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Fire breaks provide more than just protection against a runaway prescribed burn. Maintained fire breaks and openings provide excellent habitat
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Prescribed fire provides valuable benefits for both wildlife and forests, but the fire itself is not the only beneficial result. Fire breaks and other types of cleared corridors provide excellent foraging opportunities for deer, turkeys and other wildlife species. And a rush of food during the winter is just what the doctor ordered since there is little food available. 

Coyotes are especially vulnerable to electronic calls on winter nights because they are constantly looking for food. Electronic calls improve chances of taking predators under the moonlight
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For the past decade, the presence of coyotes has increased pressure on native game species in every corner of the Carolinas. Because food is limited and nighttime temperatures are close to, at or below freezing in February, small animals and birds, including bobwhite quail, rabbits, squirrels and possibly small deer become vulnerable to predation from coyotes. But hunters can take advantage of the vulnerabilities of coyotes and yank out a few of these unwanted canines out of the brush. 

Coon hounds and hunters do not negatively affect deer hunting on a piece of property, SCDNR has reported. Coon hounds, deer hunters shouldn’t be at odds
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The S.C. Department of Natural Resources has conducted a study entitled  “The Impact of Sport Raccoon Hunting on Deer movement and Deer hunting Success.” 

Prescribed burning has many benefits for almost every wildlife species. Winter is time to burn
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Wildlife management doesn’t just bring a spring and fall schedule. Dedicated outdoorsman with a drive to improve their wildlife habitat can keep the wheels turning year-round with tons of habitat-management activities. February is the middle of the season for prescribed fire to improve forest health and provide massive benefits for nearly all critters.  

Required tags for South Carolina wild turkeys can no longer be obtained over the country where hunters purchase their licenses. South Carolina hunters can no longer pick up turkey tags from license vendors
7165 Views - Posted: February 03 at 9:29 pm

Wild turkey tags, which are required in South Carolina, will no longer be available over the counter at local vendors this spring for turkey hunters.

Holden Poole took this monster buck on Sept. 15 in Cherokee County. 2014 Deer of the Year
510 Views - Posted: February 01 at 7:00 am

The 2014-15 deer season was an interesting one for Palmetto State hunters. In the Upstate, baiting is still a relative novelty, and with a huge acorn crop this past fall, it’s likely that big bucks didn’t have to travel too far to find something to eat. And that’s never good news for the troops in camouflage and blaze orange.

Raccoon hunters have a love for a certain kind of mood music you can only hear at night. Night music - Once heard, few hunters can resist the sounds of a great raccoon chase after dark
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It seems among sportsmen and sportswomen there are houndsmen, and then there is everyone else. Caring for, breeding, training and hunting with hounds takes a commitment seldom seen in today’s “instant gratification” culture. You are either a lover of hounds or you are not; there doesn’t appear to be any middle ground.

Coozy’s Custom Calls Coozy’s Custom Calls
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Coozy’s Custom Calls are handmade from start to finish for the avid waterfowler that demands the true tones that bring ducks in. Made from high grade hard woods that will last for years to come, Coozy’s Custom Calls are easy to blow, work in all types of weather, from 10 degrees freezing in the far north up to 65 degrees in the southern coastal marshes, and have been tested by some of the best guides from all over the country to insure that the right sounds and notes are there.

Tenzing Binocular Holster Tenzing Binocular Holster
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Tenzing Outdoors recently unveiled the new TC BH15 “The Choice” Binocular Holster in Realtree Xtra camouflage. Designed to fit most roof prism binoculars, this holster has ultra thin, breathable spandex-mesh shoulder straps, Hypalon covered buckles to minimize noise and two additional side pockets for holding calls or a wind detector. Adjustable side straps will also keep your hunting binoculars close to your chest and protected from the elements.

Protector Bow Max Recurve Bow Case Protector Bow Max Recurve Bow Case
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Plano’s Model 113500 Protector Bow Max Recurve Bow Case is an affordable and durable case that will provide safe storage and transport for your takedown recurve bow. A high-density foam interior securely cradles your bow’s riser, limbs and accessories, while Plano’s patented PillarLock system adds superior crush-resistant strength. Thick walled construction, heavy-duty latches, molded-in handles and padlock tabs round out this case’s features. 

MeoStar Binoculars MeoStar Binoculars
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Meopta has added two new high-performance binoculars to its MeoStar line – the MeoStar 12x50 HD and MeoStar 15x56 HD. These binoculars deliver to the max thanks to large HD fluoride objective lenses which provide spectacular image clarity. The new MeoStar HD binoculars also feature a sleek, ergonomically designed aluminum alloy body with rugged armoring to protect the optics in extreme hunting conditions. Thumb rests make them easy to hold for extended periods, the over-sized focus wheel is fast and easy to operate with or without gloves and the eyecups are removable for quick and easy cleaning.

Listen and learn from deer hunters
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South Carolina Sportsman and its sister publication in North Carolina have been running annual Bag-A-Buck contests almost since the moment the magazines were first published.

A decision to climb down from a tree stand and sit on a log proved to be a good one as Sands Williamson killed a great Lee County buck on Oct. 15. Lee County trophy falls to hunter on a log
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Sands Williamson did not like the view from the deer stand into which he had climbed late on the afternoon of Oct. 15, so he climbed down and walked a couple of hundred yards down the edge of the pasture on a Lee County farm and sat on an old pine tree that had been cut down. 

Gary Wicker’s 160-inch 10-pointer will likely move into the South Carolina records books as the third-largest buck ever taken in Newberry County. New Newberry No. 3
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Newberry County may not be the county with the most record-book bucks reported, but it has produced 167, which ranks 11th among all of South Carolina’s counties. But at least one more will be added to the list in March’s statewide scoring sessions: the third-biggest ever taken in the county.