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A handful of artificial baits will catch plenty of tarpon every year in the Georgetown area. Check out Georgetown captains' top tarpon lures
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For the next 90 days, South Carolina anglers can expect a good shot at hooking up with a tarpon, one of the biggest targets that frequent inshore waters during the summer. For most fishermen, large live baits free-lined or anchored to the bottom are the No. 1 technique, but for adventurous anglers, artificials can also produce. Fishermen who target silver kings in the Georgetown area have some favorites.

Black drum are biting like crazy around Murrells Inlet thanks to a huge influx of shrimp. Murrells Inlet black drum have shrimp on the brain
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Even though the sun continues to cook the South Carolina coast, the action below water’s surface is brewing its own raging firestorm. Massive schools of shrimp have invaded Murrells Inlet, firing up a long list of takers, and locals are catching plenty of fish, with black drum making up a solid portion of the haul.

A big circle hook and a length of heavy, monofilament leader are standard on shark rigs used by kayak fishermen. Rigging for sharks
64 Views - Posted: July 15 at 7:00 am

Brad Knight has a pretty standard setup for rigging for sharks when fishing from his kayak. It works, and it’s strong — strong enough that he boated a 140-pound class tarpon three years ago while fishing for sharks.

Barnacles that can be scraped off rocks and pilings make for great sheepshead chum. Chumming is a sheepshead key
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Once located it’s not difficult to get sheepshead to bite, but finding them first is the key, and chumming can be one way to concentrate the hungry convict fish.

A sheepshead’s powerful jaws and dental work can make quick work of terminal tackle that’s not up to the task. Safety first
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Sheepshead fishing at the Winyah Bay rock jetties can be some of the most-exciting of all summer fishing, but the jetties can also be treacherous for both inexperienced and experienced boaters. Safety should always be first when fishing around these oceanic obstacles.

Many public areas are surrounded by riprap for erosion control, requiring all users to launch their craft from only one or two available ramps. Will access remain an issue?
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Recently, a friend and I decided to fish Lake Greenwood in our kayaks, targeting some boat docks for the crappie we knew would be hiding there out of the summer sun. It was a busy day at the newest public access area built by Greenwood County. Fortunately, the two of us were equipped with kayak trolleys that allowed us to park our vehicles, slide the boats off in the parking lot, wheel down the ramp and launch in less time than even the most-experienced trailer boater.

Redfish, along with speckled trout and bonnethead sharks, are making summer fishing trips great for a lot of anglers in the Charleston area. Inshore action in Charleston has been as hot as the weather
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Saltwater anglers looking for some hot action are finding it around Charleston. Redfish, trout and bonnethead sharks are eagerly biting a variety of baits throughout the inlets, creeks, and jetties of the Holy City.

Speckled trout are one inshore species that will hit a multi-hook rig like the Vudu V-Rig (below). Is one lure not enough?
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Offshore anglers have used teaser rigs for decades, showing fish like dolphin and billfish multiple lures swimming together. Usually, the most-enticing lure is the only one with a hook, and the lures are arranged in a way to make that the most-likely lure to draw a strike. 

Flounder fishing has been fantastic in the waters around Georgetown, and Capt. Jordan Pate believes runoff from rain associated with Hurricane Arthur will make the action even better. Flounder, redfish action great in Georgetown waters, should get better
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For the past few weeks, the inshore bite around Georgetown has taken a turn into the right direction, with double-digit catches of big flounder and redfish as estuaries are chock full of every king of forage imaginable.

SCDNR officials figure more than a million fish, a huge percentage of them menhaden, died in a weekend fish kill around North Inlet. SCDNR officials say North Inlet fish kill will have no lasting effects
1493 Views - Posted: July 02 at 7:50 am

Some Georgetown County boaters and beachgoers got a scare late last week when they noticed a mass fish kill near North Inlet at the upper end of Winyah Bay, but according to the S.C. Department of Natural Resources and S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control, the fish kill, and its apparent cause, is as common occurrence that poses no threat to humans.

Kayak-bound fishermen can yak it up with sharks anytime and almost anywhere. Plastic-boat sharking - Anglers fishing from kayaks can battle some awfully big sharks if they pay attention to detail
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In the movie “Jaws,” Capt. Quint takes on a 25-foot great white shark in his 55-foot boat, the “Orca,” and he loses.

For summer sheepshead, head for Winyah Bay’s famed jetties. Herding rock sheep - South Carolina anglers know Winyah Bay’s jetties are a summer sheepshead paradise
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As summer brings on its heat, anglers looking for a tasty, combative target need look no further than the jetties that line the entrance to Winyah Bay. When hot weather arrives, sheepshead will take over the archaic jetty rocks, and tides and time of day are the least of a fisherman’s worries.

Capt. Rick Percy said redfish and a handful of other inshore species have been very active in the waters around Fripp Island. Fripp Island anglers getting plenty of inshore action
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Anglers in the Fripp Island area are catching big numbers of a variety of species on a wide array of baits. Capt. Rick Percy of Reel Chance Charters said on some days, he catches trout, redfish and black drum all from the same fishing holes. And that's not all that's biting.

Redfish can be caught on a variety of rigs and baits, like a leadhead jig and live mud minnow. Getting rigged for slammers
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When fishing for any of the species that make up the inshore slam, some anglers use the same equipment and some vary slightly. Capt. Addison Rupert uses rods rated as medium with fast tips in the 6-foot-6 to 7-foot-6 range for the majority of his inshore slam fishing. He sticks with spinning reels in the 2500 to 3500 sizes. His choice of line sizes vary somewhat, but he usually sticks with 15- to 20-pound test on the reel, with his leader in the same range.