bass fishing at Lake Murray has been tremendous the past couple of weeks and could get better. Lake Murray bass fishing has been hard to beat
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Not even the cold of winter can cool down the hot largemouth bass fishing on Lake Murray. Andy Wicker, a largemouth bass tournament angler out of Pomaria, said that the bass fishing has been good but now is hot.

Winter bass fishing doesn’t have to be slow, and South Carolina’s Lake Wateree is a perfect example. Solve a winter bass puzzle - Follow the signs to great February bass fishing on South Carolina’s Lake Wateree
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Frost is on the ground, waiting for the sunlight to warm it away; it’s a brisk 42 degrees, and the wind is whipping. Who wants to hit Lake Wateree for some bass fishing? Camden’s Dearal Rodgers does, and while he’s not alone, the number of anglers out in February is small compared to warmer times — a big reason but not the only one that he’s fond of fishing this month.

Alton Jones of Waco, Texas, won the Bassmaster Classic in 2008 on the tournament’s first visit to Lake Hartwell. 2015 Bassmaster Classic Preview What will it take to win the Bassmasters Classic on Lake Hartwell this month?
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Texan Alton Jones won the 2008 Bassmaster Classic on South Carolina’s Lake Hartwell with three daily limits of five fish each that averaged slightly under 3 1/2 pounds per fish. 

Bassmaster Elite Series pro and reigning Bassmaster Classic champ Randy Howell can’t wait to put the Kut Tail Worm to the test this year. The 7¾-inch Kut Tail Worm
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Alabama pro bass angler Randy Howell got what he wanted and more in 2014.

With most Lake Monticello bass in deep water during the winter, knowing how to locate them on your boat’s electronics is of paramount importance. Plug in to the latest in marine electronics
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Being a civil engineer for the S.C. Department of Transportation has more than a work impact on Andy Wicker. He loves technology, so the use of modern fish-finding electronics is not only a big part of his success, it puts even more fun in his fishing.

This fish has the distinctive markings of a redeye — white tips on the fins and lower tail fin and white half moon in the eye — but it likely is a redeye/spotted bass hybrid. How “citizen science” is eradicating redeye bass
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On April 4, 2001, Randy Dickson of Westminster caught a 5-pound, 2.5-ounce redeye bass from Lake Jocassee that stands as the state record for the species and has been recognized by the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame as the world record.