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Patrick Miller of Liberty and daughter Payton show off the kind of striped bass that are schooling at the surface on Lake Hartwell. Schooling action starting to kick off for Lake Hartwell striper fishermen
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With overnight temperatures moderating, Lake Hartwell fishermen, looking to capitalize on schooling striped bass, are getting what they wish for. Large schools of striped bass and hybrids can be seen from long distances in the mid-lake and lower lake chasing schools of baitfish on the surface.

Rod Wall thinks his son, Braxton, is a definite asset when the two fish crappie tournaments as a team. Life on the trail
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Fishing any fishing tournament series can be taxing on an adult’s time. For a teenager, it gets even worse. Juggling school schedules, social calendars and everyday life has its challenges. Add committing to fishing a set number of tournaments and it gets down right tough.

Rod Wall said current flow is also a factor in how and where crappie will situate themselves on Greenwood, but of more concern is the timing of the drawdown that Santee-Cooper is using. Greenwood’s water levels are cause of concern
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Water characteristics at Lake Greenwood can be a sore subject to crappie anglers. For Rod Wall, who operates a boat-dock construction company, noticing water levels is second nature. In the fall, it’s not of as much concern as the spring.

Lake Greenwood has so many boat docks along its shoreline, shooting jigs back under them is a tremendous fall tactic for crappie. Take a shot at fall crappie
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raxton Wall and his father, Rod, may prefer tight-line or long-line trolling for crappie during tournaments, but Braxton readily admits trolling isn’t as much fun as shooting docks.

Capt. Truman Lyon caught 35 stripers in just two hours this past Wednesday, opening day of the striper season on the Santee Cooper lakes. Santee Cooper striper season opens with a flourish
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The striper fishing on both Santee Cooper lakes, closed for four months, opened on Oct. 1, and for many fishermen it was as celebrated an opening day as any dove or deer opener. And many were rewarded for their effort.

Braxton Wall of Ninety Six is a 17-year-old crappie-fishing wizard who is particularly adepth at catching Lake Greenwood’s fall slabs. Fall semester slabs - Ninety Six high-school senior is wise beyond his years when it comes to catching Lake Greenwood’s fall slabs.
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Most teens strive to find their niche in high school. Some are athletes, others student government types, others bookworms, socialites or not-so-socialites. These days, it’s not uncommon for high schools to field their own bass-fishing club teams. Even so, Braxton Wall, a 17-year-old senior at Ninety Six High School near Lake Greenwood, is a crappie guy.

Guide Rodger Taylor has been catching plenty of big blue catfish at night out of Lake Wateree. After-dark catfish action in Lake Wateree's shallows has been top-drawer
990 Views - Posted: September 16 at 7:13 am

Catfish action has been good at Lake Wateree throughout the summer, but in September, the cats really begin to prowl, especially at night. Guide Rodger Taylor has learned where they’re prowling and has been making big catches of quality fish from very skinny water at night.

A fish kill took place the weekend of Sept. 6 on Lake Hartwell close to the Anderson Regional Joint Water Authority's intact facility on Six & Twenty Creek. Localized fish kill confirmed on Hartwell after chemical treatment of water
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The S.C. Department of Natural Resources has confirmed a fish kill on Lake Hartwell that took place the weekend of Sept. 6 near the water intake facility operated by the Anderson Regional Join Water Authority a few days after chemical treatments of water in an attempt to battle algae blooms believed to be responsible for poor taste and water quality that has plagued Anderson County residents this summer.

Veteran Sparkleberry Swamp angler Ken  Nutter catches most of his crappie from cypress trees along the edges of open water. No need to get lost again
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Many of the flooded trees in Sparkleberry Swamp are decorated with license plates, signs and paint markings, showing routes that lead to places only those who placed them know. It’s one way folks have kept their bearings in this swamp for decades, and not too long ago, it was the only way for many. This kept many newcomers out of the swamp, and has led to many boaters — both new and experienced — getting lost over the years.

Trotlines account for a lot of catfish in Sparkleberry Swamp. Fishermen are limited to one with no more than 50 hooks. Drop me a line
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Setting trotlines is Ken Nutter’s preferred way of catching catfish in Sparkleberry Swamp, but he warns other anglers to know the laws governing these devices. Aside from a freshwater fishing license, anglers also need to obtain a non-game fishing permit from SCDNR.

Mike Spinks’ two-hook bream rig allows fishermen to target shellcrackers on the bottom and bluegill higher in the water column. A bream doubleheader
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Bluegills and shellcrackers are collectively lumped into the category of bream, and these are the favorite target of many Sparkleberry Swamp anglers. Even though these are two different species of fish, they do hang out together, and anglers often catch them both in the same area, especially in shallow water.

Michael Dey, Christin McCrory and Brad Sasser, display  striped bass caught in one stop while fishing this week at Clarks Hill. Summer striper pattern still producing at Clarks Hill  Video Included
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Catching striped and hybrid striped bass through the summer boils down to three things: location, location and location. Guide Brad Sasser of Sasser’s Guide Service in Clarks Hill said he and his partners typically pick up on the down rod/live herring bite in late May when striped bass come off their false spawning runs. It happened this spring, but this spring, the bite never seemed to let off.

Whitey Outlaw says catfish action in the Congaree River has been unbeatable in recent days. Probe Congaree River for great catfish action right now
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The Santee Cooper lakes, Marion and Moultrie, get a lot of attention for catfishing, and deservedly so. But the catfish action upstream from Lake Marion on the Congaree River is overlooked by many fishermen.

Bass like this one caught by the author are j\one of a handful of different species caught from Sparkleberry Swamp. Add a spark to September - Santee Cooper’s Sparkleberry swamp is a unique fishery for South Carolina anglers
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The headwaters of the Santee-Cooper lakes are at the convergence of the Wateree and Congaree rivers, where they empty into Sparkleberry Swamp. The 16,000 acres of flooded, moss-covered cypress trees welcome anglers, then envelope them as water seems to stretch endlessly in all directions.