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Shellcrackers are staging, getting ready to spawn, on Lake Murray as the June 2 full moon approaches. Lake Murray guide expects shellcrackers to spawn by full moon
1054 Views - Posted: May 20 at 9:21 am

Lake Murray’s shellcrackers should be heading to their spawning beds within the week, according to guide Brad Taylor of Taylor Outdoors.

Guide Mike Glover shows off a nice Lake Murray striper that fell for a Magnum Super Fluke. Topwater striper action taking off at Lake Murray
1254 Views - Posted: May 18 at 9:50 am

When Lake Murray guide Mike Glover points to an open-water target and says “There!” it’s time to get a lure airborne in that direction. Most times the lure is still sailing when the fish begin boiling the surface and the when lure lands in the middle of a pack of stripers feeding at the surface, it’s game on!

SCDNR is stocking 130,000 striper fingerlings today in two bodies of water to improve state fisheries. SCDNR stocking striper fingerlings today on Catawba River, Lake Wateree
483 Views - Posted: May 18 at 7:20 am

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources will stock 10,000 striped bass fingerlings in the Catawba River at Fort Mill Landing and 120,000 striper fingerlings at Buck Hall Landing on Lake Wateree today.

Truman Lyon, 83, and Megan Daugherty, 13, are hooked up at the same time with Lake Marion stripers. Fast action can be the rule
47 Views - Posted: May 15 at 7:00 am

Guide Truman Lyons said that live-bait fishing for stripers this month is not necessarily wait-and-hope fishing, it’s usually fast- paced, and often, multiple fish are hooked at the same time.

Topwater schooling action does happen in May, but it’s not the most-productive way to catch stripers on Lake Moultrie. Topwater school action is possible
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Guide Truman Lyon said that live bait is the most-consistent method for taking stripers, but there will be some topwater schooling action in May.

Make sure to measure stripers, as Santee Cooper fish are managed with a 26-inch size minimum that could change later this year. Will limits, size minimums change?
54 Views - Posted: May 15 at 7:00 am

Scott Lamprecht with the S.C. Department of Natural Resources said that 2015 is the year when the state legislature reviews the 26-inch size minimum limit and SCDNR reports, along with recommendations from the Santee Cooper Stakeholder Committee.

Striped bass and hybrid bass have an affinity for blueback herring, perhaps because they’re all basically saltwater species that have been transplanted into reservoirs. Why herring?
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While trophy striped bass are frequently caught by anglers on unusual like 2-pound gizzard shad and 12-inch rainbow trout, day-in and day-out, the live bait of choice for stripers under 20 pounds and all hybrids is live blueback herring.

A clean, well-aerated bait tank with plenty of water and a good filtration system is a key to keeping blueback herring alive and in good shape to draw strikes from hybrid bass. Tanks a bunch
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For fishermen planning on using live bait to catch hybrids and striped bass, a bait tank is a piece of equipment that’s high on the list of importance. 

Fishermen can catch plenty of bream and shellcrackers this month in the upper end of Lake Marion. May is hard to beat
106 Views - Posted: May 14 at 9:00 am

If there’s one month when just about every angler with a piscatorial preference can find something he or she likes, it would be May. 

Guide Buster Rush has run into some great crappie fishing this spring on Stumpy Pond. Stumpy Pond crappie bite surprising even veteran guide
915 Views - Posted: May 06 at 7:00 am

Cooler than normal air temperatures are helping Stumpy Pond, a small lake also known as Rocky Creek Lake, continue to produce good catches of crappie right into May.

Guide Joe Dennis said striper fishing on lake  Moultrie in May is hard to be in terms of numbers and quality of fish. Moultrie’s May madness - Live-bait fishing for striped bass hits its peak this month on Lake Moultrie
83 Views - Posted: May 01 at 7:00 am

“Here they come.” 

Those were the only words the anglers aboard Truman Lyon’s boat needed to hear. The 83-year-old striper guide watched as his graph depicted several fish leaving a mass of stripers clustered near the bottom of Lake Moultrie, moving higher in the water column. His vast experience told him this meant rod-bending action was mere moments away.

Christin McCrory admires the kind of hybrid bass that Clarks Hill Lake is known for in the spring. Hybrids at the Hill
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Most anglers, Brad Sasser included, go about fishing for striped bass and hybrid bass the same way. It’s sort of like cousins and half-cousins hanging out together; they live in the same neighborhood, grow up together and get along well, even though they may both share the same parental lineage.

A Gastonia, N.C., angler landed a 9 1/4-pound brown trout last weekend at Lake Jocassee. Lake Jocassee spits out 9 1/4-pound trout for North Carolina angler
2159 Views - Posted: April 21 at 7:00 pm

Each spring, die-hard anglers look forward to brown and rainbow trout returning to the main-lake area of Lake Jocassee. The first few weeks of the return are a great time to catch trophy sized trout, and guide Sam Jones said he realized the return was in progress when one of his clients, Tony Hale, of Gastonia, N.C., reeled in a 9-pound, 4-ounce brown trout on Saturday, April 18.

Retired guide Gene Bell of Rock Hill caught the biggest blue catfish of his life in the Santee Cooper Diversion Canal last Thursday, a 94-pounder. Retired Santee Cooper guide decks 94-pound blue cat in Diversion Canal
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Over 40 years of fishing, including 23 years spent as a guide, the biggest catfish Gene Bell managed to wrestle from the waters of Santee Cooper was a 74-pound fish. That all changed on Thursday, April 16 when a 94-pound, 2-ounce blue catfish picked up a piece of cut shad Bell had soaking on the bottom of the Diversion Canal.