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Work done afield well before deer season opens will make for much better hunting when the bucks roll around. Do preseason deer work now, rest the land as South Carolina's season approaches
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Consistently killing big bucks and lots of deer isn’t based on luck. Whether using bow or rifle, successful hunters leave little to chance and put in the “sweat equity” work before the season to enhance their success.

Tony Blackwell's big Oconee County non-typical, killed last Dec. 14, was the top non-typical buck scored in the SCDNR's statewide antler scoring sessions this past March. Upstate bucks are top non-typicals from SCDNR scoring sessions
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Sometimes the biggest rewards come when we least expect them. Just ask deer hunters Tony Blackwell and Chase Smith. They killed two of the three biggest non-typical deer scored during the S.C. Department of Natural Resources’ scoring sessions this past March – and neither was planning to hunt the day their big bucks were taken.

South Carolina hunters killed more than 225,000 deer during the 2013 season, a 3.6-percent increase over 2012. Statewide deer harvest is up 3.6 percent in 2013, SCDNR reports
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South Carolina’s deer harvest last fall was up 3.6 percent over 2012, continuing a see-saw trend over the past few years, but the state’s top deer biologist found plenty to be happy about.

SCDNR has scheduled antler-scoring sessions throughout March to add deserving racks to the state record book. SCDNR schedules antler-scoring sessions throughout March
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The S.C. Department of Natural Resources has scheduled a series of six antler-scoring sessions across the state for March, and will score antlers by appointment at five regional sites to find new entries into the state record book. SCDNR personnel will score deer at sessions in Greenwood, Six Mile, Bath, Spartanburg and Bonneau on set dates, as well as at the Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic in Columbia the last weekend of the month. In addition, SCDNR will score antlers by appointment at regional offices in Columbia, Clemson, Union, Garnett and Florence.

Micah Sepko's entry of this buck taken in mid-November was drawn as the grand-prize winner in South Carolina Sportsman's Bag-A-Buck contest. Greer hunter is grand-prize winner in Bag-A-Buck contest
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A Greer man who killed a unique buck less than 100 yards from the front door of his house is the grand-prize winner in South Carolina Sportsman’s Bag-A-Buck contest.

Charles Byrd of Conway killed this fine Horry County buck with only a few minutes of daylight left on Sept. 3. 2013 Deer of the Year - Big bucks came this season from all across the Palmetto State
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Another season has come and gone for South Carolina deer hunters, but not without considerable bloodshed and a collection of fine bucks on their way into the S.C. Department of Natural Resources’ record book. Regardless of roller-coaster weather, the 2013 season left plenty of happy hunters across the state. This past season produced a pile of high-quality bucks for hunters from a wide range of demographics: men, women, children — even our “most experienced” individuals. †

From neophytes to those collecting Social Security, killing trophy bucks is catching on across the ages and genders. †

Tanner Herndon claimed the youth spot at a lively 12 years old with a huge 240-pound, 9-pointer he killed early in the august season in Dorchester County before bucks began to split off from their bachelor groups.†

A QDMA report says hunters are passing up more yearling bucks than ever before. QDMA: Hunters passing on more 1.5-year-old bucks than ever before
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More yearling bucks are getting a pass from deer hunters than at any time in modern history, according to data gathered by QDMA for its 2014 Whitetail Report, now available online.†

Rebecca Wise of Bluffton won the December Bag-A-Buck contest with this Beaufort County buck. Bluffton college student wins December Bag-A-Buck contest
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Rebecca Wise’s parents might have already bought her Christmas presents by Dec. 11, but she wound up getting a big present and setting up another that day.†Wise, a 19-year-old student at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, was hunting in Beaufort County near her home in Bluffton when she dropped a 10-point buck with an unusual 2-point “shovel” on the base of its left antler. A few days later, she entered the buck in South Carolina Sportsman’s Bag-A-Buck contest, and her entry was drawn on Dec. 31 as winner of the monthly contest for December.

Trail cameras arenít just preseason tools. Set them up in areas you think post-rut deer will use or after youíve located a buck. Important late-season combo: corn and trail cameras
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Mike Johnson, manager at The Clinton House, is a proponent of planting food plots to attract deer and keep them well-fed throughout the season, but he said the ability of hunters in his neck of the wood to bait with corn for the first time this season has given him another weapon for keeping up with his deer herd.

Food plots surrounded by thick cover are prime areas to hunt late in the season. Think thick and gnarly cover late in season
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Bill Cline of Ridgeway said it’s difficult for most hunters to stop thinking in terms of the rut because of the success rate and seeing lots of deer during that time.

Wildgame Innovations Sugar Beet Crush Wildgame Innovations Sugar Beet Crush
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Add Sugar Beet Crush to your automatic feeder as a high-fat, high-protein feed topper that’ll keep deer returning to your site. This one-of-a-kind attractant contains real sugar beets crushed and blended with processed beans and can help you start growing bigger deer. For added distribution options, choose the Sugar Beet Crush Lick ‘N Brick or Sugar Beet Crush Juiced.

Greg Linacre's entry of his 6-point Beaufort County buck was the winner in South Carolina Sportsman's November Bag-A-Buck contest. Ridgeland fire fighter gets 5-minute buck, Bag-A-Buck prize
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Jon Pruitt of Starr killed this huge Anderson County buck over a period of four days. After four days, Anderson County hunter finally puts hands on big buck
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Anderson County, known for its capacity to produce trophy deer, did exactly that on Thanksgiving Day for Jon Pruitt of Starr in the form a 160-inch buck – but it was a long four days before finished the job.

Late-season deer hunting can be tough for South Carolina hunters who donít make changes. Late can be great - Look in different areas for late-season deer and prepare to make a move
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As the end of the season approaches, hunting pressure has taken its toll on deer. Many have been killed and most of the rest educated to typical hunter strategies. Blend in cold and sometimes nasty weather, and hunting effort dwindles. Plus, small-game hunting enters the picture, and instead of having to sit still in the cold weather, small-game hunters typically can stay on the move and keep warm much easier.†