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Union County will be the site of a youth-only dove hunt on Saturday, Sept. 6. SCDNR, USFS will hold special youth dove hunt in Union County
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The S.C. Department of Natural Resources, in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service, will host a special youth dove hunt in Union County on Saturday, Sept. 6

Insecticide treatments are often necessary to protect wildlife food plots. Check plots for insect damage
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Warm-season food plots are challenged every day from weedy invaders, over-grazing and insects. Everything wants a piece of a field full of nutritious soils and palatable plants. A healthy food plot can quickly deteriorate because of invading insects. All food-plot crops, including sunflower, grasses, millets, soybean, brassicas, clover and corn are susceptible to one or more of these pests. Pesticides and selective insecticides can control invading insects that invade plots.

Nuisance animals: Know the rules
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For the landowners across the Carolinas, more than a dozen furbearing animals cause problems to game species, forests, farm fields and other types of wildlife habitat. Even though foxes, coyotes, beavers and wild hogs rank at the top of the watch list, several others cause havoc to native wildlife species and their sensitive habitats. Often, the first reaction for a landowner is to grab a rifle or steel trap and quickly take care of these pesky animals. However, the regulations for trapping and shooting these species vary from county to county and species to species.

Work done afield well before deer season opens will make for much better hunting when the bucks roll around. Do preseason deer work now, rest the land as South Carolina's season approaches
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Consistently killing big bucks and lots of deer isn’t based on luck. Whether using bow or rifle, successful hunters leave little to chance and put in the “sweat equity” work before the season to enhance their success.

American foresters might be at a disadvantage in the future under current rules for sustainable forest management. Adjust sustainable forest
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Out of the 750 million forested acres in the United States, North Carolina and South Carolina have a little more than 31 million acres covered in wooded habitats. But forests are more than just a place for Bambi, Peter Rabbit and Tom Turkey to live and places for a fleet of hunters trying to fill their tags; they support a massive forest-products industry. In North Carolina alone, it is the top manufacturing business in the state, contributing more than 180,000 jobs and $23.1 billion in economic benefits.

Mallard numbers are the best of all duck species according to the USFWS's annual survey of breeding ducks. Duck numbers should be up this fall according to USFWS survey
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Waterfowl hunters have plenty to cheer about in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s annual report on duck breeding populations that was released late last week. Surveys conducted in May and early June show an 8-percent increase in the number of breeding ducks over last year.

Speed Reed Speed Reed
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Camo Unlimited Speed Reed synthetic grass panels provide long lasting boat/duck blind and pit cover solutions. Features include flexible realistic strands that will not break, materials that can be painted to match your environment and strong mounting points for any application. These individual panels measure 2 feet x 28 inches and have UV Treatment and Weather Shield technology, ensuring multiple seasons of use.

Mud Buddy Sport V Mud Buddy Sport V
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The new Mud Buddy Sport V Shallow Water Marine Outboard is the toughest, fastest and most powerful mud motor built today. Thick aluminum castings deliver impact resistance and durability, a stainless steel skeg provides greater strength and a modified motor balance point allows the motor to be easily lifted with one hand.

Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow
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Weighing in at only 7 pounds, the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow produces speeds up to 350 fps with 109 feet/pounds of kinetic energy. Its lightweight composite stock has a high-definition Realtree Xtra finish and its Magnesium STR riser sports a 7/8-inch Picatinny Rail for attaching accessories. This crossbow also features Barnett’s high-energy cam system, the Crosswire string and cable system and Barnett’s ADF trigger system, which gives you a smooth 3 ½-pound trigger pull for that perfect shot.

Tony Blackwell's big Oconee County non-typical, killed last Dec. 14, was the top non-typical buck scored in the SCDNR's statewide antler scoring sessions this past March. Upstate bucks are top non-typicals from SCDNR scoring sessions
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Sometimes the biggest rewards come when we least expect them. Just ask deer hunters Tony Blackwell and Chase Smith. They killed two of the three biggest non-typical deer scored during the S.C. Department of Natural Resources’ scoring sessions this past March – and neither was planning to hunt the day their big bucks were taken.

Hunting camps incidents can grow to legends, and the story about how a city slicker came to be known as “Bobcat” is a classic example. Tales from the camp
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Fervent Rainwater shifted his cud as I walked up to the camp porch, and spit a long stream of Skoal between the paws of Ol’ Blue, the redbone hound lying at his feet.

A bill to change season dates and bag limits for the spring wild turkey season didn't make it through the state legislature. Bill to change turkey season dates, bag limit fails to get through legislature
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A bill to expand the spring turkey season while shrinking the statewide gobbler limit did not pass during the regular session of the South Carolina Legislature and, since 2014 was the second year of a two-year session, it must be reintroduced next year.

Hybrid sorghums produce tremendous yields for hunters looking for a grain to plant in waterfowl impoundments. Plant hybrid sorghum in June
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While corn ranks at the top of the list as a waterfowl food, sorghum will not disappoint incoming flocks, either. The new hybrid varieties of sorghum are capable of producing yields similar to corn that provide food for ducks on their migration.

Scent control: friend or foe for trapping coyotes?
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The last deer fawns and turkey poults should have appeared in June. Consequently, coyote pups are weaned off their mother’s milk and are beginning to feast on a wild assortment of solid foods. Trappers and predator hunters should ramp up their game, paying special attention to their scent control and enticement lures.