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You might not have thought of several of these items, but they're all must-haves to carry in your deer-hunting pack. It's seven deadly sins if you don't carry these items in your deer-hunting pack
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Veteran hunters who venture into the woods during deer season typically have a routine they follow that includes the gear they rely on, especially when hunting from an elevated stand or climbing tree stand. You may or may not have considered these items, but reading this list may have you reassessing what’s in your pack.

Daniel Cathey's 10-point, 220-pound buck, taken in Anderson County, is estimated at 8 years old. Anderson man adds to list of trophy bucks with a 220-pound brute
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The Cathey family of Anderson has struck again. Daniel Cathey, the middle of a three-generation set of big-buck killers, took down a 10-point, 220-pound buck on Sept. 15, a deer he’s judged to be pushing 8 years old.

The harvest of adult and juvenile gobblers this past spring was down 15 percent over 2013 in South Carolina. Turkey harvest off 15 percent last spring from 2013 levels, SCDNR reports
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The 2014 spring turkey season was poor for South Carolina hunters as the S.C. Department of Natural Resources has reported a 15-percent decline over the 2013 season – which was down from the previous year as well.

The companies that produce Wipe-Out and Break Free make a lot of claims — and then backs them up. Chemical foams — gun cleaning magic
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I don’t remember where I picked up the can of Wipe-Out Brushless Bore Cleaner — but it had been sitting on my workbench shelf for quite a while.

Holden Poole killed this tremendous 8-point Cherokee County buck on Sept. 15, opening day of archery season in his neck of the woods. Gaffney hunter kills huge 8-point buck on opening day of bow season
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Hunter Holden Poole of Gaffney, the founder of Rock Solid Outdoors, will never forget this past Monday, the first day of archery season for deer on his Cherokee County hunting grounds. The biggest buck Poole has ever encountered in South Carolina’s woodlands, a 141 6/8-inch brute, showed up right where he had hoped, 24 yards from his tree stand.

Elissa, Lainey and Zachary Rosenberg celebrate with Dr. Jason Rosenberg after taking an 11-foot-11, 472-pound alligator near Georgetown. SC hunters take two 11-foot alligators shortly after opening of season
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Hunters across the Palmetto State flooded its swamps and marshes on the opening weekend of alligator season, and two lucky parties’ seasons ended about as quickly as they began.

Thinning of pines offers deer hunters with a unique opportunity to hunt stands that have previously been too thick. Thinning vs. clear-cutting
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At a point in the life cycle of the pine forest, loggers may return to thin out the crop. Thinning cuts the number of trees back so the remaining mature left have better long-term growth.

Shooting more and at longer ranges to learn your own limitations and the limitations of your weapon is a key to being able to take advantage of clear-cut areas on your hunting land. Long-distance shooting
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One added benefit of clear-cutting activity for deer hunters is the ability to see longer distances. Concurrently, one of the drawbacks is the probability of having to make longer shots. It is incumbent upon every responsible hunter to know their individual limitations when it comes to attempting to kill deer at long ranges. Taking “Hail Mary” shots, hurts the image of the sport, as well as potentially wasting the resource.

Bucks loves terrain edges and will stage near the edges of clear-cuts, especially when rutting, to watch for does. Additional resources
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To learn more about the steps and procedures used by timber- management companies to manage forested land, Steven Smith of Cross Creek Timber in Greenville suggests viewing some of these on-line publications:

A deer’s home range is at its smallest during the summer, but it may still cover 300 to 800 acres. A deer’s home range
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Charles Ruth, deer-project leader for the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, said logging or other timber-management activities will interrupt deer activity and patterns on a tract of land, but in a nutshell, it doesn’t run all the deer off.

Wild hogs are a popular species across South Carolina; they can be taken on WMAs while hunting for other species using legal weapons. Hog and coyote hunting on WMAs
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Several WMAs provide hunters with opportunities to harvest hogs, and some are very good, according to Derrell Shipes of SCDNR.

Root vegetables, including turnips, provide deer with plenty of nourishment from the time their leaves emerge (top) until their roots (above) mature late in the season. Root vegetables are tasty from top to bottom
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When preparing to plant fall food plots, hunters can choose from a wide assortment of seeds that will provide both immediate and long-lasting food for their deer herd. Most fall plots will begin producing edible forage as soon as the green shoots break through the soil’s surface. Clover, oats and wheat offer immediate benefits and can offer hunters a highly visited food source at the ideal time during hunting season. However, root vegetables are sometimes overlooked for cool-season plantings and will provide a multi-stage benefit for deer, from the beginning of the season to well after it ends in January.

Quail are an important species for hunters across South Carolina, and several WMAs have habitat that is managed in a fashion that makes it ideal for bobwhites. Quail and rabbits
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Biologist Willie Simmons said quail and rabbit have specific needs in terms of habitat to thrive. Anywhere you find open pine stands with low-growing understory and areas that are frequently managed with controlled burns are ideal for quail.

Intensify trapping efforts this month for porkers
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Even though the mercury is high in the glass during September, landowners with feral hog issues can benefit greatly by intensifying their trapping efforts.