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Danny Gunnells of Honea Path caught this 27-inch, 9-pound brown trout on a Feb. 28 trip to Lake Jocassee with guide Steve Pietrykowski. Honea Path man decks 9-pound brown on Lake Jocassee trip
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First, Danny Gunnells and his wife Claudette caught several 3- to 4-pound trout on a Feb. 28 trip to Lake Jocassee. Then it got better. Fishing with guide Steve Pietrykowski, they put a 7 ¼-pounder over the railing in their new pontoon boat. Then it got better. Gunnells landed a 9-pound brown. 

Cody Gilliland's 32-pound, 4-ounce muskie, weighed on a set of hand scales before being released back into the Broad River, was almost 10 pounds larger than the existing state record. Huge muskie surprises Broad River bass fisherman on kayak float
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When Cody Gilliland tossed his half-ounce football jig with a grub trailer toward a pile of submerged timber along the bank of the Broad River on Feb. 8, he was hoping to catch a hefty largemouth. He got a “largemouth” all right — it just happened to be a member of the pike family, a huge muskellunge.

The spring spawning run puts countless American shad within reach of anglers in Cooper River tailrace. Sack spring shad - South Carolina’s best spring run of American Shad is in the Cooper River tailrace
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On the eve of spring, an awesome fishery erupts this month in the Cooper River tailrace downstream from 60,000-acre Lake Moultrie. By the thousands, American shad will move from the ocean through Charleston Harbor and into the river, then upstream 35 miles to spawn at the base of the coal-fired power station known as Santee Cooper’s Jefferies Generating Station. 

Tight-lining minnows vertically enabled Brad Taylor to catch a bragging-sized stringer of Lake Murray crappie. Slabs up for grabs - March is prime time for great spring crappie fishing on South Carolina’s Lake Murray
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March crappie fishing on Lake Murray can be likened to a piscatorial form of March Madness. Limits are typically caught, and it’s the time of year to catch more slabs consistently as the big females migrate up the creeks toward shallow water to spawn. 

Long-line trolling involves using multiple rods to pull baits at various distances behind the boat and at various depths while searching for concentrations of crappie. Put the bite on Russell slabs - South Carolina anglers long-lining mini-jigs can catch limits of Lake Russell crappie in March
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A guy whose nickname is “Stump Hunter” could only be destined for one thing: catching crappie. Stump’s alter ego is Ronnie McKee of Piedmont, a fisherman who loves all things crappie, runs a garage business making and tying crappie jigs and prefers nothing more than to spend a day on Lake Russell teaching his lures how to swim.

Steve Pack and Jacob Chalmers show off the kind of blue catfish that have been biting on the upper end of Lake Marion. Blue catfish bite kicks off in upper end of Lake Marion on rising water
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It’s only takes a few inches of rising water for the catfish action to go from okay to great in the upper end of Lake Marion, and according to Andy Pack at Packs Landing, the water is rising and the catfish action is on.

Rather than battling the elements out in the main lake, wintertime crappie anglers can find fish stacked up under deep water boat docks that provide both shade and cover for the fish. Forget deep brush, go to deep docks for dead-of-winter Hartwell crappie
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According to guide Doug Youngblood, one of the most-productive patterns crappie fishermen can count on in the dead of winter is targeting boat docks in deep water. 

Guide Alan Spence puts pressure on a big, blue catfish on the lower end of Lake Marion. Don’t go light on tackle
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Kevin Davis, who runs and guides out of  Blacks Camp on the Lake Moultrie end of the Diversion Canal, is quick to point out that fishermen need the right tackle to consistently put heavyweight blue catfish in the boat.

Winter striped bass anglers who have a hard time getting fish to eat live bait can catch plenty of fish using an umbrella rig to create a reaction bite. Umbrella rigs working magic on cold Hartwell stripers
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Striped bass anglers who are lamenting Lake Hartwell’s chilly water temperatures need only try pulling an umbrella rig to trigger fish to bite. Guide Mack Farr said he has a hard time explaining why, but umbrellas trigger strikes from striped bass that simply turn up their noses at other baits.

Knowing how and when to fish different styles of grubs and jigs is a key to catching more crappie with artificial baits. How and when to use different styles of crappie jigs can improve your catch
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Crappie fishermen have so many choices and options it can be confusing. So many different grub and body styles are available that one champion angler has developed specific criteria for when and how to best use each style.

With trophy blue cats a real possibility this month, make sure your tackle is heavy enough to be up to the task. Moving whiskered targets? Santee Cooper’s catfish are on the move in February, hopefully from the water to your cooler
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February’s weather can be tricky, with very cold but also very mild temperatures. That’s the primary reason why most experts use the term “transition” for catfish in the Santee Cooper lakes this month. Make no mistake, the action can be on fire during this cold month, but where the action is found is tracked directly to the weather.

Author Terry Madewell of Ridgeway landed this 62-pound Lake Wateree blue catfish despite making at least nine basic  mistakes, which he outlines in this story. Nine rules to follow when battling a big, trophy blue catfish
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It was another rainy, winter day on Lake Wateree, and I was catfishing alone. At dawn I was anchored, fishing rising water from 4 to 20 feet deep, rigs loaded with big bream and perch heads. Almost immediately I landed a “teener” that was hooked deeply. The catfish wallowed slime all over the pontoon deck before I could remove the hook and release the fish. 

Jeff Manning's 82-pound Lake Wylie blue catfish, caught last Saturday, is the unofficial lake record for the species. North Carolina angler lands unofficial lake record blue catfish from Lake Wylie  Video Included
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What started out as a trip to the lake to test his outboard motor after some routine maintenance ended up being the fishing trip of a lifetime for Gastonia, N.C., angler Jeff Manning when he hauled an 82-pound blue catfish into his boat on Saturday, Jan. 24, that is believed to be the biggest ever taken at Lake Wylie on the North Carolina-South Carolina border.

Guide Joe Dennis has been catching plenty of big Lake Moultrie crappie in relatively shallow water. Shallow Lake Moultrie crappie bite surprises some, but not Bonneau guide
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Joe Dennis with Santee Cooper Charters in Bonneau has been mauling slab crappie in shallow water at Lake Moultrie for the past couple of weeks. That wouldn’t be big news in March, but in January, that’s something special for fishermen.