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Fall specks around Beaufort will spend a lot of time feeding over oyster rocks that are visible on the low end of the tide. Lowcountry speck party - Fishing for speckled trout around Beaufort peaks this month, a real cause for thanksgiving
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Speckled sea trout fed all summer on the plentiful prey, but they were hard to find because they don’t like hot weather and hide in deeper water during the day, foraging early and late. That changed in September, and by this month, some urgency has been added to their feeding patterns as winter approaches. They are schooled and feeding throughout the day. They move around as the tide changes, but if you find a school in November, you will likely have a banner day.

The influx of baitfish and shrimp into the ICW as fall progresses is a magnet for hungry speckled trout. Little River ditch diggers - The Intracoastal Waterway in the Little River area is a magnet for November speckled trout
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The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway stretches 3,000 miles from New Jersey to Texas, built primarily as a safe haven for military and commercial transport along the eastern seaboard.

The influx of baitfish and shrimp into the ICW as fall progresses is a magnet for hungry speckled trout. Little River ditch diggers - Testing
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The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway stretches 3,000 miles from New Jersey to Texas, built primarily as a safe haven for military and commercial transport along the eastern seaboard.

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T
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With plenty of space for standing, casting and fly fishing in comfort, the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T kayak offers traditional in-line tandem seating, face-to-face social seating or solo seating. New features include the H-Rail System for customizing accessories, a tracking skeg for covering long distances and a battery platform for an optional trolling motor, crate or small cooler. Hobie’s patented MirageDrive with Glide Technology pedal system and Vantage XT seating are also included.

Speckled trout are suckers for MirrOlures in the backwaters or in the surf, but there are a few adjustments you can make that will increase your catch rate. Make that MirrOlure work on specks as colder weather moves them into the surf
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Hard-bodied baits such as MirrOlures have long been celebrated for their effectiveness in the backwaters of our coastal fisheries, however, they are just as deadly in the surf zone.  While productive right out of the box, a fisherman from Surf City, N.C., known locally as “the trout pro” has been fine-tuning his MirrOlures for more than a decade to maximize his results on trout in the surf.

Guide Buddy Bizzell mines Edisto's "Rocks" are a heaven for bull redfish
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The bull redfish are abundant in the Edisto area, and anglers looking to tussle with them are finding plenty in the creeks, just off the beaches, and all around the near-shore reefs. The biggest concentration, however, is just off the beach in what is known locally as “The Rocks” – the many rock piles littered along the ocean floor about a mile off the beach. 

Doing some alterations to popular artificial lures might produce a few more trout during the fall season. Don't be afraid to make some adjustments to lures for fall inshore success
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In the Palmetto State, the cool, fall weather brings out anglers from just about every nook and cranny to catch some of the popular coastal fish. Both speckled trout and redfish have food on the brain, and that makes for a perfect opportunity to leave the live bait in the water and stock up with a regiment of artificial baits. Anglers looking to put more fish in the boat can build variations of traditional rigs and unique accessories. 

Catching an inshore slam in the surf is a distinct possibility in October and November, according to guide Joe Dennis, who said the flounder segment of the slam is the toughest to come up with. An inshore slam in the surf is a real autumn possibility, Bonneau guide says
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The inshore slam – catching a flounder, redfish and speckled trout on the same trip – is not as easy task any time. Joe Dennis, a fishing guide from Bonneau, feels like October and November present the best chances from to accomplish the feat, and he prefers doing it with his feet in the surf.

Fishermen in boats can often run into schools of bull reds feeding off the beach, out of casting range of surf-bound anglers. Bulls just off the beach
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Not all mullet run against the beach, and not all reds come to the beach to feed. During the fall, mullet will form large schools in nearshore waters, and bull reds take advantage of the smörgåsbord. Anglers who venture off a little often find themselves in the middle of a bull red feeding frenzy!

Find black drum near the bottom in the fall, and you’ll likely catch speckled trout a few feet above them in the same general area. Find indicator species
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As large schools of shrimp invade Murrells Inlet, many species of fish will show up to fatten up before winter arrives. From lesser desired bluefish and ladyfish to the favored speckled trout, redfish, and black drum, shrimp are the primary food source over the fall. When anglers find one of these other species huddled up in a confined place, the speckled trout are usually very close by.

Stay on the move Stay on the move
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Fishing for speckled trout in the fall can in South Carolina waters can be extremely productive, but trout often move from spot to spot over the course of a day, and anglers need to be just as mobile.

A planned two-week paddle from one end of South Carolina to the other required quite a bit of gear. Paddling the whole state
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At some point after joining the plastic armada, every Palmetto Paddler casts an eye toward the map and dreams of an excursion that dates back to the time when the Cherokee Indians ruled this part of the country. The state of South Carolina is traversed by numerous rivers and creeks, and it doesn’t take much imagination to string two or three systems together so, in theory, a paddler could put in somewhere in the Upstate and eventually make his way to the coast.

Anglers fishing Port Royal Sound are catching plenty of bull redfish. Port Royal Sound full of hungry bull redfish
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As the weather continues to cool and water temperatures drop, bull redfish are on fire in Port Royal Sound, and they aren't all that particular about what they'll bite. Capt. Joshua Boyles of Southern Drawl Outfitters in Bluffton has been putting his clients on these big redfish using a simple technique.

Speckled trout are hitting live or artificial shrimp fished under popping corks in Winyah Bay. Winyah Bay action great on trout and redfish
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Winyah Bay usually has good fishing for speckled trout and redfish, but with the recent cooler weather, fishing is as good as it gets.