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17-year-old angler catches 82-pound Santee Cooper catfish

When Anthony Miller and his family decided to come to Santee Cooper Country for the first time, they expected to catch a handful of keepers to take back to their home in Hiddenite, North Carolina. But when his 17-year-old son, Logan, wrestled an 82-pound Arkansas Blue into Guide Linwood Thornhill’s boat, a fantastic trip out of Black’s Camp turned into an epic adventure.

November 23 at 12:36 pm

76-pound catfish caught out of Black's Camp at Santee Cooper

“It might rain on us, we might get wet, but we’re going fishing and see what happens,” said Kevin Davis of Black’s Camp in Santee Cooper Country. The weatherman warned against it, but we all took Davis’ suggestion and went anyway. The weatherman was wrong. The overcast day was perfect for fishing, and along with a cooler full of eating-sized catfish, we caught the fish-of-a-lifetime – a 76-pound blue catfish with Capt. Gene Crawford, as well as a cooler full of eating-size cats.†

November 19 at 5:34 pm

Pomaria angler catches 90.7-pound catfish at Santee

William Attaway of Pomaria has caught some big fish in his life, but he knew he was hooked into something special when he couldn’t get the rod out of the holder on Sunday morning, November 15.†

The big blue catfish weighed 90.7 pounds, and it literally fought and brawled to the end.

November 17 at 9:27 am

Itís big-fish season again at the Santee Cooper lakes

November is an overlooked and underappreciated time at the Santee Cooper lakes. As good as October was in terms of catching fish and seeing a lot of deer, the action improves this month with larger fish getting on a strong bite and big deer moving during the rut. It’s “go” time.

November 15 at 9:00 am

Mountain Dew stops bleeding of gill-hooked bass

 Video Included

The fishing trip was going fantastic. My buddy Austin Abadie and I were catching bass after bass on small Academy H20 Xpress square-billed crankbaits during one of my vacation days.

October 30 at 2:08 pm

Striper anglers experiencing 100-fish days at Santee

Striper anglers are experiencing 100-fish days on Santee Cooper right now, and Kevin Davis with Black’s Camp said the trend should continue for several more weeks. The fishing is sizzling hot, and Davis said following the birds is the key to finding schooling fish.†

“Just follow the birds, and they’ll take you to the stripers. The birds are feeding on baitfish, and that’s what the stripers are feeding on too. So the birds will help you locate the fish. Lately, this has been more productive in the afternoons, and with a few different lures,” said Davis.

October 23 at 4:08 pm

SCDNR holding youth fishing rodeo in Socastee Oct 24

The SCDNR, in conjunction with Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and Nelson Jackson Company, is hosting a free youth fishing rodeo this weekend at the Sayebrook Pond in Socastee. The Socastee Youth Fishing Rodeo is open to all anglers 15 and younger, along with their adult guardians.

Adults who are serving as guardians are also allowed to fish. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own fishing equipment, along with bait. For catfish, event organizers are suggesting anglers bring hotdogs or chicken livers. They suggest bringing crickets and worms for bream, and your favorite artificial lures for bass. Anglers can also bring minnows to use as bait.†

October 22 at 8:54 am

Catching catfish with live bream

It’s the biggest myth concerning fish and game laws ever told. I’ve heard it my whole life. I first heard it when I was a teenager, and I knew it was wrong then. The first time I heard it, I’d just caught my first catfish over 20-pounds on the Wateree River. I caught it while using a live bream as bait. “Ohhh, don’t let the game warden catch you doing that, or he’ll put you UNDER the jail,” said another angler who asked me the usual questions when seeing my catch. He wasn’t the only person to say it that day. And people still say it when you tell them you used a live bream to catch a catfish.

The thing is, they are wrong. I knew it when I was just a kid, and it’s the same story today. Using live bream as catfish bait is not illegal, and no game warden is going to throw you under, or even in jail for doing so. It’s one of those old wive’s tales that just keeps getting repeated over and over.

October 20 at 7:17 am