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How to overcome cross-dominance

Brian Arabie, a regular reader, queried the magazine about teaching his young son shooting and firearms safety.

“I have a 5-year-old to whom I’m teaching the basics of marksmanship (on the air rifle, for now.) My son is right handed, but appears to be left-eye dominant. In other words, he is unable to close his left eye and keep his right eye open. He can, however, keep his left eye open and close his right eye.Read More...
July 16, 2007 at 11:34 am

Why your semi-auto pistol jams

Each time we teach a concealed-firearms course — and we teach at least one class each month — someone is going to come up to me or my associate instructor and ask us to check out his or her semi-automatic pistol because it keeps “jamming.”Read More...
June 26, 2007 at 1:47 pm

Don’t underestimate Bersa .380s

Small, flat-sided semiautomatic pistols have long been popular with law-enforcement officers as hide-away or backup guns to supplement their duty weapons. Tucked away in the small of the back or in an ankle holster, these little pistols offer a feeling of relief for the cop who worries about facing his own gun if it is ripped from his grasp.Read More...
May 21, 2007 at 2:52 pm

Casull dishes it, if you can take it

Like a spouse in a dysfunctional relationship, I find myself missing the abuse.

After all, I had developed a really close relationship with the Ruger Super Redhawk over a four-day hunt for European boar and feral hogs at Caney Creek Lodge.Read More...
April 24, 2007 at 10:25 am

“Black” rifles legitimate for hunting

I wasn’t going to participate in the time-hallowed American tradition of “piling on.”

I hadn’t heard about the controversy swirling around Outdoor Life’s Hunting Editor Jim Zumbo until it was brought to my attention by fellow outdoor writer and shooting enthusiast John Simeone from the Ft. Polk/Toledo Bend area.Read More...
March 12, 2007 at 2:49 pm

Two pistols form the perfect pair

If you had to choose only one handgun to keep, which one would it be?

I’ve often posed that question to my shooting friends, and always have a ready answer when they ask my choice — my S&W Model 66 Combat Magnum stainless revolver with a 4-inch barrel.Read More...
February 22, 2007 at 9:21 am

New Smith & Wesson M&P a joy to hold

The young woman certainly looked like she knew what she was doing.

Slim, longish brown hair, attractive, early 30s, she held the Glock 19 with a firm two-handed grip and addressed the target aggressively, her head tilted forward as she gained proper sight picture.Read More...
January 25, 2007 at 2:04 pm

Lasergrips help beginning handgunners

The letter was just one more of hundreds of e-mails I get each year asking about classes:

“I purchased a handgun over the weekend for my personal use. I am interested in enrolling in your course for gun safety and concealed carry. Please let me know when the next class is scheduled. My gun is a .38 revolver, Smith & Western (sic), with a laser. I don’t know how to pick out ammunition for target shooting for my gun, and the gun store didn’t have any in stock…”Read More...
December 27, 2006 at 10:58 am

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