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Dalton Smith, 19, of Chesnee, made this huge non-typical buck his first ever with a bow. Snap, crackle, pop! Spartanburg Methodist freshman kills huge buck
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Snap, crackle, pop! Cereal noises to many people, but on the afternoon of Nov. 15, to Dalton Smith, a 19-year-old from Chesnee, it was the sound of a big buck – a big, big buck: 16 points and 180 pounds.

Ivy Oates killed two nice bucks on Oct. 19, one of which she entered in South Carolina Sportsman's Bag-A-Buck Contest. She was drawn as the October contest winner. Rock Hill teen wins October Bag-A-Buck contest
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Oct. 19 was a Sunday that 16-year-old Ivy Oates of Rock Hill will not soon forget. The junior at Rock Hill High School killed her first buck, a 5-pointer, around 5 p.m., right after climbing into a ladder stand on property in Lancaster County she was hunting with her father, Danny.

A dove-hunting clinic for young hunters will be held in the Conway area on Nov. 22. SCDNR, QDMA holding dove-hunting clinic for youths on Nov. 22
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The S.C. Department of Natural Resources’ Take One Make One Program and the Horry County “Sandlappers” branch of the Quality Deer Management Association is offering aspiring young hunters the opportunity to learn more about dove hunting with a dove clinic on Nov. 22 in Conway.

You don’t need a lot of decoys if you’ve got the right kind and arrange them so passing ducks will feel safe landing. Fool the fowl with a variety of blocks
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Types of decoys are mostly a personal preference, however, finding decoys that will fool ducks is of the utmost importance.

A duck like this drake woody carrying  a leg band is a rare prize that all waterfowl hunters seek. The jewelry store
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The one piece of jewelry that many sportsmen and sportswomen would love to own comes off the leg of a duck or goose.

Timing the release of corn from a feeder may draw deer into feeding on bait during daylight hours. Hunting over corn
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Beginning with the 2013, baiting for deer became legal on private lands across the state. Many hunters put out corn, both in feeders and in piles, but they are quick to point out they rarely see trophy deer eating there during daylight hours. Most hunters still tout natural food sources and planted food plots as the best strategy for pin-pointing trophy deer.

Some bucks will show up in new territory once the rut kicks in , but most are homebodies when it comes to  staying in a familiar area. Timing the rut
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A number of factors influence exactly when deer will go into rut across South Carolina, but for most areas, the 30 days from Oct. 15 and Nov. 15 are historically when does go into estrous and bucks breed them.

Randy Lambert uses a Golden Estrus Trophy Leaf as a cover scent, not as a deer lure as it was designed. It makes scents to him
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Randy Lambert doesn’t consider using lures or scents as a big part of his deer-hunting program, with one exception.

Predator hunter Ken Truesdale said that night-imaging technology has made night-hunting for hogs a snap. Thermal-imaging devices are key for night hog hunts
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Farmers just about everywhere will quickly denounce the wild pig. Every year, wild pigs, aka feral hogs, are responsible for excessive crop and habitat destruction that contribute to tens of thousands of dollars every year. And their increasing numbers and expanding range are tough to combat under normal hunting conditions.

November is the time to flood your waterfowl impoundment to put the groceries within range of greenheads and other ducks. Time to flood duck honey holes
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Even though the short duck season has come and gone by the first of November, the core duck seasons remain, and the flood of migrating waterfowl is on its way. Waterfowl impoundments should be fully flooded this month to capture these birds when they arrive.

A food plot tucked in close to a buck’s bedding area may be a great November spot. Food for thought
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According to Clemson-based biologist Richard Morton of the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, food sources are the primary key in locating trophy deer almost any time of year, but particularly during the rut.

Willie McCutcheon is a big believer in grunting and bleating to get bucks within gun or bow range. Get vocal with big bucks - it might get them in range
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Hunters will do anything they can to get a big buck within bow or gun range, but there is one technique that is used to great advantage by some, but totally overlooked or misused by many: vocalization – talking to the deer.

Lush, green food plots really become deer magnets when early-season foods disappear and mast is consumed. Keep deer stores stocked
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For deer hunters rooted in the Carolinas, November is a demanding and sometimes challenging month in the deer woods. From intense rutting behavior and food availability to drastic changes in the weather, the pressure is on the  deer herd. Hunters and land managers must stay on their toes to keep their property attractive when the pressure surges. 

Steve Crenshaw of Anderson didn't miss when this big buck gave him a second chance on Halloween night. Anderson man makes most of second chance at huge buck
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Halloween Night provided both tricks and treats for Steve Crenshaw of Anderson, who admits getting physically sick when he missed a big buck across a huge food plot, then got well when the buck gave him a second chance he didn’t blow.