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Gulf flounder can often be distinguished from their inshore cousins by three prominent spots in a triangle pattern. Stock up!
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Bottom-fishing around reefs can be some of the most-exciting action of the summer, with big flounder and a wide variety of other species to target. Flounder are typically associated with the sharp, jagged structure of the reef components. Anglers need to use strong terminal tackle and will need to bring plenty of it over a day’s trip.

Good electronics are essential for picking out spots around reefs where actual structure is located. High-definition electronics are critical
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Despite the mundane appearance of the ocean’s surface, the sea floor can be lively, especially around places with yellow buoys marked with “A.R.”

Fishermen shouldn’t stay in one spot on a reef for too long if they’re not getting regular bites from flounder. Stay on the move
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Flounder are different from any other fish found in freshwater or saltwater. Their pancake-like shape and unique dorsal coloration are built for ambush feeding. They lie on the bottom in hopes that their next meal will pass by unaware of their presence.

Murrells Inlet is a flounder hot spot, but in summer, savvy anglers leave its inshore waters for nearshore reefs. Don’t flounder around! Gulf flounder provide great summer opportunities for Murrells Inlet fishermen
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During the summer, Murrells Inlet’s blue waters and spectacular marsh walk draw a lot of people visiting the Grand Strand. From banana boat rides and water skiing to inshore anglers looking to score enough scaly fare for dinner, the beautiful estuary becomes a little congested, to say the least. Nevertheless, just a few miles from the jetties that line the entrance to the inlet lies some great flounder fishing, with doormat-sized fish comprising a lot of the take.

Fishermen can donate red snapper carcasses to the SCDNR at a handful of sites during the upcoming recreational season. SCDNR announces sites for red snapper carcass donation
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The S.C. Department of Natural Resources has announced locations where anglers can drop off red snapper carcasses during the upcoming July season to help with research into the species.

Big cobia are piling up on nearshore and offshore reefs out of Little River. Cobia piling up on nearshore, offshore reefs out of Little River
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Since the beginning of the month, the heat wave that has bombarded Myrtle Beach vacationers with nearly ideal conditions for a stroll down the pearly-white strand has set up a different kind of beach experience for fishermen looking to reel in a bruiser cobia.

Look for weed lines or other kinds of floating structure, but stay away from artificial reefs or wrecks when targeting dolphin because of the number of other predators that will be on hand. Stay away from reefs
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During the spring and early summer, dolphin migrate from Florida to the mid-Atlantic states. Typically, they travel along the edge of the Gulf Stream, they but will move into shallow water to recharge on the abundant baitfish. However, some of the places that hold bait may not be the best places for dolphin to visit or anglers in search for them.

Big numbers of dolphin can be caught from one school by keeping a hooked fish in the water just behind the stern of the boat. String ’em on!
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Dolphin, especially at smaller sizes, will in tight schools to protect themselves from larger predators, and fishermen can take advantage of these instinctive traits to put a limit of 10 fish in the boat in relatively little time.

South Carolina fishermen will have eight days to catch red snapper on three weekends in July. Feds announce 8-day season for red snapper
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Fishermen in the Carolinas and other South Atlantic states will have eight days to catch red snapper this month, it was announced this week. 

Dolphin are among the most-colorful and tastiest fish in the ocean, but their acrobatic abilities when hooked are another big draw. Chicken boats - June brings schools of dolphin close to shore for anglers out of Charleston
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For anglers around South Carolina, summer fishing breaks out this month in inshore, nearshore and offshore waters, and for the angler with a taste for grilled dolphin filets, it’s prime time to find a school of these pelagic pleasures not far from the Charleston skyline.

Candace Stanton of Conway has sampled some of the excellent fishing for dolphin off South Carolina's coast. As water warms, dolphin action heats up off South Carolina coast
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For most of the spring season, Old Man Winter has kept on showing his ugly face – until now. But with temperatures creeping into the 80s, dolphin are beginning to show up off the South Carolina coast, and they’re biting.

Limits of big black sea bass like this one have been common on offshore reefs out of Murrells Inlet, especially The Parking Lot. Big black sea bass cover up offshore reefs out of Murrells Inlet
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Bottom-fishing aficionados looking for a 2-handed thrill can find it not too terribly far out of Murrells Inlet. Heavy stringers of big black sea are lurking about 30 miles off the beach and are gobbling up just about anything dropped onto their dinner table. After several winter seasons of closures, the black sea bass population has recovered and is producing some noteworthy individual fish.

Plenty of blackfin tuna have been biting when boats have been able to leave Little River. Blackfin tuna jumping in the boat when Little River boats can get out
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The terrible weather of the past few weeks has kept most fishing vessels docked or high in the dry stacks at marinas, but enough pleasant days have been scattered in between the storms to reach the offshore tuna grounds, and Tom Cushman of Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters has been making the trip out of Little River Inlet, putting double-digit catches of blackfin tuna in the boat – making the long boat rid worthwhile.

Sheepshead get their name from their dental structure, which resembles that of a wooly farm animal. ‘Convicts’ will make for a sweet plate of fish
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Shaped like large, freshwater bream, sheepshead are named for their teeth, which resemble that of a sheep. They have five or six vertical black stripes, or bars, which help contribute to another nickname: “convict fish.”