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Plenty of big, bull redfish have showed up in the waters around Georgetown, apparently following hugh schools of small menhaden. Big, bull redfish make early showing in Georgetown waters
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Warmer weather has helped fishermen who have been dragging mud minnows around Cherry Grove and Murrells Inlet for flounder, but the big news along the northern half of South Carolina’s coastline is that the big, bull reds have returned to Georgetown’s waters.

The author caught this flounder from a pond along South Carolina’s Grand Strand. How do saltwater ponds come into existence?
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Most freshwater ponds require stocking of fish, so how do saltwater species get into ponds along South Carolina’s coast? Every saltwater pond is different than the next, so the answer will vary from pond to pond.

Richie Boykin is 10-percent of the way to a limit of speckled trout in a saltwater pond. Pond regs match rest of SC’s saltwater
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Fishermen targeting saltwater ponds along the coast must abide by the same regulations as those fishing in the ocean, creeks, marshes and inlets.

Retaining walls along the edges of ponds will hold bait and flounder. Go light for pond fish
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When it comes to gear, Mount Pleasant’s Brian Batson said a common mistake fishermen make is using gear that is heavier than it needs to be. He said he cringes every time he sees an angler walking along the shoreline of a saltwater pond with a long, heavy duty surf rod and giant reel spooled with hundreds of yards of line.

Bear Island WMA is pond paradise Bear Island WMA is pond paradise
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While saltwater ponds are located up and down South Carolina’s coast, one place has a number of highly managed ones that anglers should not overlook.

Trolling is a great way to cover a lot of water and locate concentrations of early spring specks. Locate early trout by trolling
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Guide Dan Utley of Hilton Head said trout often stay on the move during early spring, following newly arrived baitfish and adjusting to cold fronts. One of his favorite tricks for locating trout that are “here today, gone tomorrow” is by trolling.

Understanding trout Understanding trout
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Speckled trout are a unique and popular fish among inshore anglers, and in the overall scheme of fishing, they may be the most “normal” of the coastal species. Many anglers new to saltwater fishing describe the fish as a cross between a crappie and a largemouth bass, tending to school tightly when feeding and inhabiting the middle to upper end of the water column most of the time. They are skilled ambush feeders who rely on sight to locate prey. 

Does adding a motor to a kayak defeat the idea of fishing from a traditional kayak? How much is too much?
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In July at ICAST 2014, the Old Town Predator XL kayak won best in show for new products. Last month, the Old Town Predator XL was on display at the Bassmaster Classic Expo in Greenville for all to see, including the now famous, or infamous, insert that parent company Johnson Outdoors has provided that includes a custom-fitted electric trolling motor.

Look for warm water and find Murrells Inlet flounder on a falling tide. Warming water has Murrells Inlet flounder kicking off the spring
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For the past few months, the best action for saltwater anglers has been beyond the jetties and beaches, at nearshore and offshore locales. The inshore action at Murrell’s Inlet heated up just in time for Easter weekend, as impressive stringers of keeper flounder started showing up.

Spinnerbaits are a great way to target big redfish around the Winyah Bay jetties -- if you know how to use them. Add spinnerbaits to your arsenal when targeting redfish
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One guide has a few tips that will help freshwater fishermen be able to fish their spinnerbaits for redfish off the Georgetown jetties this spring.

Saltwater ponds along South Carolina’s coast are an overlooked resource for inshore anglers. Little ponds, big flounder - Saltwater ponds are an untapped resource for flounder fishermen
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A handful of anglers fishing a pond in Pawleys Island reeled in some grass, pine straw and a small pinfish, prompting a comment from an onlooker: “This pond isn’t worth fishing.”

As water temperatures warm this month, look for speckled trout to become more active. Speck-tacular spring trout tricks
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As March rolls into April, changes begin in the inshore waters of South Carolina that bring a smile to the faces of fishermen. Shrimp, menhaden and yearling fry begin showing up in creeks, and speckled trout become more active and feed more aggressively.

The Cherry Grove and Coquina Harbor areas are great flounder spots in April. Look in warm shallows
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April is a transition month for anglers and the fish they pursue, and it’s a great time to seek out the shallowest inshore areas you can find, because that’s where a lot of fish will be. Some of the best fishing this month will be in shallow areas with dark, mud bottoms, both of which combine to make for water that warms up quickly.

Look for redfish in different areas and use different tactics as the weather changes over the next month. Three ways to play the weather for better spring redfish catches
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Late March and early April are transition times for the weather and inshore fishing patterns in the Charleston area. What that means to anglers like Capt. Stephen Fields of Fields Fishing Charters is that the fishing can be just as hot from one day to the next, but it will take some trial and error because what works one day may not work the next. This is typical this time of year because a few days of warm weather are usually interrupted by a cold front, rain or windy weather, all of which have an impact on the fish. Fields said knowing a few strategies will keep anglers on the redfish until the weather becomes more stable.