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Holden Poole took this monster buck on Sept. 15 in Cherokee County. 2014 Deer of the Year
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The 2014-15 deer season was an interesting one for Palmetto State hunters. In the Upstate, baiting is still a relative novelty, and with a huge acorn crop this past fall, it’s likely that big bucks didn’t have to travel too far to find something to eat. And that’s never good news for the troops in camouflage and blaze orange.

Listen and learn from deer hunters
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South Carolina Sportsman and its sister publication in North Carolina have been running annual Bag-A-Buck contests almost since the moment the magazines were first published.

A decision to climb down from a tree stand and sit on a log proved to be a good one as Sands Williamson killed a great Lee County buck on Oct. 15. Lee County trophy falls to hunter on a log
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Sands Williamson did not like the view from the deer stand into which he had climbed late on the afternoon of Oct. 15, so he climbed down and walked a couple of hundred yards down the edge of the pasture on a Lee County farm and sat on an old pine tree that had been cut down.†

Gary Wickerís 160-inch 10-pointer will likely move into the South Carolina records books as the third-largest buck ever taken in Newberry County. New Newberry No. 3
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Newberry County may not be the county with the most record-book bucks reported, but it has produced 167, which ranks 11th among all of South Carolina’s counties. But at least one more will be added to the list in March’s statewide scoring sessions: the third-biggest ever taken in the county.

Ashley Millsí big buck has 17 points, including three different drop tines. For an old buck, it was his time
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Ashley Mills of Blair first saw the buck with the huge rack of unusual antlers on opening day of deer season in Fairfield County.

Keep your trail cameras up and running and you may get a look at the bucks that survived this past deer season. Winter is perfect time to kill two birds with one stone: scout for deer, turkeys
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It’s never too late to scout for deer, and it’s never too early to look for turkey sign. That’s the feeling of some of the more dedicated hunters for both species, and February is prime time for doing both.

Chris Lambert's Spartanburg County non-typical buck won the grand prize in South Carolina Sportsman's Bag-A-Buck contest. Spartanburg hunter is grand-prize winner in Bag-A-Buck contest
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Chris Lambert, a 23-year-old Gaffney firefighter figured he was going to find a run-of-the-mill 8-point buck on the ground when he got down out of his tree stand the afternoon of Oct. 18.

Deer that arenít shot at every time they stick their noses out often donít bolt at the first sight of a human. The deer woods
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A pod of whales.†

A copse of brush.†

A gaggle of geese.†

A brake of cane.

A slash of palmetto.

David Ray's big 8-point buck, killed on Edisto Island, won South Carolina Sportsman's December Bag-A-Buck contest. Charleston man wins December Bag-A-Buck contest with Edisto Island trophy
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There’s one beat-up old tree stand on a piece of land on Edisto Island that†David Ray of Charleston hunts with friends. It’s just pieces of lumber hammered together to form a platform about 13 feet off the ground.

Evolvedís Dirt Bag Evolvedís Dirt Bag and Dirt Block
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Made with Evolved’s own blend of molasses flavoring and other ingredients deer can’t resist, Dirt Bag and Dirt Block attractants are packed with flavors and nutrients that help draw in deer. Even better, both products are enhanced with Glo-Cote, an ultra-violet light enhancement that is invisible to humans but highly visible to whitetails. Not only will deer smell and taste the flavors in Dirt Bag and Dirt Block, they’ll see it, too.

Cora Lee Downer killed this huge Sumter County 8-pointer the morning after Christmas. It's a shoo-in to make the South Carolina record book. Textbook or text buck? Sumter teen scores on huge 8-pointer on Dec. 26
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"I think he's here." "Yupp he's here but his butt is to me." "Are you sure? Take your time for a good shot." "I see big rack but he won't turn." "Doe to the left of him I think." "Just wait on the trigger and be ready." "Oh my gosh dad he's huge."

That's not your typical string of texts between teen-aged daughter and dad, but that's the exchange that took place the day after Christmas between Cora Lee Downer and her dad, Billy Downer. Minutes later, the 15-year-old Sumter County hunter fired one shot, then sent another text.

Kelly McAbee's huge Cherokee County 11-pointer had a 22 1/2-inside spread when he killed it on Dec. 1. Blame it on my brother -- Gaffney man takes huge buck at 318 yards
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Kelly McAbee of Gaffney admitted he was burned out. He’d sat one box blind on a piece of property he hunts in Cherokee County six straight days, and he was ready for a break. But when his brother Scott wanted to hunt on Dec. 1, McAbee reluctantly agreed – and was rewarded with a tremendous buck.

Many a nice December buck is taken in the final few minutes of legal hunting time. Donít give up. Donít ever give up
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Hunters in South Carolina get to chase whitetails longer than just about any other state, and during December, hunters may become restless the last few weeks or the last few minutes of each hunt.†

During stormy weather, donít miss out and wait for the rain to stop before you get back in the woods. Watch weather forecasts and try to be on stand an hour before the weather clears. Read the weather
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From the beginning of deer season until its Jan. 1 close, the weather will vary from scorching, 90-degree days to bone chilling-winter mornings with frozen precipitation all over. Changes in weather conditions will play a strong role in deer movement throughout the season, and hunters looking to score during the last few weeks, scheduling hunts around specific weather patterns will increase their chances of an intimate encounter with their prime suspect. †