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PVC pipes filled with saltwater and frozen, a good cooler and plenty of ice make a good start for a long fishing trip. Time for the big chill
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One of the biggest challenges for anglers this month is keeping things cold, starting with food and beverages and ending with the fish they want to haul back to the dock. While many bigger boats have their own ice makers, most everyday anglers don’t have that luxury. Fortunately, they have more options than ever when it comes to coolers and accessories, but once anglers leave the dock, they have to make whatever ice they have last as long as possible. Norm Sutton of Murrells Inlet has learned a few tips that help make his ice last for trips that sometimes include overnight stays on the water.

Target summer bull reds on the jetties that line the entrance to Charleston Harbor. Get rockiní and rolliní with Charleston Harbor bull reds
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July is a great month for catching bull redfish in the Lowcountry, and one of the best places to catch them is around jetties, especially in the Charleston area.†

Sheepshead make a living feeding on things that attach to pilings and rocks, and Charleston anglers can take advantage of that. Shucking out - Time to shuck out some Charleston convict fish
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Dead in the middle of the summer, Charleston anglers have something just as hot as the weather to target. Bait-stealing sheepshead are crushing baits and doing battle in around wooden, concrete or steel structures in waters all around the city. It’s time to put a smackdown on a heavy stringer of over-sized striped bandits well within the historic reaches of Charleston.†

Fishing early or late in the day is usually the ticket to catching summer speckled trout, which retreat to deep water under the sunís glare. Have a summer game plan if the redfish donít work out
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It’s July, and the weather is perfect for cruising Lowcountry waters, casting to our plentiful gamefish. Unfortunately, while the weather is perfect for cruising and casting, it is not necessarily perfect for catching lots of spot-tails, speckled trout and flounder. †

Cobia aren't the only tasty fish hanging around nearshore reefs out of Little River. A school of spadefish can make the day for a boat full of fishermen. Five tips for catching spadefish on nearshore reefs
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Capt. Chris Ossmann of Fine Catch Fishing Charters regularly targets schools of hungry spadefish, especially those that have been around the nearshore reefs out of Little River. Spadefish are hard-fighting, schooling fish, a great species to fill a cooler, and using these five tips will help.

The Wando River and the Charleston Harbor and its jetties are holding a lot of redfish. Harbor, jetties and Wando River are Charleston redfish hot spots
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Redfish of all sizes are biting in the Charleston area, and Capt. Addison Rupert of Lowcountry Outdoor Adventures said the top three places are the harbor, the jetties and the Wando River. A variety of live and cut baits are working, but Rupert said menhaden have been his bait of choice.

Trolling diamond jigs and Clark Spoons along the Charleston Jetties has been the ticket lately Spanish mackerel. Charleston Harbor jetties have been holding plenty of Spanish mackerel
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One of the surest signs of summer along the South Carolina coast is when droves of Spanish mackerel arrive off the beaches. Guide John Koonce of Shoal Bandit Charters said the little mackerel have flocked to Charleston Harbor and can be caught casting or trolling diamond jigs and Clark Spoons.

A great inshore flounder bite has arrived along the North Carolina-South Carolina border near Little River. Flounder are filling plenty of anglers' coolers along NC/SC state line
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Flounder fishermen are putting on a show in the marshes and waterways on both sides of the North Carolina-South Carolina border, with peanut-sized menhaden the bait that’s been putting fish in the cooler.

King mackerel are a popular fish that's targeted by plenty of fishermen on Grand Strand piers. Try a Grand Strand pier to get an inexpensive taste of king mackerel fishing
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It’s easy to be fooled by the endless procession of center consoles that go by all spring, summer and fall on US 17. If you happen to witness the start or the weigh-in of a king mackerel tournament, you might think the only way to catch one is to make a long run at high speed in a vessel that costs a king's ransom. Yet you can fish for these gamefish all along the Grand Strand without leaving the beach,†for far less money, by fishing from a pier.

You can wade and fish in almost anything, but proper attire will make it easier. The waderís dress code
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You can wade a flooded flat in a bathing suit and bare feet — that’s not suggested — but fly-fishing instructor John Holbrook suggests wearing quick-drying long pants and wading shoes to protect from the sharp grasses and shell and polarized glasses and a hat to help see the fish. †

With doubles on two-hook bottom rigs fairly regular, it doesnít take long on a good day to assemble a 50-fish limit of croaker and whiting. Pro-active limits protect fishery
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Last summer, state law changed, establishing an aggregate limit on the three species of saltwater panfish. It is now unlawful to take by hook-and-line or possess in any one day more than 50 fish, in combination, from these species: spot, whiting and Atlantic croaker.

Targeting redfish doesnít take a lot of expensive tackle, just a spinning outfit and a few basic lures. Redfish tackle doesnít have to break your bank
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Anglers who normally fish with artificial lures can select a very good and reasonably priced spinning outfit that includes a medium weight, 6 1/2-foot spinning rod similar to Bass Pro Shops’ IM6 or IM7 Graphite Series and an open-faced spinning reel like the Shimano Saros 2500F. †Some fishermen prefer spooling 12-pound monofilament, giving added casting distance. †Anglers commonly thread a Gulp or Bass Assassin Sea Shad trailer behind a 1/4-ounce chartreuse or red jighead when casting to redfish.

A piece of cut blue crab is as good a bait for spring and summer reds as you can dunk in the water. Be crabby when you can
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Guide Dan Utley considers a chunk of a legal blue crab an ideal bait for fishing under a cork in high-water grass.

The long rock jetties that flank Murrells Inlet are a tremendous example of man-made fish habitat. Rock on around the big rocks
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For most of the year, the rock jetties at the entrance to the coastal estuaries provide a perfect state of affairs for a wide range of predator fish, bringing ample food resources and stable water conditions. For flounder, the living is real good at the jetties, even during late spring and early summer.†