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Guide Sam Jones said plenty of citation-sized brown trout have been biting in Lake Jocassee in recent weeks. It's time to angle for a citation-sized Jocassee brown trout
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The S.C. Department of Natural Resources’ Angler Recognition Program may be less than two months old, but guide Sam Jones of Jocassee Charters has already put several of his client’s names on the list with trophy brown trout – at least 5 pounds or 20 inches – from the Upstate mountain lake. 

A youth paddling clinic will be held Sept. 13 at Cheraw State Park, the same day a youth fishing clinic is scheduled for the Cheraw Fish Hatchery. Youth fishing rodeo, paddling clinic scheduled for Cheraw area
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The S.C. Department of Natural Resources and S.C. Parks of Recreation and Tourism will partner to hold a youth fishing rodeo and paddling clinic at Cheraw State Park on Sept. 13.

Guide Brad Taylor said limits of nice crappie are a real possibility on Lake Murray this month. Two patterns producing consistently good catches of Lake Murray slabs
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Catching limits of big crappie may not be an August tradition for everyone, but if you know where to look and what to do, they are ripe for the taking at Lake Murray. Guide Brad Taylor said fishing is usually consistent throughout the summer, and it’s actually a great time to catch a lot of crappie.

The flier bream is a panfish species that loves moving water and tannin-stained water, making it a perfect fish for coastal, blackwater rivers like the Combahee. Take flier on this bream
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While some people refer strictly to bluegill when using the word bream, other panfish like redbreast, shellcracker, pumpkinseed and warmouth are all members of the bream family. A lesser-known member is the flier, aka fly-bream.

Chris Smoak caught this nice redfish in the lower reaches of the Combahee River, which holds both freshwater and saltwater fish — often in the same places. Trick a trout tomorrow
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Bob Sanders guided in the saltwater portion of the Combahee River until a stroke last winter pushed him off the water, but he still loves to talk fishing and is quick to help other anglers with any fishing details. He has valuable advice for anglers, especially when fishing for speckled trout.

Choose the correct slip cork Choose the correct slip cork
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While fishing with corks may seem juvenile to some anglers, when fishing for bream, it’s a staple that should never be overlooked.

South Carolina and Georgia have upped the stocking rates of striped bass in Lake Hartwell after last year’s fish kill. No repeat of last year
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Lake Hartwell anglers may recall the lake’s first recorded fish kill last summer. After copious amounts of rain, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which controls the lake’s level, was forced to spill water over the emergency gates and then later siphoned off deeper layers to control the flooding. The result was a disaster to stripers counting on the deep, cool water in the main-lake basin.

Downriggers and lead-core line will help trolling enthusiasts reach the depths where striped bass roam. Deep-water trolling tactics
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While down-rod, live-bait tactics work all day and all night through the summer, many anglers who fish Hartwell’s main lake during the daylight hours prefer to troll and catch striped bass. Two schools of thought rule the daytime tactics: trolling crankbaits and jigs behind downrigger balls and trolling with lead-core line.

Although August heat and recreational boat traffic may make summer fishing more than you bargained for, the cool waters at the upper end of Lake Russell offer perpetual spring time conditions through the dog days of summer. Lake Russell striper fishermen should move up to Hartwell tailrace
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The tailrace behind the Lake Hartwell Dam offers cold water siphoned from the depths of the lake, and for striper fishermen on Lake Russell, it’s a great place to catch fish during the summer, especially the dog days. It’s a place you’re likely to find Seneca-based guide Steve Pietrykowski.

Jeff Taylor and his father, guide Rodger Taylor, show off the kind of blue catfish that can be caught in the summer if fishermen head for the lake with a plan. Plan ahead and catch more dog days catfish in South Carolina lakes
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August is known as the “dog days of summer” but when it comes to fishing, this hot weather can produce some of the best cats of the year. The key to success on your favorite catfish lake is versatility, based on the type of catfish species you target. Most large lakes in South Carolina have channel and blue catfish, and many have good populations of flatheads as well. If you have a plan, you can score huge catches and big fish using the right techniques and baits this month.

Pro crappie fisherman Whitey Outlaw spends lots of August days fishing for warmouth bream in Lake Marion's Sparkleberry Swamp. Probe Sparkleberry Swamp for great warmouth bream this month
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In August, even die-hard anglers often decide to hang up their gear until cooler weather arrives, but not Whitey Outlaw of St. Matthews. A full-time tournament crappie fisherman, he spends his Augusts in the Sparkleberry Swamp area of his home waters of Lake Marion, where he targets an often-overlooked fish, the warmouth bream.

Guide Preston Harden has been catching plenty of impressive stripers and hybrid bass from Lake Hartwell. Striper, hybrid bite has been unbeatable at Lake Hartwell
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It’s August, and the heat is on, especially the striped bass fishing at Lake Hartwell. It’s been extraordinarily hot for both quantity and quality fish.

Mac Willis of Walterboro takes a good look at a chunky redbreast sunfish from the Combahee River. Bream bonanza - Comb the Combahee River for great blackwater fishing for bream
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With its headwaters in Colleton County and ending at St. Helena Sound, the Combahee River — the “C” in ACE Basin — is a relatively short river, but the lack of length isn’t a negative for anglers. Fish are thick in its waters, from the freshwater sections around Yemassee all the way to the salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Guide Bill Plumley likes  to start and finish early for August stripers, but he said the pattern is the most consistent of the year. Rock around the clock for Lake Hartwell’s summer stripers
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Guide Bill Plumley is more of an early bird than a night owl, and he said that when summer settles in on 56,000-acre Lake Hartwell and the recreational boating crowd tends to dominate the mid-day, he’d rather get up early and finish early than stay up all night. Fortunately, either way is productive on Hartwell, and many local guides can catch striped bass, aka rockfish, any time  of day or night.