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Philip Jarabeck of Lynchburg, Va., will carry a half-pound lead into Saturday's third round of the FLW Forrest Wood Cup on Lake Murray. Jarabeck replaces his uncle atop FLW leaderboard
537 Views - Posted: August 15 at 7:37 pm

Atop the leaderboard at the FLW Forrest Wood Cup championship, the hometown and the family didn't change -- just the name. Philip Jarabeck of Lynchburg, Va., caught the biggest stringer of the second day and replaced his uncle, David Dudley -- also of Lynchburg -- in first place. 

Dolphin are one of a double-handful of species biting offshore out of Charleston, many of them bottomfish. Drifting offshore livebottom very productive for Charleston anglers
458 Views - Posted: August 15 at 8:48 am

Anglers fishing out of Charleston are having a field day offshore over livebottom, and the main species biting changes from day to day and even several times a day, even when anglers are targeting the same spots.

Mate L.A. Riddick watches Capt. Larry Horowitz for a sign that he should release the anchor on the Super Voyager III. Anchors aweigh!
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Anchoring is one of the most important tasks for a successful day of bottom-fishing, because a boat that isn’t properly anchored doesn’t allow fishermen to get their baits to the fish.

African pompano are a great bonus catch on offshore bottom-fishing trips where grouper, snapper and black sea bass are more commonly targeted. Out of Africa
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An African pompano is always an outstanding catch on a party boat. They are excellent eating and are extremely strong fighters.

Gray triggerfish are just one of a handful of bottomfish species commonly caught on long-range summer trips out of Little River. Bottoms up! Summer bottom-fishing is best well offshore for anglers around Little River
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Little River Inlet enters the Atlantic Ocean just below the state line between North Myrtle Beach, S.C., and Sunset Beach, N.C. Anglers from both states use the inlet to gain access to fabulous fishing, the most notable of which may be summer bottomfish action.

Gulf flounder can often be distinguished from their inshore cousins by three prominent spots in a triangle pattern. Stock up!
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Bottom-fishing around reefs can be some of the most-exciting action of the summer, with big flounder and a wide variety of other species to target. Flounder are typically associated with the sharp, jagged structure of the reef components. Anglers need to use strong terminal tackle and will need to bring plenty of it over a day’s trip.

Good electronics are essential for picking out spots around reefs where actual structure is located. High-definition electronics are critical
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Despite the mundane appearance of the ocean’s surface, the sea floor can be lively, especially around places with yellow buoys marked with “A.R.”

Fishermen shouldn’t stay in one spot on a reef for too long if they’re not getting regular bites from flounder. Stay on the move
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Flounder are different from any other fish found in freshwater or saltwater. Their pancake-like shape and unique dorsal coloration are built for ambush feeding. They lie on the bottom in hopes that their next meal will pass by unaware of their presence.

Murrells Inlet is a flounder hot spot, but in summer, savvy anglers leave its inshore waters for nearshore reefs. Don’t flounder around! Gulf flounder provide great summer opportunities for Murrells Inlet fishermen
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During the summer, Murrells Inlet’s blue waters and spectacular marsh walk draw a lot of people visiting the Grand Strand. From banana boat rides and water skiing to inshore anglers looking to score enough scaly fare for dinner, the beautiful estuary becomes a little congested, to say the least. Nevertheless, just a few miles from the jetties that line the entrance to the inlet lies some great flounder fishing, with doormat-sized fish comprising a lot of the take.

Fishermen can donate red snapper carcasses to the SCDNR at a handful of sites during the upcoming recreational season. SCDNR announces sites for red snapper carcass donation
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The S.C. Department of Natural Resources has announced locations where anglers can drop off red snapper carcasses during the upcoming July season to help with research into the species.

Big cobia are piling up on nearshore and offshore reefs out of Little River. Cobia piling up on nearshore, offshore reefs out of Little River
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Since the beginning of the month, the heat wave that has bombarded Myrtle Beach vacationers with nearly ideal conditions for a stroll down the pearly-white strand has set up a different kind of beach experience for fishermen looking to reel in a bruiser cobia.

Look for weed lines or other kinds of floating structure, but stay away from artificial reefs or wrecks when targeting dolphin because of the number of other predators that will be on hand. Stay away from reefs
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During the spring and early summer, dolphin migrate from Florida to the mid-Atlantic states. Typically, they travel along the edge of the Gulf Stream, they but will move into shallow water to recharge on the abundant baitfish. However, some of the places that hold bait may not be the best places for dolphin to visit or anglers in search for them.

Big numbers of dolphin can be caught from one school by keeping a hooked fish in the water just behind the stern of the boat. String ’em on!
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Dolphin, especially at smaller sizes, will in tight schools to protect themselves from larger predators, and fishermen can take advantage of these instinctive traits to put a limit of 10 fish in the boat in relatively little time.

South Carolina fishermen will have eight days to catch red snapper on three weekends in July. Feds announce 8-day season for red snapper
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Fishermen in the Carolinas and other South Atlantic states will have eight days to catch red snapper this month, it was announced this week.