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Big speckled trout, and lots of them, are being caught around the Murrells Inlet rock jetties. Murrells Inlet rock jetties are hot spot for great speckled trout bite
913 Views - Posted: December 17 at 4:16 pm

Diehard Murrells Inlet anglers with a taste for speckled trout can get enough for Christmas dinner in just a short time at the rock jetties guarding the inlet. The bite there is sizzling, with many big, gator-sized fish making up the catch.†

The author caught this 20-inch slot redfish around a dock using a Gulp! mantis shrimp on a 1/8-ounce jighead. The mantis shrimp rig
45 Views - Posted: December 15 at 7:00 am

Ja Malphrus catches most of redfish around docks with a 1/8-ounce Bass Pro Shops jighead, along with a Gulp! mantis shrimp. †

Productive docks for winter redfish are typically situated near a creek mouth and are surrounded by oyster rakes and spartina grass. Find a dock with character
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When targeting redfish around docks, look for structures that are different from their neighbors.†

A curlytail grub in the Christmas tree color pattern fished on a jighead can be a great lure to troll for speckled trout. Trolling is a great trout tactic
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Bob Matthews of Ladson will use any technique he needs to catch speckled trout, but in December, trolling can be a key to his success.

Redfish in the Charleston area continue to hit a variety of lures and baits, and they're now being found in large schools. Redfish action continues to be good in Charleston-area waters
575 Views - Posted: December 11 at 9:59 am

The recent cool weather hasn’t put a dent in the inshore fishing around Charleston, according to Capt. Kevin Blair of Charleston Fish Rod Bending Company. In fact, it continues to be excellent.

For the sake of comfort, upgrading your seat might be a top-drawer idea for a Christmas gift. What will Santa bring?
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Most outdoorsmen can identify with the plight of young Ralphie Parker in his quest to get an official Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. If you aren’t, then tune in to WTBS on cable or satellite TV beginning on Christmas Eve, and you’ll get 24 hours’ worth of it.

Capt. Rick Percy of Beaufort said redfish, black drum and speckled trout have been caught regularly when anglers find a bluff bank, deep water and wooden structure in close proximity. Look for Lowcountry buffet of reds, blacks, specks around bluffs, holes
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"Cast into that structure. If you get stuck, that's okay, but there should be some fish in there," Capt. Rick Percy of Reel Chance Charters in Beaufort told one of his fishermen late last week while fishing in a creek near Parris Island Point. His client did as instructed, and soon after, set the hook on a fish.†

"When you find a high bluff bank, downed trees and deep holes all in the same spot, the fish are there," said Percy. His clients proved him correct, sticking around that spot and catching a variety of species, including redfish, speckled trout, and black drum.

A great redfish bite has broken out around Little River as fish have moved into the backs of creeks to get away from dolphin predators. Redfish move into backs of creeks in Little River area, strap on the feed bag
652 Views - Posted: December 03 at 7:11 am

December has arrived, water temperatures have finally dipped, and right on schedule, redfish have turned aggressive, attacking baits in their winter lagoons around Little River

Michael Carli shows off a nice redfish caught from under a dock. Note the missing top of its tail, possibly from a dolphin encounter. Get in the trenches for Beaufort reds - Find productive docks and youíll sample the best winter redfish action Beaufort has to offer
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Atlantic bottlenose dolphin stalk and relentlessly hunt Lowcountry redfish year-round. The two species play an age-old game of cat-and-mouse, and redfish. The redfish, at the top of their menu, quench an insatiable appetite. These two species play an eons-old game of cat-and-mouse, and redfish instinctively seek shallow, oyster-lined sandbar flats for sanctuary. A flat though, isn’t always conveniently located for a pod of 500-pound starving dolphin encircling and charging the unsuspecting gamefish.

Bob Matthews of Ladson loves the drop in fishing competition in December when he heads out looking for speckled trout. Donít forget cold Charleston specks - If youíre a speckled trout fishermen, donít put your rods away yet.
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Speckled trout fishing can be fantastic throughout the fall, but when the weather turns cool, a lot of anglers look for other species. But, according to guides and expert trout fishermen, †there’s no reason to abandon trout fishing this month, especially in the waters around Charleston.

Extremely clear winter water and schools of redfish make for a great December combination. I can see clearly now
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Cold weather has been here for a while, and while these chilly days aren’t the most comfortable for anglers, they can provide some great inshore fishing. This time of year typically brings less rainfall than South Carolina has had in months, and along with vegetation that has died or is dying back due to the cold, that means crystal-clear water is usually easy to find. This is a plus for anglers, but not all anglers know how to take advantage of clear water.

Where do you hook your live baitfish? At different times, it should be in different places. Where do you hook up that live minnow?
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Finger mullet and mud minnows are common inshore baitfish that everything from flounder to redfish will eat, but many fishermen are stuck on hooking them the same way every time they use them as bait. They are missing out on a lot of bites, because their hook placement isn’t optimal in all situations.

Speckled trout in the Charleston area are congregating in deep holes in deeper creeks. Look deep for best Charleston speckled trout fishing
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Speckled sea trout are on fire in the Charleston area, and they are biting a variety of soft plastic lures. Capt. Jonathan Smith of Exclusive Fishing Charters said anglers can find trout in the same general areas they find them during the summer, but finding the deep holes is the secret to catching them.†

John Fuss of Holy City Fishing Charters said it's big sheepshead time in the waters around Charleston. Charleston waters filling up with big sheepshead
3629 Views - Posted: November 25 at 6:02 pm

It’s big sheepshead time for fishermen in the Charleston area, according to John Fuss of Holy City Fishing Charters, who said he and his parties have had plenty of days catching 30 or more fish.