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Trappers across the Carolinas are gearing up for the core of their season. Donít get trapped: Know trapping rules
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Beginning with Native Americans during pre-settlement through the modern day, trapping has been one of the nation’s unique past-times. To some, trapping has lost its luster, but, there is still a sold trapping community beating the bushes all over the Carolinas. In fact, North Carolina issues nearly 4,000 permits each year.†

Thermacell is making heated insoles that should warm your toes in the duck blind. Keep those toes warm
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With the largest part of duck season and the final days of deer season arriving this month in the Carolinas, so will winter weather. The long hours in a tree stand or in a flooded marsh have a totally different meaning to our own two feet, practically numb from prolonged exposure to extreme cold.†

The ACE Basin is a waterfowl-rich area that provides plenty of access to duck hunters. ACE Basin is waterfowl hunterís heaven
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A map and history of the ACE Basin is available from the S.C. Department of Natural Resources at 843-844-8957 or online at It shows most of the available boat and canoe or kayak landings, as well as the WMAs, national wildlife refuges and many private plantations.

SCDNR personnel roll out the blue ribbon for hunters drawn for special waterfowl hunts on some of their best WMAs. SCDNR draw hunts are top-drawer
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It won’t do you any good this year, since the drawing has already taken place, but every avid or wannabee waterfowl hunter should apply for one of the SCDNR-sponsored duck hunts on several WMAs. These sponsored hunts are first-class affairs where most of the required equipment is supplied by SCDNR. On most hunts, SCDNR will take you and up to three friends to a john boat loaded with decoys, life preservers and oars and point you toward blinds they have built. You may be in the center of a flooded corn field or other advantageous location. The hunts are almost always good.

Marines from the Marine Air Station in Beaufort are feted annually by the local Ducks Unlimited chapter, spending a day hunting on a handful of the areaís best plantations. Local DU chapter takes Marines for a hunt
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The weekend of Dec. 13 will be remembered by about 15 combat-experienced Marines for the rest of their lives. They will be the honored guests of the Beaufort chapter of Ducks Unlimited and a consortium of private plantations in the area.

SCDNR is holding a youth-only duck-hunting clinic in January on Edisto Island. SCDNR offering youth-only waterfowl-hunting clinic in January on Edisto Island
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The S.C. Department of Natural Resources’ Take One Make One program will be holding a free youth duck-hunting clinic on Jan. 19, 2015 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Edisto Island.†

The author shows off a double-handful of evidence that hunters who donít have access to high-priced private waters can still come out on the winning end in the ACE Basin. Call up some holiday duck cheer - ACE Basin offers waterfowl hunters an excellent chance for a Merry Christmas
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The confluence of South Carolina’s weather pattern with our duck season makes Thanksgiving week and the entire Christmas season idea for bird-shooting in coastal marshes, inland lakes, puddles and streams. By Thanksgiving, cold weather almost invariably freezes ponds and lakes in the northern portion of the Atlantic Flyway, forcing migrations of smaller ducks like teal and woodies toward us. By Christmas, with many duck seasons in New England already closing and everything inland solidly encased in ice, the remaining big ducks like mallards and blacks have only the option of coastal wetlands or flying south. Like human snowbirds, lots of them head for the Carolinas. It’s show time.

Borrow pits dredged during highway construction are often great stopping-off spots for migrating waterfowl. Borrow pits: duck havens
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Over the past 20 years, federal dollars have upgraded transportation facilities in every county in both North Carolina and South Carolina to handle the booming human population settling in the South. Literally thousands of miles of new blacktop have relieved traffic congestion and allowed travelers to get to their destinations in a more-efficient manner, and few will complain about the lack of slowdowns on the highway. But these transportation projects all over the eastern seaboard have taken their toll on wildlife.†

Upstate beaver swamps were full of ducks for last weekend's season opener for Cabela's employees Cody Waldrop, Art Wimberley and Brandon Seffrin. Duck opener is a winner for Upstate hunters
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According to Brandon Seffrin of Cabela’s in Greenville, the first part of South Carolina’s waterfowl season has started off with a bang, at least in the Upstate.

You donít need a lot of decoys if youíve got the right kind and arrange them so passing ducks will feel safe landing. Fool the fowl with a variety of blocks
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Types of decoys are mostly a personal preference, however, finding decoys that will fool ducks is of the utmost importance.

A duck like this drake woody carrying  a leg band is a rare prize that all waterfowl hunters seek. The jewelry store
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The one piece of jewelry that many sportsmen and sportswomen would love to own comes off the leg of a duck or goose.

Set a good decoy spread and youíre well on the way to a very productive duck hunt. Set a tasty spread of decoys and kill more ducks this season
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The predawn was a lot colder than normal for the opening of waterfowl season. A thin layer of ice covered the small lake that a good flock of mallards had been using. As we eased into place, decoys were tossed into place to try and help lure the birds into shotgun range, hopefully to get them to lake where we wanted them to.

Flex Neck Field Goose Flex Neck Field Goose
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The Flex Neck Field Goose from Fowl Foolers features a unique and innovative pose-able neck which can be set to any position desired or changed throughout the day. The Flex Neck Field Goose decoy’s alterable position gives hunters unprecedented control over the look and realism of their spread. Each decoy is also made with a superior quality foam body wrapped in burlap and will last generations.

Mallard numbers are the best of all duck species according to the USFWS's annual survey of breeding ducks. Duck numbers should be up this fall according to USFWS survey
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Waterfowl hunters have plenty to cheer about in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s annual report on duck breeding populations that was released late last week. Surveys conducted in May and early June show an 8-percent increase in the number of breeding ducks over last year.