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Topwater baits are producing a lot of nice speckled trout in the Little River area in the first hour of so of daylight. Little River-area trout bite has been unexpected but appreciated
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Even though the heat has been tough, the inshore bite over the past few weeks has been rewarding anglers in waters close to the South Carolina-North Carolina state line, and it’s not the normal redfish and flounder, either. Speckled trout are surprising anglers, with a few fat sow trout making an appearance, too.††

Big mullet minnows and soft-plastic shrimp imitations have been a key to taking nice summer redfish in Charleston's Wando River. Big baits lead to plenty of Wando River reds, Charleston guide says
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Redfish are biting in the Wando River, and guide Jim Dodge said the key to catching them is to go big on baits and lures. With plenty of mullet in the creeks, Dodge said they are tough to beat as baits, especially when anchoring down and fishing deep water.

Sharks have been taking a toll on bull reds and sow trout hooked by anglers in the Georgetown area. Beef up and crank down to keep bull reds, sow specks away from sharks
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Anyone who hasn’t heard about the rise in shark activity this summer must be stuck at the bottom of a well or completely disconnected from the world. No doubt, the super-hot waters are making a nice home for a gallery of sharks along the Carolinas coast.†

The appearance of sharks close to South Carolina beaches has plenty of beachgoers riled up, but kayak fishermen are having plenty of fun with big, toothy critters. Paddle up a big shark this summer; check out this video  Video Included
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All summer, the internet has lit up with tales of shark attacks along the Carolina coast, as well as hapless kayak anglers being overturned by big sharks. In reality, sharks are a common gamefish along the coasts of both Carolinas and make for exciting sport, especially when landed from a kayak.

Capt. Robert McCarley has been pulling great sheepshead like this one from the nearshore reefs out of Georgetown. Jellyball jellyfish have been key to Georgetown nearshore spadefish
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The spadefish are biting around the nearshore reefs out of Georgetown; the secret to catching them is in finding jellyball jellyfish first. Capt. Robert McCarley of Reel Tight Charters said as long as you can find bait, you can lure in the spades and catch them on pieces of cut jellyball and small shrimp.

South Carolinaís proactive sheepshead restrictions should protect the stateís fishery for years to come. Size limits promote sustainability
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Sheepshead are foreign to some anglers and common to others. For those familiar with them, their courageous battles are memorable to say the least. They are not only hard fighters, they are great-eating fish, and smaller fish always taste better than the old maids.†

Shallow, low-tide flats can be great spots for summer reds, but the action can be hit-or-miss. Summer redfish spots
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Even though redfish spread out in the warmer months, they relate to low-tide, shallow-water flats all year because flats provide security from predators like the bottlenosed dolphin. †

Donít get caught wading a flat or fishing in a small boat if a thunderstorm is approaching. Thunderstorm safety
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The vast majority of lightning injuries and deaths on boats occur in small, open boats according to NOAA. Furthermore, there is in fact no safe place outdoors when lightning is around. †The only safe place is inside a “safe” building, one that is fully enclosed with a roof, walls and floor and with plumbing or wiring, or in an automobile. †

China-back fiddler crabs are the top bait for sheepshead, and anglers can collect plenty by raking exposed areas of the marsh. Catch your own bait
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Sheepshead are omnivorous and will eat about anything attached to or living close to structure, putting oysters, clams, barnacles, crabs, shrimp and mussels are on their menu. But the best and most-common baits are china-back fiddler crabs. But not all fiddler crabs are considered equal, and anglers can improve their chances when fresh, large †specimens are collected.†

Amy Boyer works with powerboats every day, but most of her fishing is done from a paddleboard or a kayak. Standing room only
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What does a girl who is a service manager for a marine dealership, who spends all her time fussing over boats and motors, do to unwind after a hard day at work? She goes fishing on a paddleboard.

Fishermen who aren't having much success should try a handful of options to break their bad luck. When it isn't working, don't be afraid to make big changes
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Some days, the fishing is easy, and it seems no matter what you put in the water, the fish will bite it. Other days, it’s a little tougher. On those tough days, sometimes just a slight adjustment can turn a slow day of fishing into a productive fishing trip. Next time you find it tough to get a bite, try one of these adjustments to change your luck.

The presence of grass shrimp and bull sharks are pushing redfish and flounder into extremely shallow water in the marshes of Winyah Bay. Flounder, redfish moving into extremely shallow water in Winyah Bay
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For South Carolina fishermen, summer is in full swing, and it is unbearably hot, but the solid redfish and flounder bite around Georgetown’s Winyah Bay will take your mind off the sizzling conditions.

PVC pipes filled with saltwater and frozen, a good cooler and plenty of ice make a good start for a long fishing trip. Time for the big chill
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One of the biggest challenges for anglers this month is keeping things cold, starting with food and beverages and ending with the fish they want to haul back to the dock. While many bigger boats have their own ice makers, most everyday anglers don’t have that luxury. Fortunately, they have more options than ever when it comes to coolers and accessories, but once anglers leave the dock, they have to make whatever ice they have last as long as possible. Norm Sutton of Murrells Inlet has learned a few tips that help make his ice last for trips that sometimes include overnight stays on the water.

Target summer bull reds on the jetties that line the entrance to Charleston Harbor. Get rockiní and rolliní with Charleston Harbor bull reds
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July is a great month for catching bull redfish in the Lowcountry, and one of the best places to catch them is around jetties, especially in the Charleston area.†