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Loris plantation not included in hunting suspension zone

Grand Strand and Pee Dee-area hunters are finding that many of their usual hunting grounds are temporarily closed to deer hunting thanks to the recent flooding. One option they have is not too far away at Field and Fin Adventures in Loris. “We are still open for all hunting, including deer. We are not included in the deer hunting suspension,” said Luke Board, who operates the facility, which has a dove hunt scheduled for tomorrow following a lunch for all hunters at noon. 

Field and Fin Adventures features premium deer stands and the property is open to the public. They maintain over 1000-acres for hunting deer, quail, dove, turkeys, and they also do pheasant tower shoots.

2 hours ago

Another big gator killed at Santee

With the hopes of tagging a big gator on the morning of September 26th, Michael DuPre of Moncks Corner, and three of his hunting buddies pulled up to a gas station to fill up their boats. Robert Gregory of Moncks Corner, Ty Parker of Pageland, and Josh Kowalski of Summerville, were accompanying him on the hunt. The group has been hunting gators together in SC for the past four years. This year, Gregory drew a tag for the Midlands and they were planning to tag a big gator.   

“I pulled up to pump number thirteen at the gas station,” said DuPre. “My Grandma died on the 13th a few years back and I did not want to get any bad luck on this hunt. I was debating on moving the truck to another pump to fill up, but we all ended up joking around saying how we were going to kill a 13 footer on this hunt.”  

4 hours ago

Round O hunter wins Sept Bag-A-Buck contest

Keith Hiers of Round O wasn’t expecting a lot when he headed into the woods the afternoon of Aug. 15, opening day of gun season in the Lowcountry. 

“I never have done much on opening day, but my brother-in-law had never been deer-hunting and he wanted to go,” Hiers said.

Being nice to an in-law turned out to be a great decision for Hiers, who killed two great bucks that afternoon in full velvet. He entered them in South Carolina Sportsman’s Bag-A-Buck contest, and his entry was drawn as the winner in the first of four monthly contests.

9 hours ago

SCDNR announces 2 more WMA closures, 1 lake closure

The SCDNR has closed Lake Ashwood in Lee County because of damage suffered during the recent storms and because of the potential for danger from high volumes of incoming water. The lake and surrounding park closed today and will remain closed until further notice.

Along with Lake Ashwood’s closure, the SCDNR has closed a number of WMAs. Some of these game lands are closed to automotive traffic, while others are closed entirely. Deer hunting season has been suspended in certain counties until Oct. 11 at midnight.

Yesterday at 10:45 am

Cool-season time is now

While a rich fall planting may establish overwintering benefits for wildlife, the real reason most hunters plant cool-season food plots is to provide a hot food source in hopes of a shot at Bullwinkle during deer season. A lasting source of food to feed the wildlife over the winter is just a bonus. By October, the majority of the deer seasons are well under way, but it is still not too late to plant a cool-season food plot and have success without shelling out your life savings. 

Yesterday at 9:00 am

SCDNR maps clarify areas closed to deer hunting

The SCDNR temporarily closed deer hunting season in several parts of the state last night at midnight. The closures are expected to last through the end of this weekend, and impact a number of different counties. The boundaries that mark the closures are spelled out in this previous article about the closures, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, the SCDNR has also issued maps that should help hunters determine where they can and can't hunt.

The areas are being closed to all game animals except alligator, doves, hogs, and coyotes. These closures are for both public and private land.

Yesterday at 6:50 am

Deer closures announced by SCDNR

Due to flooding that has impacted virtually every part of South Carolina, the SCDNR has enacted a temporary hunting closure for several counties that will begin tonight at midnight and run through Sunday, Oct 11 at midnight. These times and the affected counties may be altered as conditions change.

The main reason for this closure is for the protection of game animals who have very little high ground to wait out the floods. This could equate to “shooting fish in a barrel” for deer as they hunker down to let the high water recede and open up their normal escape routes.

October 07 at 3:45 pm

SCDNR considering suspending deer hunting season

Due to flooding and other factors related to the flooding, the SCDNR is considering suspending deer hunting season for certain counties. This agency is guessing the suspension will be brief, lasting less than a week, but no firm decision has been made just yet.

The DNR is meeting with biologists and other stakeholders to see which counties should experience the temporary closure, and they expect to release a statement sometime today.

October 07 at 10:29 am