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Do your inshore scouting on the low end of the tide cycle to learn where fish-holding structure is located and where there will be sufficient water to fish. Do your scouting on low tide to learn where you need to be, guide says
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Inshore saltwater fishing offers a myriad of opportunities to catch fish during all phases of the tide, and while serious anglers may log 20 hours a week and have just about every oyster bed, sand bar and navigable channel in their home waters memorized, fishermen who don’t get on the water as often and aren’t as familiar with the territory can get a quick education from technology and Mother Nature’s lunar fluctuations.

Crappie will be deep but biting through September on Lake Marion, according to guide Buster Rush. Fall fishing is on the way
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Fishing takes a step forward in September, with improved action on a variety of species. With even just slightly cooler temperatures, the fishing for largemouth bass improves, especially in terms of topwater schooling action, and these fish begin chasing forage much more aggressively. That means anglers can get more aggressive with their fishing styles.

Commercial dyes allow fishermen to color their soft-plastic baits in several different  shades, including the ever-popular chartreuse. Jazz it up! Customize colors, flavors
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Redfish feed by using both their sense of smell and their. Even though manufacturers have developed almost endless combinations of colors, anglers are always looking for something new to put more fish in the boat.

A float rig and an Egret V-rig are two ways to fish soft-plastic artificial shrimp. Rigging options
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Using artificial and natural baits offers anglers several ways to connect with fish, but the way they are rigged can sometimes make a bigger difference in the number and quality of fish caught.

The Old Town Predator XL won Best of Show at the ICAST show in mid-July. Paddling to the top rung
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For  most fans of the plastic angling armada, July 17, 2014, came and went with little if any fanfare, but it was a day worth remembering. On that day, out of more than 700 products and accessories entered by 253 companies in the New Product Showcase at ICAST, the American Sportfishing Association’s industry trade show, the product that was named  “Best of Show” was a kayak. 

Russell Anderson caught this 33-inch redfish when a school passed by the Mount Pleasant Pier recently. Mount Pleasant Pier getting plenty of visits from redfish schools
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With cooling temperatures in recent days, the baitfish are starting to move, and schooling redfish are following them past the Mount Pleasant Pier.

The fall flounder bite around jetties can be fantastic, as Capt. J Baisch of Murrells Inlet provides evidence. The lure of the jetties
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Cooler water on the incoming tide turns the fishing from good to great in September, and the hottest action for saltwater anglers is around jetties, submerged rock piles and reefs. And while the air remains hot, the water is definitely cooling off, and that turns on every species of fish along our coast.

Guide Jeff Yates relies on artficial shrimp to catch plenty of fall redfish in his home waters of the Wando River. Whack Wando shrimp-eaters!
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As the summer sun resets towards its fall position, redfish are in transition up and down South Carolina’s coast as forage species begin to relocate. And the Wando River, which begins and ends within Charleston County’s borders, supports a massive shrimp population that fires up the feisty reds that call it home. Beginning this month and continuing into the fall, anglers can home in on the Wando River for their redfish fix. 

Russ Shippe, Stan Warren, Blanding Levin and Richard Sines caught this 8 1/2-foot lemon shark they landed at Edisto Saturday. Big sharks in surf are a gas for group of Charleston anglers
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An exciting bite awaits South Carolina anglers looking for something a little more adventurous than the norm. Fishing for big sharks is not the most-common angling activity, especially from the beach, but as the Charleston-based members of Requiem Fishing know, it is well worth the odd looks they get when beachcombers walk by and see their big-game rods and reels lined up.

Guide Mark Stacy spends a lot of time in the fall fishing the jetties that line either side of Little River Inlet. Make jetties your No. 1 fishing destination in the fall
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Anglers fishing along South Carolina’s northern coastline have plenty of places to wet a line for some of the best fishing the state has to offer. And for speckled trout, red drum, sheepshead and flounder to Spanish mackerel, bluefish, and king mackerel, there are few places available than the rock jetties lining the numerous inlets. It needs to be on the list of places to fish each and every day.

Tarpon fishing has turned in around Georgetown, and guide Jordan Pate expects it to last at least another six weeks. Sizzling tarpon fishing around Georgetown has anglers excited
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August is normally a month when fish start to frustrate fishermen enough that they empty their tackle boxes trying to find something that will work. This year, that’s been true in the Georgetown area, with one massive exception. Tarpon have strapped on their feed bags, and fishermen are thrilled.

Capt. Joe Dennis shows off a mixed stinger of big bluegill and shellcrackeres, typical of what he catches in the Santee and Cooper rivers this month. You can beat the heat
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With hot weather beating down, one of the keys to success will be the ability to diversify your fishing and take advantage of what’s biting. August is hot and humid, but plenty of excellent fishing action occurs in Lake Marion, Lake Moultrie and the Santee and Cooper rivers downstream. Getting into that moving water below the dams is often the ticket to success.

Needlenose pliers should always be used when removing a hook from the mouth of a bonnethead shark. Handling bonnetheads without losing fingers
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Fishing for bonnethead sharks can be the perfect match for a hot, summer South Carolina day. During a good, half-day trip, anglers can expect to catch over a dozen fish without losing any rigs. However, handling and taking the hooks out of the beasts can still be worry some.

Bonnethead sharks aren’t the biggest in the ocean, but they’re the perfect size to provide nice steaks and fillets for fishermen who know how to clean and prepare them properly. Bonnetheads are supreme table fare
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Fishing is enjoyed by thousands across South Carolina for a number of reasons. Whether for sport, food or a combination of the two, successful anglers can have tender fillets to take home, and a successful trip targeting bonnethead sharks doesn’t leave fishermen empty-handed when it comes to the dinner table.