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Trappers across the Carolinas are gearing up for the core of their season. Donít get trapped: Know trapping rules
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Beginning with Native Americans during pre-settlement through the modern day, trapping has been one of the nation’s unique past-times. To some, trapping has lost its luster, but, there is still a sold trapping community beating the bushes all over the Carolinas. In fact, North Carolina issues nearly 4,000 permits each year.†

Thermacell is making heated insoles that should warm your toes in the duck blind. Keep those toes warm
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With the largest part of duck season and the final days of deer season arriving this month in the Carolinas, so will winter weather. The long hours in a tree stand or in a flooded marsh have a totally different meaning to our own two feet, practically numb from prolonged exposure to extreme cold.†

The ACE Basin is a waterfowl-rich area that provides plenty of access to duck hunters. ACE Basin is waterfowl hunterís heaven
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A map and history of the ACE Basin is available from the S.C. Department of Natural Resources at 843-844-8957 or online at It shows most of the available boat and canoe or kayak landings, as well as the WMAs, national wildlife refuges and many private plantations.

SCDNR personnel roll out the blue ribbon for hunters drawn for special waterfowl hunts on some of their best WMAs. SCDNR draw hunts are top-drawer
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It won’t do you any good this year, since the drawing has already taken place, but every avid or wannabee waterfowl hunter should apply for one of the SCDNR-sponsored duck hunts on several WMAs. These sponsored hunts are first-class affairs where most of the required equipment is supplied by SCDNR. On most hunts, SCDNR will take you and up to three friends to a john boat loaded with decoys, life preservers and oars and point you toward blinds they have built. You may be in the center of a flooded corn field or other advantageous location. The hunts are almost always good.

Marines from the Marine Air Station in Beaufort are feted annually by the local Ducks Unlimited chapter, spending a day hunting on a handful of the areaís best plantations. Local DU chapter takes Marines for a hunt
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The weekend of Dec. 13 will be remembered by about 15 combat-experienced Marines for the rest of their lives. They will be the honored guests of the Beaufort chapter of Ducks Unlimited and a consortium of private plantations in the area.

High-quality alloys have allowed manufacturers to produce light air-gun ammo that produces some startling muzzle velocities. Ammo advances provide increased velocities
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The use of special, non-lead alloys in the manufacturing of ammunition for air guns has led to greatly increased velocities.†

Changing sizes and brands of air-gun ammunition will require scope adjustments in order to be able to make the spot-on shots required on small-game animals like squirrels. Variables in different ammo weights
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If †you plan to shoot more than one type and weight of ammunition, you will likely find that you will have to adjust your scope. The weight variation has a significant effect on the †point of impact.

Many a nice December buck is taken in the final few minutes of legal hunting time. Donít give up. Donít ever give up
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Hunters in South Carolina get to chase whitetails longer than just about any other state, and during December, hunters may become restless the last few weeks or the last few minutes of each hunt.†

During stormy weather, donít miss out and wait for the rain to stop before you get back in the woods. Watch weather forecasts and try to be on stand an hour before the weather clears. Read the weather
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From the beginning of deer season until its Jan. 1 close, the weather will vary from scorching, 90-degree days to bone chilling-winter mornings with frozen precipitation all over. Changes in weather conditions will play a strong role in deer movement throughout the season, and hunters looking to score during the last few weeks, scheduling hunts around specific weather patterns will increase their chances of an intimate encounter with their prime suspect. †

Hunters can now take advantage of all the cool features of a new iPhone app from Mississippi State University's Deer Lab. Free iPhone ĎDeer Huntí app fun, informative
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Mundane hunting camp rituals could become a lot easier if a new iPhone app from†Mississippi State University’s Deer Lab†delivers what its designers hope it can.

Roger Cox's beautiful Dillon County buck, killed on his first trip to a friend's property, is in the 150-inch class and weighed 208 pounds. Loris hunter scores on 150-inch buck on friend's property in Dillon County
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Roger Cox of Loris said it all happened so fast, he “didn’t even have time to get nervous” – and that was probably a good thing. Cox killed a 150-inch, 208-pound, 10-point buck near Dillon last Friday, in part because when the deer suddenly appeared out of a swamp, he was in range and presented a killing shot as soon as Cox saw him.

Jeff Kirkley killed this huge main-frame 8-point buck after it was spooked out of a swamp by some duck hunters. Mullins hunter scores on huge buck spooked by duck hunters' shots
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Since deer season began, Jeff Kirkley of Mullins had hoped to run into a huge buck he had picked up on one of his trail cameras along a Marion County swamp. He spent countless days in a stand 400 yards deep in a flooded wilderness until Dec. 6, when a handful of duck hunters spooked the buck in his direction and he took advantage to make a tough kill shot.

Watch the world's fastest deer skinner Watch the world's fastest deer skinner  Video Included
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I pride myself on being able to disassemble a deer pretty quickly. But judging from this video, I have a long way to go in terms of stripping down an animal.

This fella, who apparently works at†Peach Orchard Deer Processing†outside of Sumter, takes the hide off a deer and dumps its guts - and trims off fat - in less than two minutes. It's a video you just have to see to believe.

Youth raccoon hunters are in the midst of a series of hunts to qualify for the state championship hunt in February. The next hunt is Dec. 13 in Lancaster County. Youth coon hunt scheduled for Saturday in Heath Springs
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A youth coon hunt will be held in Heath Springs on Saturday, Dec. 13, sponsored by the Lancaster County Coon Hunters Association. It's part of a series of nine youth coon hunts being held around South Carolina through February 2015, sponsored by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources and the S.C. Coon Hunters Association.