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Deer hunters in the former Game Zone 4 will get an earlier start on the season with reorganization of the state's game zones, dropping from six to four. SCDNR reduces number of game zones from six to four
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South Carolina has reduced the number of game zones from six to four for the coming hunting season, and it will change the season dates for deer hunters in several areas.

Applications for lottery deer hunts on Wildlife Management Areas will be accepted by SCDNR through Aug. 21. SCDNR will accept applications for lottery deer hunts through Aug. 21.
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Applications for deer lottery hunts this fall will be available from the S.C. Department of Natural Resources until Friday, Aug. 21, with applications for waterfowl and quail hunts becoming available in mid-September and turkey hunts in January 2016.

The overall harvest may be in decline, but South Carolina continues to produce lots of trophy deer, as results of the 2015 scoring sessions attest. South Carolina hunters add 176 trophy bucks to state's record book
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Despite a significant harvest decrease for the 2014 season, South Carolina deer hunters scored well on big bucks again. According to Charles Ruth, a biologist with the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, plenty of big bucks were measured at the 2015 scoring sessions held around the state in March, with 176 new entries to the state record book.

Summer is a great and important time to reduce local populations of feral hogs. Fire up feral hog-trapping efforts
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The feral hog explosion continues, and for landowners in the Carolinas, swine invasion is far less than divine. Wild hogs have been around since they were released by the Spanish five centuries ago, and even though the sausage and chops are quite tasty on the dinner table, their destructive nature is devastating to wildlife habitat. Summer is an ideal time to reduce the population by increasing trapping efforts.†

Grazing cattle can do plenty of damage to important wildlife habitat like stream corridors. Exclude cattle from woodlots and riparian corridors
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The Carolinas may not be considered top cattle-producing states like Texas, Nebraska and Kansas, but the 1.2 million head of cattle roaming the Carolinas can have a dramatic effect on wildlife habitat.†

Late afternoons and early evenings can be great times to get a look at members of your local deer herd. Get deer work done early
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For many deer hunters across the Carolinas, the intense field days preparing deer stands, planting food plots and monitoring the herd rarely start until 10 days or so before the opening day of the season. And for some, the work days may not start until after the season starts. But for diehard deer hunters looking to make a difference and improve their chances of bagging a trophy buck, summer is never the time to sit back and watch the weeds grow. There is always something to do to have a better deer season.†

Battle Bones Battle Bones
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Flextone Game Calls recently introduced the new Battle Bones rattling antlers. They make ultra-realistic buck fighting sounds and are much safer to carry than real whitetail antlers. They feature several design elements that add realism for deer and convenience for hunters, including hex-shaped handles in the middle for better grip and control. Battle Bones are also light and pack tight.

Decreases in the size of South Carolina's deer herd have a lot of hunters asking, Decrease in deer herd caused by three factors, SCDNR biologist says
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Since 2002, the deer harvest in South Carolina has dropped dramatically, more than 36 percent, causing many hunters to ask why and what’s being done. The quick answer is a trio of factors combined in a perfect-storm scenario to create the downward spiral, and the state legislature’s lack of definitive corrective action has allowed it to continue.

The statewide deer harvest was down again in 2014, continuing a trend that's lasted more than a decade. Statewide deer harvest off 9 percent in 2014, SCDNR reports
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South Carolina’s deer harvest dropped by 9 percent during the 2014 season, according to the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, continuing a long-term decline in the statewide harvest.

Holden Poole took this monster buck on Sept. 15 in Cherokee County. 2014 Deer of the Year
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The 2014-15 deer season was an interesting one for Palmetto State hunters. In the Upstate, baiting is still a relative novelty, and with a huge acorn crop this past fall, it’s likely that big bucks didn’t have to travel too far to find something to eat. And that’s never good news for the troops in camouflage and blaze orange.

Listen and learn from deer hunters
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South Carolina Sportsman and its sister publication in North Carolina have been running annual Bag-A-Buck contests almost since the moment the magazines were first published.

A decision to climb down from a tree stand and sit on a log proved to be a good one as Sands Williamson killed a great Lee County buck on Oct. 15. Lee County trophy falls to hunter on a log
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Sands Williamson did not like the view from the deer stand into which he had climbed late on the afternoon of Oct. 15, so he climbed down and walked a couple of hundred yards down the edge of the pasture on a Lee County farm and sat on an old pine tree that had been cut down.†

Gary Wickerís 160-inch 10-pointer will likely move into the South Carolina records books as the third-largest buck ever taken in Newberry County. New Newberry No. 3
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Newberry County may not be the county with the most record-book bucks reported, but it has produced 167, which ranks 11th among all of South Carolina’s counties. But at least one more will be added to the list in March’s statewide scoring sessions: the third-biggest ever taken in the county.

Ashley Millsí big buck has 17 points, including three different drop tines. For an old buck, it was his time
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Ashley Mills of Blair first saw the buck with the huge rack of unusual antlers on opening day of deer season in Fairfield County.