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Guide Andy Pack said February is a great month to catch big crappie in the upper end of Lake Marion. Time to flip a few birds
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Some of the biggest news this month is the hunting season for cormorants, set to begin on Feb. 2. Of no surprise to local fishermen, Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie are overwhelmed with cormorants. The great quantity of fish these birds consume has apparently caused concerns regarding the forage base in the lakes, as well as other natural resources.

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources announced plans for a cormorant season nearly two months long to start after the close of duck season. According to SCDNR’s Derrell Shipes, double-crested cormorants may be taken beginning Feb. 2 and ending March 31. Legal hours begin 30 minutes before sunrise and end 30 minutes after sunset. Cormorants are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act; taking them or similar species without a permit or by methods, or in areas, not prescribed by permit, is strictly prohibited.

WMAs around South Carolina hold plenty of squirrels when the right habitat is present. Top WMAs for squirrels
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Biologist Billy Dukes said habitat for good squirrel hunting is a key, but not all habitat is created equal. Certain Wildlife Management Areas and key areas within those WMAs provide outstanding late-season hunting.

Squirrel hunting is enough reason to get into the woods once deer season is over. A sport with side benefits
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Not only does Chuck Porter of Sumter see and take squirrels during the middle of the winter, it extends his productive hunting and scouting time considerably.

Hunters need to put in some time scouting for late-season doves and be ready to hunt them as soon as they are located. Keep dove reports updated
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According to Billy Dukes, SCDNR’s small-game specialist, dove hunters who decide to take advantage of South Carolina’s late season should find plenty of birds, just like they have the past few years. The big factor is being mobile.

Fox squirrels, the largest of all tree squirrels, come in a variety of colorations in South Carolina. Fox squirrels
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Hunting fox squirrels in legal on many areas in South Carolina, but there are restrictions on some WMAs, according to SCDNR’s Billy Dukes.

Cheap shells are out of place on a late- season dove field, but does high brass automatically mean a better load? The case for high brass
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For some reason, many hunters always shoot the cheapest loads available for dove. Most feel a heavier load or higher- quality shell will not help in a situation where numbers of shots count more than quality shots.

Removing the skin from a squirrel is best done soon after it is killed and by two people. Cut through the skin ó but not the muscle ó all the way around the animal, and have two people pull in different directions against each other. Cleaning squirrels
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Not only can squirrel hunting be exciting and challenging, the animal’s meat is one-of-a-kind and tastes nothing like chicken — it’s definitely not a white meat.

Donít put up your boots when deer season ends; there are squirrels to be killed. Sell your tails
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Squirrel hunting is one of America’s favorite past-times, being abundant and from the soggy bottomlands of Mississippi to the high country of West Virginia. Thousands of squirrels fall each year to a shotgun or .22 rifle carried by young and old sportsmen alike.

A shooting vest, snake gaiters and shotgun shells are great Christmas gifts for the upland  game hunter in South Carolina. Sportsmanís stocking stuffers
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If you are looking for a gift for a hunter in the family but really haven’t a clue, here are a few ideas.

Sitting against a tree, on a bucket, in full camo, is Chuck Porterís favorite way to take a limit of squirrels. Calling Mr. Squirrel - January is a great month for squirrel hunters across the Palmetto State
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Squirrel hunting is more than just an after-deer or offseason chance to be in the woods. For many hunters, January is the prime month to hunt one of their favored game species. Many hunters actually cut their hunting teeth on squirrels and learned the ways of the woods, honing woodsmanship skills pursuing this often underestimated game species.†

Since the leaves and most of the other foliage is gone in January, hunters have to make due with whatís left and often move frequently during the hunt to keep the doves stirred up and flying. Donít miss the late show - There is still plenty of great wingshooting for South Carolina dove hunters this month
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Dove hunters who think the best shooting of the year is finished about the time college football starts could be missing out if those fields of September gold are forgotten. Within the framework of federal migratory bird-hunting guidelines, South Carolina opens the last segment of dove season in mid-December for nearly a month so wing-shooters can take advantage of resident doves overwintering in South Carolina and migratory birds passing through around the end of the year.

What a holiday treat! Good-flying quail, good bird dogs and some great meals! All are available at hunting preserves across South Carolina. Holiday Preserve ó Head to a hunting preserve to create family memories
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The holiday period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s finds families gathering and celebrating their blessings around tables loaded with food — often gathered by family members.†

Squirrel activity will increase as deer season ends and the winter mating season for bushytails begins. Chasing (bushy)tails - Squirrels come to the forefront this month for South Carolina hunters
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As the end of another deer season approaches, diehard outdoorsmen in the Palmetto State can continue their woods play, changing to a much smaller target with its own set of hairy challenges.†

Armadillos can destroy a field, rooting up the ground in its search for food. That makes them perfect targets for varmint hunters, since no one complains when they are shot. Handgunning for varmints
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We were never overrun with those juicy targets we read about in the big sporting magazines — articles by guys who referred to their shooting cult as “varminters.”