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Angler Frankie Jacobs Holds up a double handful of great Lake Wateree bream caught on a jig and grub. The jig is up for Lake Wateree bream
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It’s no surprise to Lake Wateree anglers that bream fishing is great right now. This is the time of year when fish are caught in huge numbers, and with some culling, some excellent limits. Bream are being taken on crickets, worms, Beetle Spins and popping bugs. But when local bream expert Frankie Jacobs hunts these big bream, bull bream discover the jig is up.

Guide Jerry Kotal said fishermen can catch big numbers of catfish by following a few steps in his gameplan. A guide's guide to catfishing by the numbers
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Targeting big catfish is the current craze for many anglers, and with good reason, but it’s not the only exciting way to enjoy summertime catfishing. A recent trip with guide Jerry Kotal was a reminder of the intense action enjoyed targeting catfish by the numbers.

Itís summer, and the catfish action at Santee Cooper is as hot as the weather. Hot Santee cats - Summer catfishing on the Santee Cooper lakes and rivers is as good as it gets
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Catfishing on the Santee Cooper lakes has morphed into a year-round quest, but summer is tops for as providing the year’s most-diverse catfishing opportunities. Fishing is literally three-dimensional, with blue, channel and flathead catfish all on a great bite. Fishermen can fish shallow or deep, day or night, in either lake or the Diversion Canal, and catch big numbers of cats or big cats.

Anglers easing down the Little Pee Dee and Lumber rivers in northeastern South Carolina should run into plenty of sunfish, like this chunky bluegill. Pee Deeís panfish - Sample the Pee Deeís summer panfish action
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When the temperature begins to creep into triple digits, many fishermen seek shelter along the veins that run through South Carolina’s Pee Dee region. These black-water streams flow gently along, providing the lifeblood for fauna and folks alike. Swollen tupelo and cypress line the shoreline of this pristine tannic water that many gamefish call home.†

Paddler Stewart Venable of Lake Wylie caught this 3-pound crappie last Thursday on a trip down the Catawba River below Rock Hill. Lake Wylie paddler boats huge crappie on float down Catawba River
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A kayak fishing trip for on the Catawba River produced a pleasant surprise for Stewart Venable of Lake Wylie, S.C., on June 25, when the black plastic worm he was pitching into a laydown was inhaled by a huge black crappie that measured 17 ľ inches long and weighed exactly 3 pounds.

Surfing the waves of cool water in the Hartwell tailrace is a great way to beat the heat as well as tangle with trophy striped bass. Time to surf the wave for Lake Russell's trophy stripers
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Striped bass fishing on the Savannah chain of impoundments typically takes a nose dive in the summer when the surface water temperatures hit the 90s, but anglers who fish the cold-water release below Lake Hartwell Dam can catch trophy fish while escaping the heat if they pay attention to the waves of cold water.

Guide Bill Plumley said the summer pattern for striped bass is in full bloom on Lake Hartwell. Go deep for Lake Hartwell's summer stripers
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Guide Bill Plumley said anglers looking to catch striped bass from Lake Hartwell need to fish between 30 and 35 feet deep at the mouth of small tributary creeks and coves close to the main-lake area.

Slab crappie will start to show up this month around deep brush on both Santee Cooper lakes. Donít put tackle away
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Striper season officially shuts down on the Santee Cooper lakes from June through September, so anglers will focus on other fish for the next four months. Striper fishermen had a strong spring, and prospects for a good return fall and winter are excellent.

Drifting the edge of the river works,, but areas with willows and other brush have excellent bottom substrate and support big bream. Keep topwater lures ready
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Catching bream is the focal point for many anglers during June, but it’s not the full measure of great fishing on the Santee River. The opportunities for largemouth bass, crappie and striped bass also exist, and that simply adds to the diverse fishing experience.

Danny Tracy  emptied a cricket cage catching this great limit of Santee River bream. Bring plenty of bait, really, plenty
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Danny Tracy said that going though four cages of 100 crickets each isn’t unusual for a morning of fishing on the Santee River.

A different Santee drift rig A different Santee drift rig
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Guide Joe Dennis said the rig he uses to drift- fish for bream is a real key to success, and that paying attention to details such as line size can be crucial to catching many more big bream.

Mayflies are a big part of the food chain in South Carolina lakes, and a hatch can set off a feeding frenzy to which many fish respond. Make mayfly hatches a big part of your summer fishing strategy
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You can see the magic happen every time you witness a mayfly hatch on a South Carolina lake, river or stream. The water boils with fast-biting fish, and adrenalin-charged anglers know it’s a unique fishing opportunity.

Limits of big bluegills and shellcrackers have been regular results for Matthew Outlaw of St. Matthews on recent trips to Lake Marion. Bedding or not, Lake Marion's bluegills, shellcrackers are on a red-hot bite
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The bluegill and shellcracker action is red hot at Lake Marion and should stay that way through June. Limits can be caught whether the fish are bedding or not.

Guide Joe Dennis of Bonneau expects to catch stringers of bream like this whenever he puts in on the Santee River in June. The Big Bream River - Bream, redbreasts, shellcrackers and warmouth are there for the taking in the Santee River
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Among the hottest, fastest-paced and most-diverse bream fishing any South Carolina angler could dream of can be found on the Santee River. Fishermen can use one of a handful of different strategies in June: drifting, casting to targets while floating †or fishing bream beds. It’s also a hotbed for plenty of different bream species: bluegill, shellcracker redbreast, warmouth and others.