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Russ Shippe, Stan Warren, Blanding Levin and Richard Sines caught this 8 1/2-foot lemon shark they landed at Edisto Saturday. Big sharks in surf are a gas for group of Charleston anglers
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An exciting bite awaits South Carolina anglers looking for something a little more adventurous than the norm. Fishing for big sharks is not the most-common angling activity, especially from the beach, but as the Charleston-based members of Requiem Fishing know, it is well worth the odd looks they get when beachcombers walk by and see their big-game rods and reels lined up.

Guide Mark Stacy spends a lot of time in the fall fishing the jetties that line either side of Little River Inlet. Make jetties your No. 1 fishing destination in the fall
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Anglers fishing along South Carolina’s northern coastline have plenty of places to wet a line for some of the best fishing the state has to offer. And for speckled trout, red drum, sheepshead and flounder to Spanish mackerel, bluefish, and king mackerel, there are few places available than the rock jetties lining the numerous inlets. It needs to be on the list of places to fish each and every day.

Tarpon fishing has turned in around Georgetown, and guide Jordan Pate expects it to last at least another six weeks. Sizzling tarpon fishing around Georgetown has anglers excited
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August is normally a month when fish start to frustrate fishermen enough that they empty their tackle boxes trying to find something that will work. This year, that’s been true in the Georgetown area, with one massive exception. Tarpon have strapped on their feed bags, and fishermen are thrilled.

Capt. Joe Dennis shows off a mixed stinger of big bluegill and shellcrackeres, typical of what he catches in the Santee and Cooper rivers this month. You can beat the heat
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With hot weather beating down, one of the keys to success will be the ability to diversify your fishing and take advantage of what’s biting. August is hot and humid, but plenty of excellent fishing action occurs in Lake Marion, Lake Moultrie and the Santee and Cooper rivers downstream. Getting into that moving water below the dams is often the ticket to success.

Needlenose pliers should always be used when removing a hook from the mouth of a bonnethead shark. Handling bonnetheads without losing fingers
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Fishing for bonnethead sharks can be the perfect match for a hot, summer South Carolina day. During a good, half-day trip, anglers can expect to catch over a dozen fish without losing any rigs. However, handling and taking the hooks out of the beasts can still be worry some.

Bonnethead sharks aren’t the biggest in the ocean, but they’re the perfect size to provide nice steaks and fillets for fishermen who know how to clean and prepare them properly. Bonnetheads are supreme table fare
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Fishing is enjoyed by thousands across South Carolina for a number of reasons. Whether for sport, food or a combination of the two, successful anglers can have tender fillets to take home, and a successful trip targeting bonnethead sharks doesn’t leave fishermen empty-handed when it comes to the dinner table.

A home-built kayak trailer like this one was the inspiration for Billy Lewis of Liberty to begin construction of a means to transport his fleet of plastic fishing boats. Hitting the road in style
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The appeal of fishing from a paddle boat is not just about the paddle anymore. It may have started off that way, but the evolution of the plastic armada has, for some, gone from the simplicity of throwing a paddle and a fishing rod into a lightweight boat and fishing anywhere the imagination could wander to seeing how complex an angler can make a human-powered watercraft. 

Redfish are suckers for shrimp fished on the bottom or suspended above it on a cork rig. Stay on shrimp in August
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It’s no surprise that it’s hot. It’s August, so sweltering days are the norm, and a lot of anglers opt to stay indoors and wait for the fall bite. But ask Capt. Rob Bennett of Johns Island’s Lowcountry Inshore Charters about fishing this month, and you will get a different response. “I love August!” he will reply, followed by, “Fish with shrimp, and you can’t go wrong.”

Plenty of Spanish mackerel have been caught up around concentrations of baitfish around color changes just a couple of miles off Grand Strand beaches. Great Spanish mackerel bite has been just off Grand Strand beaches
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Along the beaches of the Grand Strand, as the summer doldrums have taken hold, the Spanish mackerel bite has picked up very strongly and is the best option now for fishermen looking for some fast-paced action close to shore. Capt. Tom Cushman of Captain Cush Fishing Charters has been catching plenty of fish just off the beaches of North Myrtle.

The author took this nice bonnethead shark from shallow water in a marsh off Winyah Bay. A different kind of bonnet - Shallow-water sharking is a summertime adventure in South Carolina waters
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During the middle of the summer along South Carolina’s beautiful shores, the mercury bubbles toward the very top of the scale, with water temperatures sky-rocketing to the mid-80s. Many fish hunker down and wait to feed until the coolest times of the day: dawn, dusk or at night. But one species with a mouth full of teeth and a spade-like head thrives in the summer heat, a perfect angling option as the summer heat sizzles.

A handful of artificial baits will catch plenty of tarpon every year in the Georgetown area. Check out Georgetown captains' top tarpon lures
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For the next 90 days, South Carolina anglers can expect a good shot at hooking up with a tarpon, one of the biggest targets that frequent inshore waters during the summer. For most fishermen, large live baits free-lined or anchored to the bottom are the No. 1 technique, but for adventurous anglers, artificials can also produce. Fishermen who target silver kings in the Georgetown area have some favorites.

Black drum are biting like crazy around Murrells Inlet thanks to a huge influx of shrimp. Murrells Inlet black drum have shrimp on the brain
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Even though the sun continues to cook the South Carolina coast, the action below water’s surface is brewing its own raging firestorm. Massive schools of shrimp have invaded Murrells Inlet, firing up a long list of takers, and locals are catching plenty of fish, with black drum making up a solid portion of the haul.

A big circle hook and a length of heavy, monofilament leader are standard on shark rigs used by kayak fishermen. Rigging for sharks
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Brad Knight has a pretty standard setup for rigging for sharks when fishing from his kayak. It works, and it’s strong — strong enough that he boated a 140-pound class tarpon three years ago while fishing for sharks.

Barnacles that can be scraped off rocks and pilings make for great sheepshead chum. Chumming is a sheepshead key
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Once located it’s not difficult to get sheepshead to bite, but finding them first is the key, and chumming can be one way to concentrate the hungry convict fish.