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Youth hunters have opportunities for unique hunts Youth hunters have opportunities for unique hunts
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In cooperation with a number of private landowners and hunt clubs, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources is co-sponsoring a handful of youth-only deer hunts in the state’s Piedmont region this fall, as part of the department’s Take One Make One program.

Youngsters between the ages of 10 and 15 are eligible to apply for the hunts, which will be Oct. 17 on the Brownlee and Johnson farms in Laurens County, on Nov. 7 on Horseshoe Falls Hunt Club in Spartanburg County, on Nov. 14 on Laura Lyn and Chufa Ridge farms in Union County and Broken Arrow Hunt Club in Cherokee County, on Dec. 5 on Yelton Farm in Spartanburg County, on Dec. 12 at the Clinton House Plantation in Laurens County and the Trophy Buck Club in Union County.

Stay motionless and wait until a dove is in shotgun range before rising to take a shot. Christmas in September - The opening day of dove season is something hunters anticipate the way kids do Christmas
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The better part of three decades ago a longtime friend described anticipation of the opening of dove season, along with a joyful gathering when that glad day finally arrives, as “Christmas in September.”

Bucks will hang out in bachelor groups until a certain stage of the photoperiod is reached during the early fall, then a change in testosterone levels will put them in competition and break them up. Bachelor Pads - September is prime time to hunt bachelor groups of bucks across South Carolina
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At the beginning of the deer season, most outdoor devotees are making waves in their favorite fishing spots, reeling in a redfish, king mackerel or Arkansas blue. For hardcore deer hunters across the Palmetto State, the sweltering heat, mosquitoes and snakes won’t keep many from climbing into a tree stand. Unknown to many, early September is an ideal time to pick off a trophy buck.

More open pine stands ground cover provide good quail habitat. 2015-16 South Carolina WMA Preview
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Wildlife Management Areas are the lifeblood for many South Carolina sportsmen, providing places for hunters to target various species. Many WMAs receive a lot of hunting pressure, but ample opportunity exists for those willing to put in the effort to find the right habitat for the specific species they target.

Power Scrape All-Season Kit Power Scrape All-Season Kit
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Tink’s new Power Scrape All-Season Scrape Kit is the perfect lure and dispenser system in one convenient value pack. It includes the trusted original Power Scrape Starter, the all-new Power Scrape Finisher and a Tink’s Scrape Bomb Dripper. Start the Power Scrape Starter up to one month prior to the rut and then switch to the new Power Scrape Finisher, which is enhanced with Tink’s #69 Doe-In-Rut estrous and buck secretions.

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The WOW SAW, with its large 10-inch taper-ground hard chrome plated SK4 Japanese steel blade, is a cut above the rest. Whether it’s cleaning the yard for the winter, trimming back trees on the acreage or clearing shooting lanes for deer season, the curved WOW SAW will rip through wood with the help of strategically located slots that clear the cut of debris. The slots also keep the blade cool, which reduces sap and pitch build up.

Leupold VX-6 Leupold VX-6
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With a powerful 6:1 zoom ratio, the Leupold VX-6 delivers crystal clear images from edge-to-edge throughout the entire magnification range. Featuring unsurpassed light transmission, uncompromising mechanical performance and unbeatable optical clarity, the VX-6 is undeniably as good as it gets.

Decree HD Decree HD / Decree IC
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With a 35-inch axle-to-axle and a 6 -inch brace height, the Decree HD from PSE hits the sweet spot for the shooter who spends serious time on the hunt. Designed with PSE’s new 3D structural riser, 3rd Gen B.E.S.T. Grip and HD Cam, the Decree HD hits speeds of up to 342 fps with a smooth draw and 80% let-off.

The 2015 PSE Dream Season Decree is fast and lethal at 355 fps, and thanks to PSE’s all-new Inertia Cam, the Decree delivers a comfortable draw, high let-off and solid back wall. Built on a 7075 forged aluminum riser, the Decree’s 3D structural design increases stability and rigidity, and its all-new 3rd Gen B.E.S.T. Grip makes shooting it comfortable.

Sandra Douglas took this 8-point, 19-inch, 172-pound Bamberg County buck the afternoon of Aug. 19. Early start pays off with trophy buck for Bamberg County woman
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Sandra Douglas of Olar had an inkling on the afternoon of Aug. 19 that she needed to get to her deer stand a little bit earlier than usual, so she headed out to a box blind overlooking a clover field on the 2,500-acre Bamberg County club where she hunts. It wound up being a trophy buck decision.

SCDNR has scheduled a series of public meetings to discuss a bill in the state legislature that will change deer management in the state. SCDNR schedules seven public meetings to talk about deer legislation
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The S.C. Department of Natural Resources has scheduled seven public meetings to receive input from hunters concerning legislation the agency supports related to future deer management in South Carolina.

SCDNR and several organizations are co-sponsoring special deer hunts in the Upstate for mobility impaired hunters. SCDNR announces special Upstate hunts for mobility impaired hunters
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Mobility impaired hunters will be treated to a unique opportunity to attend two special deer hunts this year on more than 60 well-managed and exclusive, private tracts of land in the Upstate. The hunts are scheduled for Oct. 23-24 in Cherokee, Spartanburg and Union counties, and on Oct. 30-31 in Laurens and Newberry counties. Applications are being accepted by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources through Sept. 14.

North Carolina and South Carolina hunters have the entire month of September to thin out populations of resident Canada geese. Discourage geese from setting up in food plots, impoundments
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With the deer season just around the corner, this year’s batch of cool-season food plots should be in the planning stage. For landowners with a field full of maturing grain intended for this year’s migratory flock of ducks, it is time to safeguard crops from resident Canada geese.

Expanded methods available for North Carolina goose hunters
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For hunters looking to heat up their shotgun barrels, fill up the freezer and contribute to conservation and eradication efforts, the resident Canada goose season arrives on Sept. 1.

How individual landowners and hunters plan their harvest goals should take into consideration both does and bucks. Top deer counties for 2014 season
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County rankings for the 2014 deer season are compiled by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources in two categories: total harvest and harvest by square mile. The data points hunters to areas that were productive last season and in seasons past.