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Guide Jamie Pritchett said that turkey hunting from the middle to the end of the season can be great, if you change tactics a bit. With midway point of turkey season at hand, savvy hunters will change tactics
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There’s a mad scramble to hunt as soon as turkey season begins, but some expert hunters look forward to the middle and latter parts of the season.

Johnathan Alford will open his bag of tricks and try several different things when dealing with a gobbler that won’t budge. Check your ‘6’ when in stealth mode
69 Views - Posted: April 15 at 7:00 am

Johnathan Alford said that when dealing with a hung-up gobbler, expect the unexpected.

Change calls when working on a hung-up gobbler, and try to avoid using a standard yelp, as it may convince the tom to stand pat. Beware of the yelp
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Jeremy Burnham said one thing he has learned is that a yelp is not the best call for a hung-up gobbler. 

Thinning or clear-cutting a stand of pines can bring landowners rewards whose size depends a lot on the timing of the harvest. In timber, timing is No. 1 factor in making money
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Beyond the values to wildlife received from cutting timber, landowners can receive monetary returns. But knowing when to sell a tract of timber offers some uncertainty to the unknowledgeable landowner. Thankfully, there are registered consulting foresters to assist landowners. 

The market for timber of all kinds is looking up in the Carolinas, especially for short-rotation pines. Timber market price trends
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Timber prices rise and fall based on the demand for raw material slotted for conversion into finished products. And the demand for forest products has fluctuated with advances in certain sectors of the economy that can be affected by foreign and domestic uses. Today’s market is recovering well, bringing in good returns for landowners. 

Not only can timber management bring a landowner a nice payday, it can also provide wildlife with an infusion of improved habitat. Two tales of timber
46 Views - Posted: April 09 at 9:00 am

Throughout the year, hunters and land managers are always looking for ways to boost the quality and quantity of game on their properties. While managing wildlife is important, managing habitat will make the greatest impact, and forest manipulation is the best way to influence habitat without having to make a withdrawal from the bank. 

Choosing a spot to set up where you can see an approaching gobbler, not be seen and still be able to call is a key. Don’t hang up on hung-up toms - Learn how to deal with hung-up gobblers this spring
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Hunt turkeys long enough, and every hunter will learn that some gobblers are just more difficult to kill than others.  A few years of experience usually enables hunters to call reasonably well and have a suitable sense of woodsmanship. Many take gobblers with reasonable regularity.  

Jack Lombard shows off the six beards of one turkey he killed during his almost half-century of hunting gobblers. The Mountain Master - With more than 150 birds to his credit, the late Jack Lombard of Mountain Rest was a turkey hunting wizard
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We sat spellbound as the late Jack Lombard of Mountain Rest talked about the birth of modern turkey hunting in South Carolina. He spoke softly, without pretense. At 86, a few months before he passed away, he had nothing to prove. The competitive ways of youth were long behind him. His eyes had a faraway look as his thoughts went to a life filled with turkey hunting success.

JEBS Chokes JEBS Chokes
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The JEBS Headhunter Turkey Choke Tube is for everyone from the serious turkey hunter to the beginning novice. This tube has a patented interior bore design which allows for better shot and wad cup separation, thus making patterns smaller and denser on your intended target. It will deliver extreme patterns down range at longer distances. Due to its restrictions, quality materials and overall craftsmanship, JEBS chokes are quickly becoming the “Go-To” choke tube for the serious shotgunner.

Two bills making their way through the state legislature would change bag limits for turkey and deer and set a statewide uniform turkey season. Deer, turkey bills making big gains in state legislature
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Two bills working their way through the Legislature this spring could drastically change deer and turkey hunting in South Carolina. Both are backed by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, and both have broad support from hunter groups and conservation organizations.

Using a turkey’s fan will often put a gobbler in a relaxed frame of mind and within range of a load of copper-plated No. 4s. The fan, something every turkey hunter should carry
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“Every time I go turkey hunting, I carry a turkey fan — a set of intact tail feathers — with me.” Willie McCutchen said. “I think if there’s one almost-indispensable tool other than calls and camouflage that a turkey hunter needs, it is the fan of a previously harvested gobbler. A wing from a turkey will work for flydowns, but it is limited in use. The tail fan can do anything the wing can do and much, much more. I’ve used it many different ways, and I know that every year I am likely to find a new use for it to help me get a gobbler I may not have been able to otherwise get. It is the single most-utilized non-calling tool in my arsenal of tactics. It’s something that may be considered a bit offbeat the way I use it at times, but it has directly led to the death of many longbeards.”

An unusual sounding call, like those produced by a tube, can often turn the tables on a big gobbler. An offbeat calling tactic that works
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Most serious turkey hunters know and make the basic yelps, clucks, purrs, cackles and such, and often, one of these will work. But they don’t always produce, and the need to have offbeat sounds up your calling sleeve can spell success or strikeout.

A sow might not have the tusks that a boar has, but she can be just as dangerous, especially if she’s defending her brood. Nice teeth ya got there, piggy
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The length of its tusks and its weight are the measurements most huntres use to determine whether or not a hog is of trophy status. While most hunters prefer taking large boards because they have the longest tusks and biggest bodies, sows and young pigs re better for eating.

Raccoons and other egg-eaters are the primary reason for poor reproduction of wild turkeys. Predator control: Safeguard the nest
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Over the next 60 days, the turkey population will receive its annual hit from the thousands of hunters out there looking to fill their tags. Nevertheless, the largest punch to the population has nothing to do with hunters. Weather conditions during nesting season and nest predation are greater than any other factor.